Locator GPS type Beacon or Lapa GPS

Do you need to buy a beacon or lapa GPS with free platform?

The beacon or lapa GPS is ideal for fitting to the underside of the vehicle as they have the base magnetic. All our beacons or limpets GPS are connected to a own server where you can see the path of GPS in real-time. Our macaws and beacons GPS are employed by the detectives, and security professionals. We stock a large variety of GPS locators. Exclusive products at the best price.

Beacon GSP SV710 High Autonomy

€286.25 -€186.26
The Beacon GPS SV710 with waiting time prolonged, is a device that is compact and waterproof and designed for applications of tracking of fixed assets. Ideal for vehicle tracking, rental of machinery, heavy equipment and asset tracking among others.

OUTLET Localizador GPS WIFI KV05 3G SD 400 días con micrófono

€223.10 -20%
Triple sistema de localización: GPS + WIFI + GSM Tecnología 3G. Aumenta la velocidad de transmisión. Precisión más rapida. Larga autonomia: hasta 400 días enviando 6 posiciones al dia Resistente al agua. Certificacion IPx7 Plataforma de localización gratuita Sensor de caida o desmontaje. Alarma de apertura Incorpora micrófono para escuchar el sonido ambiente con 5 metros de efectividad. Puede trabajar como LOGGER almacenando datos hasta 10 años en una tarjeta de memoria SD.  

Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy

€336.25 -€36.30
Lapa GPS with tracking platform free for life. Has an autonomy of 30 days. No installation needed. It locates your vehicle quickly and easily!

Do you need to buy a GPS beacon?

Whether you are a security professional or a private individual, if you are reading this it is because you need to protect something important. In ESPIAMOS we have a wide variety of locators GPS type beacon or lapa. Our equipment is exclusive and you won't find it in any other store.

Our products are ideal for placing in the lower part of a vehicle thanks to the magnetic base with which they are equipped. You can always know in which direction the target is thanks to the GPS position.

The best GPS beacons of 2019

Thanks to the continuous technological evolution we have been facing for some years now, it is increasingly normal to find products in reduced sizes, but without losing their essential characteristics along the way.

Today it's easier than ever to get one of our spy articles and protect everything you want. In ESPIAMOS we have a wide range of products that will satisfy your needs in a very short time, such as the best GPS beacons of 2019 :

1) Lapa GPS with free platform

A limpid mode GPS that does not require any kind of installation by professionals. Its battery has extended autonomy with operation up to 30 days, although that's not all, it also has free license throughout life.

The installation is very simple, all you have to do is leave it fixed to a metal surface at the bottom of the vehicle and it will be ready for use. It has 3 functions that make it different from other models:

  • In case it falls or someone removes it, they will warn you
  • Thanks to the microphone with which it is incorporated, not only will you be knowing the route of the vehicle, but you will also listen to any conversation around it
  • It can be located by GPS, LBS and Wifi

2) Mini GPS locator

The KV 101 magnetic localizer is characterized by its high durability and water resistance, and can be submerged for 30 minutes to a meter depth without damaging your system.

Even though they are struggling with the harshest weather conditions, they will still meet their target and send the GPS positions and offer incredible performance thanks to their IPx7 certification.

Your battery is able to withstand up to 30 days sending 6 positions a day and you can use it on your free or professional platform, according to your needs.

3) Magnetic GPS Tracker

Other GPS of the K series, which are characterised by their water resistance and durability. At the time of configuring it, it offers a great amount of options to be adjusted to the characteristics of each user. In its structure are implanted magnets with which more than 22 kg of force are needed to be removed.

You only need to have a Smartphone to see in real time where is located the vehicle where you have installed the GPS magnetized. Your cIPx7 certification is your assurance that you will continue to work with maximum efficiency regardless of weather conditions.

Why buy your magnetic GPS locator here?

In ESPIAMOS we are professionals in offering solutions based on security, surveillance and counter-espionage. For years we have been offering products with the latest technologies that meet the characteristics and needs of all types of users.

We work with the best brands on the market. Exclusive products you won't find in the spy shop or spyware shop.