Against espionage

Counterintelligence. In this category of counter-espionage you'll be able to find equipment with high-tech spy. Ideal for forces and bodies of security of the state, private companies and private detectives, among many others. We offer a multitude of devices that you will not find in any other store as are the detectors of radio frequencies, detectors, microphones, detectors, GSM frequencies, GPS, etc able to do sweeps, electronic. We are the exclusive distributors of the leading brands in the industry!

RD-30 Detector spy cameras and hidden microphones

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Detector frequencies RD30 from LawMate. Now with detection mode wired. You'll be able to easily spot GPS locators, spy cameras and hidden microphones.

Detector Frequency Semi-Professional 20 - 3000 MHz

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- €578.50 Tax excl.
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Detector Frequency Semi-Professional. Easily locate MICROPHONES, CAMERAS, GPS LOCATORS and all kinds of devices, wireless transmission up to 3 GHz. Very easy to use.

Raksa iDet Detector Frequency Portable

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Raksa iDet is the detector of radio frequency smallest notebook in the range. This device allows you to locate microphones, GSM, UHF, GPS locators, wireless cameras, etc... it Has different search modes. Russian technology at the best price.

Professional Frequency Detector 5G 10 GHz

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Easily locates all types of wireless transmission devices up to 10 GHz. Very easy to use. Ideal for detecting GPS locators and earpieces.

Detector frequency RF ST-111

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SEM-110. Located easy way to devices that work by Bluetooth, GSM, DECT, UHF, etc as the cameras are wireless, microphones, pagers, microphones contact with transmission, etc    

ST 167 Betta Detector is Frequency Versatile

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ST-167 Detector Frequency Sekotech easily Locate MICROPHONES, CAMERAS, GPS LOCATORS and all kinds of devices, wireless transmission. You'll be able to detect up to inhibitors GSM and GPS.

S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector

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ARCANE S-200 of Selcom. New detector of last generation. It can locate all types of hidden and spy cameras, whether analog or digital transmission, wireless or wired. Unique in the market!

System sweeps the portable Delta X-2000/6

€16,950.00 -€4,651.00
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Delta X 2000/6. We present the best equipment to perform sweeps of a portable with a high effectiveness. Locate all types of devices such as wireless cameras, gps locators, microphones spy, phone hidden, etc, Ideal for functions of sousveillance.