In the shop to look out we have selected only those GPS locators which bring together the best qualities. We have GPS locators type lapas, also called beacons, to the real-time tracking of vehicles, as well as GPS locators personal, designed for the monitoring of minors and objects, with emergency buttons that alert you via SMS or email, immediately, of an emergency.

GH4000 Localizador GPS portatil con sensor caida y boton SOS

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Nuevo localizador GPS GH4000 de Teltonika con sensor de caída.  Funciona como un teléfono móvil. Podrá hablar en tiempo real en caso de emergencia. Incorpora botón SOS,  sensor de caída, Geo Fence, bloqueo de botón encendido.

FM1120 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas and backup battery

€99.95 -€29.96
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Internal backup battery for 170mAh Works without connection to memorize up to 8000 points in case of loss of coverage GPS antenna and GSM internal 2 digital inputs + 1 ignition Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

FM 1202 GPS Locator waterproof IP67 for outdoor

€129.95 -€39.96
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Resistant to water and weathering. IP67 Food: (+6...+30)VDC 1 Digital Input for ignition 1 Sensor 1Wire Antennas GPS and GSM internal 3 inputs ( 2 digital and 1 analog) 2 digital outputs for relays, leds, Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

FMA 110 Fishfinder GPS with internal antennas without battery

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New GNSS Module that improves cold start and hot 1 Sensor 1Wire Antennas GPS and GSM internal 4 inputs ( 3 digital and 1 analog) 2 digital outputs Configuration and firmware upgrade via cable or FOTA Motion detection Made in Europe  

GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika

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GPS locator FM3200 Teltonika. Disposito professional ideal for the control of the fleet.

FM1010 Localizador GPS para coche sin instalación

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Plug and Track. Conectar y Listo Permite hacer lecturas del propio vehículo Antenas GPS y GSM internas 1 entrada digital reservada para ignicion Configuración y actualización del firmware via cable o FOTA Detección de movimiento Fabricado en Europa  

GPS locator OBD without installation

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What you need to know where is located your car at all times? We need a solution fast, simple, and effective: it's The GPS locator OBD without installation is just what you need!

GPS locator for car SV06N

€129.95 -€30.00
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Very easy to install Antennas GPS and GSM internal Triple follow-up system: APP, WEB or SMS Microphone with a range of up to 5 meters Battery 450 mAh  

Mini GPS Locator for kids 2G laptop

€149.99 -€50.00
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The mini GPS locator for kids allows you to view the location in real-time from PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Resistant to extreme environmental conditions. Ideal for control of children, elderly people and people with special abilities.

Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people

€185.00 -€55.01
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GPS locator portable WIFI ideal for tracking people and assets. GPS locator versatile battery that can work up to 6 days.

4G OBD GPS Car Tracker without installation and Free Tracking Platform

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Do you need to know where your car is at all times? We have a fast, simple and effective solution: The new 4G GPS locator OBD type without installation and with lifetime tracking platform!

GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy

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GPS locator with case magnetic removable. You'll be able to use it as a beacon, GPS, or as a Tracker GPS personal. He has 25 days of autonomy in stand-by mode and up to 100 hours in continuous mode. I will set up for free!

Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy

€299.95 -€50.00
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Lapa GPS with tracking platform free for life. Has an autonomy of 30 days. No installation needed. It locates your vehicle quickly and easily!

Lapa GPS Tracker 4G IP65 GPS BDS LBS LBS Wi-Fi

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4G Lapa GPS tracker with free lifetime tracking platform. It works indoors. 30 days autonomy. No installation required. Locate your vehicles easily and simply!

The Cube GSM Microphone 8 days autonomy with LBS Localization

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The Cube - GSM SPY MICROPHONE with LBS location system. It has an autonomy of 8 days and an integrated Mems type microphone.

Buran 500 Spy Recorder with GSM Microphone and GPS

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GSM SPY MICROPHONE Buran 500 with recording system and GPS location . It has an autonomy of more than 3 months and an integrated Mems type microphone. Multipurpose device for use in multiple environments. Includes coded USB cable to prevent playback of recordings in case of interception. Ideal for professionals!

Buran 1200 Spy Spy Recorder with GSM Microphone and GPS System

€499.95 -€100.00
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GSM SPY MICROPHONE Buran 1200 with recording system and GPS location . It has an autonomy of up to 6 months and an integrated Mems type microphone. Multipurpose device for use in multiple environments. Includes encrypted USB cable to prevent playback of recordings in case of interception. Ideal for professionals!


The GPS locator is a device whose use is becoming quite common and can be very practical. Although there are those who think that this type of device is used by those who want to commit illegal behavior, the truth is that it can also have a practical use and a totally legal use. They can help you find your car if you are not sure where you have parked it, find out where your bike is if it has been stolen or even locate your child if you have been misled during a shopping trip.


GPS locator: uses and range

Companies and also private citizens have already made the GPS locator commonplace in their daily lives. It's time to get to know these devices a little better.


Scope of a GPS locator

What this device does is connect to a network of 24 satellites that are orbiting the Earth. When the signal is transmitted, it connects with at least three satellites to triangulate the signal. Depending on how long it takes for the signals to reach the GPS clock, it is possible to establish the precise location.


Thanks to this technology a quality GPS locator can work anywhere in the world. But there are also locators with a use that could be defined as more domestic and that have a more limited range.

Often the price difference between products is determined by the range of the signal. Therefore, before making the decision to buy, it is advisable to evaluate the use we are going to give the tracker, so we can make sure we do not fall short or spend too much on a device with features that we will not really need.


What uses can be given to a GPS locator?

We find private and professional uses. For a private citizen the use of these devices always has a practical purpose.


With a locator of this type we can have more control of pets and children. This way, if for any reason they leave our viewing angle, we can take a look at the mobile and see where they are.


Just by putting the locator in the child's pocket or in the dog's collar, we are sure that we will be able to find them quickly.


For older people, a pager like this helps locate them in case they get lost and don't know how to get home. In addition, as we will see later, some devices offer added services such as a microphone to talk to the person wearing the GPS or even an emergency button.


Locators are also very useful when it comes to locating personal items. If we install it in a car, a motorbike or a bicycle, we can know where our vehicle is in case we do not remember exactly where we have parked it, but they can also be very helpful if our vehicle has been stolen. In fact, the number of stolen cars that are finally located by the police has increased in recent years due to the use of GPS locators.


At a public level, trackers can also be very useful when monitoring certain people who have been convicted of certain crimes. They are often used for abusers who have a restraining order against their victim and also for sex offenders who are on prison leave.


At the company level this device has different functions. If it is installed in a commercial vehicle, or in an employee's vehicle that is regularly used to travel with the company car, it is a good option to ensure that the employee is actually making the visits that have been arranged.


However, in this case, you must act with caution if the vehicle used by the employee at work is the same as that used in his or her personal life. Monitoring during working hours is allowed, but not outside working hours, so the tracker must be able to be disconnected.


Those who use these trackers the most are logistics and freight companies. For them, it has become a very useful tool when analyzing the routes of their drivers in order to create new routes that are more efficient and allow them to reach their destination earlier.


But in the field of freight transport these devices have yet another use. It is becoming more and more frequent for companies to implement locators on packages. This allows for monitoring in real time and advising the end customer when they will receive their goods as accurately as possible. This not only improves customer satisfaction with regard to ecommerce, but also reduces the volume of lost goods, which also means significant savings for companies and insurance companies.


GPS trackers can have many legitimate uses at both the personal and business level, so it's no wonder they have become so popular in recent years.



Install GPS Locator

One of the great advantages of GPS locators is that their installation is very simple. All the devices come with instructions that allow them to be ready to operate in just a few minutes. In fact, some do not even need installation, as is the case with those designed for locating people or with the beacon type locators, which are magnetized.


However, it is important to note that it is not the same to install a locator in a private car as in a truck trailer. Companies usually leave this task in the hands of professionals and this is also recommended for individuals who want to install a device of this type in their vehicle and do not know very well how to do it. A mechanic can do it in just a few minutes and with the guarantee that the installation will be well done and will not affect the safety of the vehicle at all.



Location of GPS locator

This issue is especially important when we want to use this type of device in a vehicle.


Thieves know all about it and are aware that more and more private and company vehicles carry trackers, so the first thing they do is try to locate them to remove them and not be discovered once they take the car, motorcycle or truck.


Fortunately, GPS trackers are getting smaller and smaller, so some can be hidden very well and go unnoticed.


When it comes to installation, we must look for a location that allows the GPS to obtain the energy it needs to work and at the same time go unnoticed. If we do not have knowledge of mechanics this can be more complicated. So, again, it may be advisable to leave the task in the hands of a mechanic, always indicating that we want the device not to be easily located.



GPS Tracking Locator

Location technology can be very practical if we put it to good use, but not everyone is willing to do so.


At Espiamos we are totally against the illegal use of any of the devices we have for sale. But when it comes to GPS trackers, we cannot ignore the fact that there are people who use them to spy on others. No, we're not talking about state security forces, but private individuals. Controlling people who want to know where their partner is at all times, stalkers, abusive bosses, etc.


Spying, tracking and controlling others is something totally forbidden by our legislation, there is no reason that can justify such an action.


A GPS locator gives real-time information about the spatial-temporal location of a person. In other words, it allows us to know the exact location. So if this device is used without the affected party knowing that it is being tracked, it is a crime of disclosure and discovery of secret that affects their privacy.


What about private investigators, can they use GPS locators? This is a controversial issue on which there is not yet a unified jurisprudence. For the time being, some courts have considered that these professionals cannot use them, it would be the same as if a private individual used them to spy on another. However, in other cases it has been understood that this conduct is not really a violation of the right to privacy since the detective uses this tool for a legitimate purpose, so its use is allowed.


Although GPS locators are not a very new technology, there is not yet a clear regulation on their use. Moreover, as there are not many cases that have reached the courts, there is no clear jurisprudence either.


What is clear is that use for control and abuse purposes affects people's privacy and is a punishable conduct from which one must abstain. It is a different matter whether we use the pager with our young children or older people to improve their safety. In this case we are pursuing a legitimate goal, so its use will not be a problem.



Types of GPS locators

We may want to keep track of our pet, our car, our grandfather... different situations require different devices, resulting in the existence of several types of pagers. Let's look at the most common ones.



Vehicle Location System

This is one of the most popular trackers, which is not surprising considering that vehicle theft is one of the most common crimes. Most of them are stolen with the aim of using them to commit crimes with them, for example moon landings, or to move them to Africa or Eastern European countries and sell them there.


For most people a car is an essential means of transport in their daily lives and the purchase of a car involves a significant financial effort. It is therefore not unusual for those who invest in a car, whether it is a top-of-the-range car or not, to want to protect it.


Today's vehicles have multiple anti-theft protection systems, but we all know that thieves are not amateurs, but true professionals who know all about them and are capable of stealing well-protected cars in just a few minutes.


It seems that we have no defence against this, but it is not so, the GPS locator can be the solution. We may not be able to prevent the car from being stolen, but if we have installed a device of this type we will have it much easier to locate. However, as mentioned above, it is important to find a location that is not easy to locate by the thieves, as they will surely check the car before taking it to see if there is a tracker.


The operation of these devices is simple. If you have the bad luck to discover that your vehicle is not where you left it, enter the tracking platform and make the search, you will know immediately where it is.



GPS locator for motorcycles

If a car is easy to steal, a motorcycle is even easier. Here the ingenuity of friends of others has no limits, in many cases go to the easiest and are limited to cutting the chain and load the bike in a van, perpetrating the theft in less than five minutes.


Motorcycles, especially new ones, are very attractive to thieves, as they can either sell them directly as they have been stolen or by the piece. In any case, they have a lot to gain.


The anti-theft protection systems on motorcycles are much smaller than in cars, so any extra help in protecting these vehicles comes in handy.


There are GPS trackers that are specially designed for use on motorcycles. The lapa models are practical and do not need installation, as they stick to the body of the bike thanks to their magnetic surface. However, they are easy to locate and remove by thieves and can also be dropped in the event of the bike hitting a pothole.


If you really want to protect your bike, the best thing to do is to choose a locator that has been installed. Not only does it go unnoticed, but it is also more difficult to remove. Most motorcycle thieves simply check for flap-type locators in the bottom of the bike, so a well-installed tracker can go completely unnoticed.



GPS Locator for Bicycles

Both classic and electric bicycles are gaining popularity in the cities, being a means of transport that more and more people choose.


Not only do you not pollute when you ride your bike, but you also get to your destination sooner if there are traffic problems in your town and you don't have to worry about parking.


The massive use of bicycles has very positive effects on our health (it helps us exercise) and on the environment, but it also has a negative side: the more demand there is for bicycles, the more the thieves are willing to make a killing on these vehicles.


A good bicycle does not come cheap, so it is not in anyone's taste to discover that your means of transport has disappeared.


Until recently the only way we could protect our bike was to tie it up with a chain, but now there are new safety features such as the GPS bike locator.


Locating a missing bike is almost impossible, since they don't have a number to identify them. However, technology is once again coming to our aid. With today's trackers if our bike has been stolen, and we see one that looks just like the one we had, we can check if it is indeed ours.


The GPS bike locator has the quality of being doubly practical. Not only does it help us locate and identify our vehicle if it has been stolen, but it is so discreet that the thief will not even notice that he is wearing a locator.


The most common trackers for these vehicles are shaped like position lights. So they provide us with security while we ride our bicycles and at the same time help us to find it in case of theft.



What to do after locating the stolen vehicle?

If your car, motorcycle or bike has been taken from you, you can easily find its location with the GPS tracker you have installed, but you should seek help.


Never forget that you are dealing with criminals who can be dangerous. Under no circumstances should you go to the place where your means of transport is supposed to be.


Report your vehicle stolen and inform the police that you have a GPS locator installed. They will go to the location and check if the vehicle is indeed there.


Your safety should always come first. No matter how much your car, bike, or bicycle has cost you, it is always best to take it easy and let the professionals handle the situation.



GPS Locators for Children

Children are unpredictable and when we go with them we must have a thousand eyes, no matter if it is a very crowded place or one with few people.


No matter how much care we take, sooner or later we all end up going through the agonizing experience of losing sight of them for a few seconds. It may be just an instant, but in the mind of a parent or a grandparent it becomes a terrifying eternity.


Fortunately, in most cases when we manage to calm down we realize that our little one has not gone too far, perhaps he has just been a little distracted by looking at a balloon and is only a few meters away from us.


Even if the ending is happy, there is no doubt that it is an experience that would be much better not to live, and technology can help us to do so.


Monitoring children 100% of the time is beyond our capabilities, but with a child GPS locator we can easily improve their safety.


These are small devices that work automatically, so the child does not have to do anything to activate them. We can put it in one of their pockets or even in their backpack.


If at any time we lose sight of the child all we have to do is use the tracking platform to tell us the exact location of the child.


This small device can significantly improve the safety of children, but we must not lose sight of other classic forms of safety. We must teach the little ones in the family to seek help in case they are lost, by locating a security guard or a policeman, and we can also use the identification bracelets so that whoever finds the child can contact us.


When dealing with children all precautions are taken, so it's best to combine all the safety measures we have at our disposal.



GPS locator for adults and elderly people

Children can be easily lost, but for the elderly this risk is also there. Even older people who have not shown any signs of memory loss may become confused at some point. Sometimes they just have to get off the bus at the wrong stop and they are not able to locate themselves and know where they are.


With the current pace of life we can not be aware of our elders as much as we would like, but with a GPS tracker we can be sure to have them a little more controlled and know where they are in case we can not find them at home.


We already know that many older people are reluctant to use technology and get into trouble if they have to manipulate an electronic device a lot. Fortunately, these pagers are so simple that all they have to do is remember to put them in their pocket when they go out and charge the battery from time to time, just like a mobile phone. A routine they won't have any trouble picking up.


An extra advantage of these devices is that they are more than pagers, they can help us a lot in the care of the elderly even if we cannot be with them. Some models have a two-way conversation system, which means that we can use them to communicate directly with the person wearing the tracker.


And for even more complete care, there are devices that emit an alarm signal if they detect a fall and that incorporate an SOS call button to ask for help in case of an emergency.


In addition to caring for children and the elderly, GPS trackers can also improve the safety of adults, especially women.


Although many steps have been taken towards equality, women are now much more likely to be victims of crimes such as harassment or sexual assault.


No woman should be afraid to go home alone at night, but we are all aware that there is significant insecurity. Wearing a GPS locator will not prevent crime, but it helps those who have to move around certain places alone, whether they are men or women, to feel a little safer knowing that their loved ones can locate them quickly. If you also opt for a model with an emergency call, all you have to do is carry it by hand in possible risky situations and press the button if necessary.



Improve the safety of you and your loved ones

Throughout our lives we are going to make all kinds of expenses, some more important and others less. But when it comes to spending on our security, that of our loved ones, or that of our valuables, we should not really see it as an expense, but as an investment.


Throughout this text you have seen that a GPS locator can be really practical in everyday life for different types of people, and surely you have recognized in some of the situations we have described.


Do you want to improve your safety? Have you just bought a car and want to have extra protection in case of theft? Do you have a puppy that runs away as soon as it sees another dog and you are afraid of losing it?


If the answer to any of these questions was yes, a GPS tracker will make your life much more comfortable and safe. Take a look at the selection of locators we have for you and you're sure to find just the one you need.


Do you need to buy a GPS locator in 2020?

The answer is yes. Everyone has important things to locate. And not just the material ones, but the most precious ones, the personal ones. How much would you be willing to pay to locate a lost loved one? Why wait for something drastic to happen to put it right? 

Many of the individuals who buy a GPS locator from us are from the theft of their car, electric generator or arcade, with the scare in their body. But why wait? Isn't it better to buy a GPS locator before this happens?

There are many types of GPS locators. There are those for professional use that indicate consumption, efficient driving, injection cuts, door opening warning, etc. and those for private use, which only indicate the GPS position. 

Is a GPS locator easy to install?

Yes, the simple GPS locators are easy to install. In our catalogue we have self-installable GPS locators that connect directly to the cigarette lighter socket or to the OBD connection in the car. There are other models that need to be connected to 12V via two cables, positive and negative. Those of professional use, are more complicated because they require to install relays and to dismantle part of the vehicle

How much does a GPS locator cost?

GPS locators are very cheap. We have car locators for 85 euros with a GPS platform included for a lifetime. If we calculate that the car will last us about 10 years (even if the car is sold the GPS locator will always be yours and you could put it in your new car) it would cost you less than 0.70 euro per month / 2 cents per day. And how much would you pay to get your stolen car back? 

Are there any additional subscription fees or surcharges?

No. Most of our GPS locators include the free tracking platform. However, we do have paid or private tracking platforms for the more demanding.

How does a GPS locator work?

GPS locators consist of two parts: a receiver that receives the signals from the different satellites to determine the position, and a transmitter or modem, which sends that position. The transmission is made through the 2G network using a SIM card with credit. The amount of MB consumed by a locator per month is very small, ranging from 2Mb to 15Mb

You still don't know what the best gps locator is for 2020?

If you still have doubts, we invite you to visit our physical stores or call us at +34 911 369 092. We will advise you and recommend the GPS locator that best suits your needs. You will be surprised by the amount of GPS locators we have for you. 

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