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5G 12GHz 5G Radio Frequency Detector

The 5G 12GHz radio frequency detector with memory function easily locates all kinds of wireless transmitting devices. Very easy to use.

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5G 12GHz 5G Radio Frequency Detector

5G 12GHz 5G Radio Frequency Detector


We present the 12GHz radio frequency detector with memory. It incorporates the latest technology on the market. It detects the latest spying devices transmitting on frequencies higher than 5Ghz. Try it, you will be surprised!

Main features of the 5G Radio Frequency Detector.:

  • Detects all types of transmissions: analog / digital, audio / video.
  • Detection range: 0 MHz - 12GHz.
  • Memory function. Stores up to 1000 events.
  • Autonomy up to 8 hours.
  • Oled display.
  • Aluminum protective casing.
  • 20-segment intensity indicator.

What devices can I detect with the 12GHz Radio Frequency Detector? ?

  • Transmitting Cameras: UHF, VHF, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, WIFI, WIFI
  • Analog and digital transmitting cameras
  • All types of GPS trackers including satellite ones
  • Examination cameras
  • Bluetooth transmitting induction collars
  • Wireless transmitting microphones

How does the 5G Radio Frequency Detector work?

When the device detects a signal, it will start vibrating or emitting acoustic or light signals. You'll know exactly when you're near the device and when you're not. And if the situation requires discretion, you can use the Professional Frequency Detector in silent mode or vibrate as if it were a cell phone.

Frequency Counter Mode

In this mode you can detect all types of RF microphones as well as wireless cameras used for cheating in exams. On the OLED display you will see the exact frequency of the hidden device and the intensity. The closer you get to the device the higher the intensity. It has a very wide range from 0MHz to 6GHz.

Detector de frecuencias de radio

In this mode the radio frequency detector will be able to detect the most commercial devices such as GPS locators, GSM microphones and switched on cell phones used in Universities and competitive examinations for cheating on exams as well as earpieces and Bluetooth devices connected to induction collars.

Broadband Mode

This mode is used to detect unknown wireless devices. Its range is very wide and ranges from 0 to 8GHz. In this mode you will be able to detect all the latest generation electronic devices transmitting in 5G such as encrypted microphones and GPS locators!

GRAPH - LOG mode

The PRO-W12DX features a 1000 event memory log that stores all detected signal data including short burst transmissions, their frequency, time of event, duration and signal strength. These events are displayed in an easy-to-read list format for the user to scroll through. Events can now be viewed simultaneously in Graph-Log mode, where up to 8 minutes of live detected signal and frequency data are recorded and plotted on a graph.

Detector de radiofrecuencias

These memory functions ensure that the user does not miss any detected events and are invaluable in helping the user determine exactly what type of signal has been detected.

How does this radio frequency detector differ from other frequency counters? and other frequency counters?

The main difference of this device is the ability to detect the most sophisticated devices working at high frequencies . Most traditional detectors go up to 3 GHz. This means that signals such as 5.4 GHz WIFI PLUS, for example, would not be detected. This device locates and identifies signals up to 12GHz.

Where to buy the radio frequency detector?

You can buy this product in our store in Calle Duque de Sesto in Madrid or from our website. Come and try it out. You will be surprised what it can do! We offer you the best price and a 3 year warranty. If the product does not convince you, you will have 14 days to return it.

12GHz Radio Frequency Detector Technical Specifications

  • Frequency range: 0 MHz - 12GHz
  • Indicators: Main display; Status indication
  • Memory: Stores up to 1000 records.
  • Working modes: SILENT, AUDIO, VIBRATION.
  • Detects analog and digital signals
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy: 8 hours
  • Recharging time: 4 hours.
  • LED display
  • Dimensions: 146 mm x 80 mm x 24 mm

Package contains:

  • 1 x Radio Frequency Detector
  • 2 x Antennas
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Professional rugged case
  • 1 x User's Manual in English and Spanish