Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy【2024】 ESPIAMOS
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Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy

Lapa GPS with tracking platform free for life. Has an autonomy of 30 days. No installation needed. It locates your vehicle quickly and easily!

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Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy

Lapa GPS IP65 High Autonomy


Are you tired of covering costs for installation of GPS Trackers? Discover our lapa GPS without installing:


This lapa GPS does not require any professional installation. It has a battery with extended autonomy, of up to 30 days, and with tracking software and free license for life. The Lapa GPS, is a product that will make life easier because you do not need complicated installations. Simply attach it to any metallic surface on the underside of the car or truck.


What is a Limpet, GPS Magnetic?

It is a tracker gps with a base magnetic adheres to the metal surface of any vehicle in its lower part and does not require complicated installations. These have a rechargeable battery of long duration that gives them an autonomy wide and that can last up to 365 days.


How does this tracker GPS?

The tracker GPS need a SIM card so that it can send the locations to the tracking platform. Only in to look out we offer you a platform of tracking free and for life. You'll be able to see the routes from any PC or mobile phone with the free in-APP available on IOS and Android


What is the difference between this limpet, gps and other locators magnetized?

This lapa GPS has three features that make it special:

  1. Alert of sabotage: it will warn You when it falls off or is removed
  2. Environmental sound. It has a microphone with which you can listen in to any conversation that occurs around the same
  3. Triple localization system. By GPS, LBS, WIFI


Why buy this Lapa GPS or GPS Locator Magnetic?

The advantage of installing a GPS locator with magnets is that it is not necessary to deal with cables that connect to the electrical system of the vehicle. In just a second you'll be able to place it in the low of your car. More easy impossible. In addition, we will give you an instruction manual so you can configure the lapa GPS or if you prefer, we we do.



Main features of the lapa GPS

  • Alert of sabotage. We will alert you when it is removed or falls
  • Autonomy up to 30 days.
  • Rechargeable battery of 10000mAh
  • Magnet high-power
  • The tracking is in real time from any PC, Android or IOS
  • No installation needed
  • The license includes is for life.


To whom is directed this GPS Locator Magnetic?

The lapa GPS is aimed at security professionals who need to quickly check the location of the vehicles investigated. Also used by individuals who do not want to do complex installations in their vehicles and prefer to have guarded the asset for a specific time period.


If you have doubts on the operation of this lapa-in GPS or you need more information, give us a call, we will advise you free of charge.

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