GPS locator for car

GPS locator for car. Ideal for the control of the fleet.

GPS locator car. We offer a wide range of GPS locators for car, truck, bus, motorcycle or trailer. If you have any questions about GPS locator spy install in the car, ask us, we will advise you free of charge.

FM1120 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas and backup battery

€99.95 -€29.96
Tax included
- €57.84 Tax excl.
Internal backup battery for 170mAh Works without connection to memorize up to 8000 points in case of loss of coverage GPS antenna and GSM internal 2 digital inputs + 1 ignition Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

€129.95 -€39.96
Tax included
- €74.37 Tax excl.
Resistant to water and weathering. IP67 Food: (+6...+30)VDC 1 Digital Input for ignition 1 Sensor 1Wire Antennas GPS and GSM internal 3 inputs ( 2 digital and 1 analog) 2 digital outputs for relays, leds, Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery

Tax included
- €77.69 Tax excl.
New GNSS Module that improves cold start and hot 1 Sensor 1Wire Antennas GPS and GSM internal 4 inputs ( 3 digital and 1 analog) 2 digital outputs Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

FM1010 Localizador GPS para coche sin instalación

Tax included
- €77.69 Tax excl.
Plug and Track. Conectar y Listo Permite hacer lecturas del propio vehículo Antenas GPS y GSM internas 1 entrada digital reservada para ignicion Configuración y actualización del firmware via cable o FOTA Detección de movimiento Fabricado en Europa  

GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika

Tax included
- €77.69 Tax excl.
GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika. Disposito professional ideal for the control of the fleet.

GPS locator OBD without installation

Tax included
- €82.60 Tax excl.
What you need to know where is located your car at all times? We need a solution fast, simple, and effective: it's The GPS locator OBD without installation is just what you need!

GPS locator for car SV06N

€129.95 -€30.00
Tax included
- €82.60 Tax excl.
Very easy to install Antennas GPS and GSM internal Triple follow-up system: APP, WEB or SMS Microphone with a range of up to 5 meters Battery 450 mAh  

4G OBD GPS Car Tracker without installation and Free Tracking Platform

Tax included
- €123.93 Tax excl.
Do you need to know where your car is at all times? We have a fast, simple and effective solution: The new 4G GPS locator OBD type without installation and with lifetime tracking platform!

Using a GPS car locator

Technology can help us in our daily lives in ways that were impossible a few years ago. A good example is the GPS car locator, a small device that can help us locate our vehicle at all times and has applications both at the business and private level.


GPS for vehicles

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a military technology born in the United States that allows the exact location of an object or person to be determined.


When we talk about GPS car locators, we are referring to a technology that can be very useful, especially at a business level. In fact, many companies already install this type of locator in their fleets to obtain data that will help them improve their efficiency.


In the freight transport sector these devices are commonly used nowadays. They are installed in trucks to obtain information about routes. Their aim is not really to control the driver, but to analyze the way of driving and the routes used. All this information is analysed and with it, transport routes can be drawn up that are more efficient and faster.


It is also quite common to install them in the cars of commercials, for the same reason as in the previous case, to try to establish routes that help to save and, in some cases, to supervise that the vehicle is not used for personal purposes within working hours if the company has so stipulated.


Another reason to use these devices in a company car or in a private vehicle is to be able to locate it in case it is stolen.


But there is another reason that makes these trackers useful, they allow to locate a vehicle in case of an accident. In fact, the European Union is considering that new vehicles should be equipped with a system that is activated in the event of an emergency and automatically contacts the emergency services by sending them the location of the vehicle. In the United States, some vehicles have had this extra safety feature for 10 years now, and it has proved to be very effective, reducing waiting time for assistance by almost half.


Installing a GPS car locator

Before installing such a device, make sure that what you want to do is legal.

A private individual can install a GPS locator in his vehicle without any problem. This is something that, as noted above, is usually done for safety reasons.

In the case of companies, the installation can be done in vehicles belonging to the company, but always warning the workers concerned. Furthermore, the GPS can only be activated during working hours. Under no circumstances may such a device be used to interfere with what would be the worker's private life, this is completely illegal.


What is absolutely forbidden is to install a spy GPS locator in someone else's vehicle without that person's knowledge.


Now that these legal requirements have been met, it is time to look at how we should go about installing these devices.


Although it may seem somewhat complex and should be left to specialists, the truth is that in most cases making the installation is quite simple.


The first thing to do is to locate the place where the device will be placed. Since it needs wiring, it is convenient to do the installation near the headlight area, so that the locator cables can be connected to the light cables.


Keep in mind that thieves know everything and know perfectly the places where the locators are usually, so it is advisable to look for a location that is a little hidden.


The installation itself is not too complex, since these devices usually come with instructions for assembly.


However, once the device is installed and before finishing the task, you must ensure that everything in the car still works perfectly. That is to say, if we have used the wiring of the lights, we will make sure that these continue to illuminate normally and we have not left any wires loose.


The types of car GPS locators

 Not all devices of this type are the same, there are more or less complex ones. In order to find the most suitable model, it is necessary to be clear from the beginning what you want to achieve with the locator. This information will allow you to better evaluate the different alternatives that are currently on the market.


GPS locator for car without quotas

The GPS tracker allows you to locate a vehicle at any time, but to know where it is you need a tracking platform.


Nowadays this technology has been simplified to the maximum and this type of platform can be accessed through computer or mobile apps. However, given the service they provide, it is usual to have to pay a certain fee to access them. Although there are apps or even GPS locators that as a promotion allow users to try the location platform for free during a season or at a very low price.


There are also GPS trackers that work without this type of platform. But they have the disadvantage of having a very short range. This means that the vehicle can only be located if it has not travelled more than a certain distance.


It is also possible to find location platforms that operate freely and for free, but in this case it is necessary that the chosen GPS locator is compatible with them.


GPS locator without SIM card

 For the locator to work the device must emit a signal that contacts the satellites, so the location can be triangulated. This means that virtually all models on the market must have a SIM card in order to emit this signal.


The good thing is that there are telephone companies that offer rates with very low fees and where you only pay per MB consumed.


The GPS locator is not a device that consumes too many megabytes, so the cost at the end of the year is usually quite low.


GPS locator for car without installation

 Although we have seen before that the installation of this type of apparatus is not complex, the truth is that in the market we can find products that do not need any installation.


The typical example of this type of device is the GPS beacon or GPS tag. They usually have a magnetic base that allows them to be quickly placed in a vehicle.


They are often used in the field of private investigation to track company vehicles. But they are not the best option if you are looking for a tracker for continuous use, as they can fall over when the car passes a pothole and are easily located by thieves.


Mini GPS locator for spy car

 The essential characteristic of this product is that it is very small in size. Within this mode you can find devices that need installation and others that do not.


The positive thing is that the size is so small that it goes easily unnoticed and even the most experienced thieves have trouble locating it.


Cancel the GPS locator of a company car

 Companies can install GPS trackers in cars belonging to the organization, even if they do not have the authorization of the person who will drive the vehicle. However, the driver must be duly informed that he or she has a locator installed.


As mentioned above, if the vehicle is one that the employee can also use in his or her private life, it is essential that the GPS can be switched off after the end of the working day.


GPS trackers have proven to be efficient control systems, to the extent that they have generated various labour conflicts. However, the courts have been in favour of their use as long as the above-mentioned limits are respected.


Although efforts are made to protect the privacy of employees as much as possible, some employees may still be uncomfortable with the fact that they have a monitoring device in their company car, and many are looking for ways to override the GPS tracker.


This is an issue that an employee should not even be asking. Blocking or jamming the tracker signal is dangerous and also illegal.


It is true that there are devices on the market that are responsible for cancelling or blocking GPS signals, but their range of action is wide and is not limited to the vehicle concerned, but goes beyond that.


This means that if someone uses an inhibitor to override the GPS locator it could affect the GPS of other vehicles in the vicinity, putting their drivers at risk.


Our legislation only allows the use of frequency inhibitors to the Security Forces and Bodies of the State and Public Administrations, when there is a reason that justifies it and if they have express authorization to do so from the Secretary of State for Telecommunications.


For practical purposes, this legal provision means that the sale of inhibitors that cancel the GPS signal is totally prohibited not only in Spain, but throughout the European Union.


What if the locator is in your private vehicle?

 It is clear that you cannot cancel or alter the GPS locator of the company car in any way. This would be the same as altering any other company asset, for which the employee could be sanctioned. If inhibitors are also used, the conduct will be a criminal offence.


But it can happen that a person has the feeling that someone is monitoring his movements illegitimately and suspects that a spy GPS tracker has been installed in his car. What can he do then?


In this case the only alternative is to try to locate the device, which will require a thorough inspection of the vehicle, as it could be hidden anywhere.


Doing the search like this can be a bit complicated, so GPS detectors can be used. These devices are totally legal and do not put anyone's safety at risk. What they do is detect the GPS transmission signal and help find its location.


In such a situation, once the GPS device has been located, it is advisable to either remove it if it is not installed or remove the battery if the device is installed.


Since this type of tracking is illegal and directly affects a person's privacy, the best thing to do in these cases is to report the facts.


Opinions about GPS locator

 Whether the experience with such a device is better or worse depends a lot on the quality of the device.


Some people take a risk by buying low-quality GPS trackers at very low prices and get, of course and predictably, poor performance. This can be seen from day one. It can happen that you leave your car parked in a certain place and when you check it on the tracking platform the vehicle does not appear exactly where you know for sure that it is.


The good news is that this type of inconvenience can be avoided by choosing quality products, and to achieve this the opinions of other consumers who have already tried the same item can be very important.


In general, mid-range devices tend to work very well for those who want to use them in a simple way, such as being able to easily locate the car if they can't remember where it's parked, or even find it if it's been stolen.


In the case of companies, it is the users themselves who advise to put quality above all else. For a legal entity the purchase of GPS trackers for cars and trucks is not an expense, but an investment. Furthermore, in this case it is advisable to opt for specialized tracking platforms. They involve an extra cost, but the information they provide is much more complete and accurate, so it can help in making decisions to make transport much more efficient.


Among the aspects that specialists and consumers recommend evaluating before making a purchase decision are the following:


  • Ease of installation.
  • Battery life.
  • Possibility of making live monitoring of the vehicle.
  • Access to the routes taken in the last weeks or months (this is especially interesting in the case of companies).
  • Possibility of creating alerts to receive notifications in case the vehicle enters or leaves predetermined areas.


Price of a GPS car locator

 There is no denying that when choosing a device of this type, price is a major factor in the purchase decision.


There are GPS car locators on the market that are suitable for all pockets. The price can vary greatly depending on the quality, performance and functionality you are looking for.


Fortunately, technology is becoming more and more accessible and these devices are now quite cheap. The average price can be around 85 euros.


It is true that this is an investment, but taking into account that a pager can have a useful life of around 10 years, when you do the math and prorate the price over the entire life of the device it turns out that it comes out for just a few cents a month.


In addition, it should not be forgotten that by installing a device of this type in a vehicle you are investing in security, since in case it is stolen it will be much easier to locate and recover it. This way the owner will avoid having to make a new payment on a car.


As it is an extra security measure it is also highly valued by car insurance companies. It is becoming common for many of them to offer discounts to policyholders who install a GPS locator in their vehicles. In fact, the savings on the annual policy may be enough to recoup the amount invested in the device at once.


In short, installing a GPS car locator can be a very good investment with very positive consequences. The important thing is to choose the right device. Therefore, if you have any kind of doubt and you don't know which model to choose for your car or motorbike, at Espiamos we are at your disposal to advise you and help you find the GPS tracker that best suits both your pocket and your needs.

Car GPS Locator Do I need one?

The answer is yes. How much would you be willing to pay to locate your stolen car? Why wait for something drastic to happen to put a solution? 

The time when many customers buy a GPS locator from us is after the theft of their car or motorbike, with the scare on their body. But why wait? Isn't it better to buy a GPS locator before this happens?

There are many types of GPS car locators. There are those for professional use that indicate consumption, efficient driving, injection cuts, door opening warning, etc. and those for private use, which only indicate the GPS position. 


Is a GPS tracker easy to install?

Yes, the simple GPS trackers are easy to install. In our catalogue we have self-installable GPS trackers that connect directly to the cigarette lighter socket or to the OBD connection in the car. There are other models that need to be connected to 12V via two cables, positive and negative. Those for professional use are more complicated because they require the installation of relays and the removal of part of the vehicle.


How much does a car / motorcycle GPS locator cost?

The GPS locators are very cheap. We have car locators for 85 euros with a GPS platform included for a lifetime. If we calculate that the car will last us about 10 years (even if the car is sold the GPS locator will always be yours and you could put it in your new car) it would cost you less than 0.70 euro per month / 2 cents per day. And how much would you pay to get your stolen car back? 

In addition, many insurance companies give discounts if they know that a GPS locator is installed in the car.


Are there any additional subscription fees or surcharges?

No. Most of our GPS trackers include the free tracking platform. However, we do have paid or private tracking platforms for the more discerning.


How does a car or motorcycle GPS tracker work?

GPS trackers consist of two parts: a receiver that receives the signals from the different satellites to determine the position, and a transmitter or modem, which sends that position. The transmission is made through the 2G network by means of a SIM card with balance. The amount of MB consumed by a locator per month is very small, ranging from 2Mb to 15Mb


Do you want to buy the best GPS locator for car or motorcycle of 2020?

If you still have doubts, we invite you to visit our physical stores or call us at +34 911 369 092. We will advise you and recommend the GPS locator for car or motorbike that best suits your needs. You will be surprised by the amount of GPS locators we have for you. 

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