In today's digital environment, the security of your information and privacy is crucial. For this, counterintelligence DETECTORS are essential.

Are you looking for DETECTORS and counterintelligence tools?

At ESPIAMOS, we are leaders in offering counterespionage solutions, especially DETECTORS. Whether it is a MICROPHONE NULLER, CAMERA DETECTOR WIRELESS, FREQUENCY DETECTOR, LENS DETECTOR or an advanced Non-Linear Joint DETECTOR, we have the perfect equipment to protect your privacy. Enjoy a 3-year warranty, 24-hour delivery and the best market price. Make your safety a priority with our specialized products.

Raksa iDet Detector Frequency Portable

Raksa iDet is the detector of radio frequency smallest notebook in the range. This device allows you to locate microphones, GSM, UHF, GPS locators, wireless cameras, etc... it Has different search modes. Russian technology at the best price.

Professional Hidden Camera Detector

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With this professional device you can locate all types of lenses and mini spy cameras, hidden in everyday objects such as ties, printers, light switches, watches, etc. even if they are turned off.

5G 14GHz 5G Satellite Tracking Detector

The Satellite Tracking Detector with memory function easily locates all types of wireless transmitting devices, mainly GPS locators. Detects frequencies up to 14 GHz. Very easy to use.

Advanced 6GHz Multifrequency Detector

Discover the power of surveillance with the Advanced 6GHz Multifrequency Detector , your ally against 5G, 4G, WIFI, and GPS devices. Locate wireless cameras, GPS beacons, bugs and jammers with ease.

Advanced Frequency Sweep System up to 12GHz

Discover the power of surveillance and security with our advanced Frequency Sweeping System , capable of detecting hidden devices operating at frequencies up to 12GHz, including 5G, 4G, WIFI and GPS technologies. Designed to offer you maximum peace of mind and security, this device is your best ally against unauthorized surveillance.

SWORD-24s Portable Non-Linear Detector NLJD

The SWORD-24s allows you to detect all types of beacon type GPS locators, spy cameras and hidden microphones even when turned off. Totally portable!Exclusive product of ESPIAMOS.COM

Advanced 5G GPS Tracker Detector

Discover the advanced 5G GPS locator detector , designed to offer you the security and privacy you need. This device is specialized in detecting cutting-edge tracking devices, ensuring comprehensive protection against unwanted surveillance.

5G 12GHz 5G Radio Frequency Detector

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The 5G 12GHz radio frequency detector with memory function easily locates all kinds of wireless transmitting devices. Very easy to use.

Professional Portable 5G GPS Detector

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The 5G gps detector is the latest addition of portable detectors designed mainly for TSCM professionals. With this device you can easily locate all kinds of hidden transmitters such as GPS locators, beacons, cameras, microphones... Try it! You will be surprised.

Summit Phone Safe Spy Phone Detector

Summit Phone Safe. Detects whether mobile phones are working as a spy recorder or in direct transmission mode with the screen off (spy phone). Essential as a security measure when holding your meetings.