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4G Hidden GPS Locator for Fleet Management

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The 4G Hidden GPS Locator is an essential tool for advanced management of industrial and commercial fleets. It offers features such as two-way communication, ignition detection and a panic button for emergency situations. Equipped with real-time alerts and Bluetooth compatibility, this device allows for complete customization to improve operational efficiency and fleet safety.

GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika

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GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika. Disposito professional ideal for the control of the fleet.

Ultra-flat GPS Tracker for Car and Motorcycle

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The GPS tracker for car and motorcycle redefines the security and management of your vehicles. This ultra-slim and discreet device is the perfect solution for real-time location monitoring, ensuring continuous surveillance without alerting anyone to your presence. With easy installation, water resistance, and a free tracking platform , maintaining control over your assets has never been easier.

GPS locator OBD without installation

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What you need to know where is located your car at all times? We need a solution fast, simple, and effective: it's The GPS locator OBD without installation is just what you need!

GPS locator for car SV06N

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Very easy to install
Antennas GPS and GSM internal
Triple follow-up system: APP, WEB or SMS
Microphone with a range of up to 5 meters
Battery 450 mAh

FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

In stock
Resistant to water and weathering. IP67
Food: (+6...+30)VDC
1 Digital Input for ignition
1 Sensor 1Wire
Antennas GPS and GSM internal
3 inputs ( 2 digital and 1 analog)
2 digital outputs for relays, leds,
Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
Motion detection
Made in Europe

FM1120 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas and backup battery

In stock
Internal backup battery for 170mAh
Works without connection to memorize up to 8000 points in case of loss of coverage
GPS antenna and GSM internal
2 digital inputs + 1 ignition
Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
Motion detection
Made in Europe

FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery

In stock
New GNSS Module that improves cold start and hot
1 Sensor 1Wire
Antennas GPS and GSM internal
4 inputs ( 3 digital and 1 analog)
2 digital outputs
Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA
Motion detection
Made in Europe

FM1010 GPS car locator without installation

In stock
Plug and Track. Plug and PlayAllows you to take readings from your own vehicleInternal GPS and GSM antennas1 digital input reserved for ignitionConfiguration and firmware update via cable or FOTAMotion detectionMade in Europe

In an increasingly connected world, keeping safe and reliable track of our vehicles has become an essential necessity. To this end, a GPS car tracker is an incredibly useful tool. This device uses global positioning technology (GPS) to provide the exact location of your vehicle in real time. Whether you want to keep an eye on the safety of your vehicle, monitor the driving behaviour of a teenager, or manage a fleet of vehicles for a company, GPS car locators offer an effective and reliable solution.

Exploring the World of GPS Car Trackers

Exploring the world of the GPS car tracker can be enriching for those who wish to improve their safety and control over their vehicles. This device, a cutting-edge technological advancement, has become essential for the management and protection of automobiles.

What is a GPS Car Tracker?

A GPS car locator is a device that uses the Global Positioning System, better known as GPS, to determine the precise location of a vehicle. Its compact size and unobtrusive design allows it to be installed almost anywhere in the car, going unnoticed as it performs its tracking function.

Functioning of GPS Vehicle Trackers

The GPS Car Tracker works by receiving signals from the GPS system satellites and using these signals to calculate its own location.

Common Uses of GPS Car Trackers

GPS car locators have a variety of uses, from fleet management and vehicle security to monitoring driving habits.

Technical Characteristics of a Car GPS Tracker

A car GPS tracker has several essential technical features that contribute to its effectiveness. Understanding these features can help you choose the most suitable device for your needs.

Fleet GPS Tracker Battery Life

Battery life is a critical aspect of any GPS tracker. Depending on the model and how it is used, a GPS tracker can have a battery life that varies from a few hours to several days or even weeks. Many fleet GPS trackers have long-lasting batteries or are connected directly to the vehicle's electrical system to ensure continuous operation.

Vehicle GPS Tracker Accuracy

Accuracy is one of the most important features of a GPS car locator. A good device must be able to provide the exact location of the vehicle with minimal deviation. This is particularly important in situations where accuracy can be vital, such as in the event of a vehicle theft.

Design and Discretion of GPS Car Tracker

The design of a GPS tracker can vary significantly from one model to another, but all are characterised by being unobtrusive and difficult to detect. Many can be installed in concealed locations within the vehicle to ensure that they are not easily detected. This unobtrusiveness is a great advantage when looking to protect a car without alerting potential malefactors.

How to Choose the Right GPS Car Tracker for Your Needs

Choosing the right car GPS tracker is essential to ensure you receive the level of tracking and protection you need. There are a number of factors to consider when making this decision.

Identifying your Tracking Needs

Before choosing a GPS tracker for your car, it is important to identify your specific tracking needs. This may include how often you need to receive location updates, how much battery life you require and whether you need additional features such as geofencing or motion alerts.

Comparing Different Models of GPS Vehicle Trackers

Once you have identified your tracking needs, you can start comparing different models of GPS car locators. Be sure to consider factors such as accuracy, battery life, additional features and price.

Seeking Expert Advice for GPS Car Trackers

If you are still in doubt about which car GPS tracker is best for you, seeking expert advice can be an excellent option. They can offer recommendations based on your specific needs and help you better understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

Non-Installation GPS Car Tracker Types

There are several types of non-installation car GPS trackers on the market. Each has its own features and advantages. Let's explore some of the most popular types.

Non-Install GPS Tracker

This type of car GPS tracker requires no professional installation. You simply place it in an unobtrusive location inside your vehicle. These devices are extremely versatile and easy to use, offering real time tracking and the ability to be moved from one vehicle to another with ease.

OBD-type GPS Tracker

OBD-type GPS trackers plug into your car's OBD-II port, which is usually located under the dashboard. This type of tracker is very easy to install and provides a wealth of information in addition to location, such as vehicle speed, fuel consumption and engine data.

GPS trackers can be used to track your vehicle's speed, fuel consumption and engine data.

SIM Card Free GPS Tracker

SIM card-less GPS locators use satellite signals instead of a mobile network to transmit the vehicle's location. These devices can work in areas where the mobile signal is weak or non-existent, and do not require a mobile data contract, which can result in long-term savings.

Legal and Ethical Considerations When Using a GPS Car Tracker

Before using a GPS car tracker, it is important to know the laws and regulations in your country, and to understand how to use these devices in a way that respects the privacy and rights of others. Here are some guidelines

Knowing the Laws Regarding GPS Car Trackers

Laws on the use of GPS car locators vary from country to country. In some places, it is perfectly legal to use these devices to track your own vehicle, but it may be illegal to use them to track someone without their consent. It is always best to consult a legal expert before using a GPS tracker.

Respecting Privacy with GPS Trackers

Even if it is legal to use a GPS tracker, it is important to respect people's privacy. This means that you should not use a GPS tracker to track someone without their knowledge or consent, unless you have a good reason to do so (such as if you are a parent tracking a minor child).

Promoting Responsible Use of GPS Vehicle Trackers

When using a GPS car tracker, you should ensure that you do so in a responsible and ethical manner. This includes respecting the privacy of others, following local laws and regulations, and using the device only for its intended purpose.

Where to Buy the Best GPS Car Tracker?

If you are looking for a high quality and reliable car GPS tracker, is your best choice. We offer a wide variety of GPS trackers, warranty on all our products, and the ability to customize your device according to your needs.

We offer a wide variety of GPS trackers, warranty on all our products, and the ability to customize your device according to your needs.

The Option for Buying Your GPS Car Trackers

At, we have a wide selection of GPS car locators. Our devices are high quality, reliable and come with advanced features that will help you keep your vehicle safe and tracked.

Warranty and After Sales Support on Your Car GPS Trackers Purchase

When you buy a GPS car locator from, you can be sure that you are getting a high quality product. We offer a warranty on all our products and after sales support to help you with any questions or problems you may have.

Customising Your GPS Vehicle Locators

At, we understand that every customer has unique needs. That's why we offer the possibility to personalise your GPS car tracker, so that it adapts perfectly to your needs and offers you maximum efficiency.

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