Tecnosec 2024

TECNOSEC is the reference meeting on high technologies for global security that brings together different institutions, law enforcement agencies and critical infrastructures. This event offers a unique opportunity, both nationally and internationally, to generate contacts and share knowledge on the latest advances in security, intelligence and resilience with Spanish suppliers, government technicians and key decision makers in citizen and anti-terrorist security, as well as critical infrastructures.


Introduction to Hispa Importaciones and TECNOSEC 2024

Hispa Importaciones, a leader in the field of security and counter-espionage, made a prominent presence at TECNOSEC 2024. With more than 15 years of experience, its commitment to innovation, quality and customer service has positioned Hispa Importaciones as a reference in its sector.


Innovation and Quality in TECNOSEC 2024

Latest News in Devices and Services

Hispa Importaciones took advantage of the platform offered by TECNOSEC 2024 to present the latest developments in covert surveillance and counterespionage devices and services. These include a range of products from hidden cameras, miniature recorders, to encrypted data transmission systems.


Featured Products

Among the many products Hispa Importaciones showcased at the fair were several that had never before been presented in Spain. These included a tactical case for covert surveillance, modified phones with hidden camera and VPN transmission, and the new 3in1 beacons: GPS, audio recorder and GSM microphone. These innovations are designed to meet the changing needs of security and counterintelligence.

Maletín Táctico Hispa Importaciones



Hispa Imports Global Presence

With a solid presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, Hispa Importaciones is a key player in the supply of surveillance and counterespionage devices for State Security Forces and Corps (FCSE). The company provides consultancy and exclusive distribution of the main brands in the sector, offering the latest technology reserved for the most sensitive operations.


Counterespionage Training and Services

Consulting, Training and Supply

Hispa Importaciones stands out for its specialization in consulting, training and supply in the counterespionage sector. Being an official distributor of renowned brands such as Acustek, JJN Digital, Selcom Security, Digican Labs, and Sekotech, the company has a team of expert professionals dedicated to analyzing the client's needs and budget. Thus, they offer a combination of equipment and training that guarantees the best option for each case.


Counterespionage Products

At TECNOSEC 2024, Hispa Importaciones presented key counterespionage products, such as the Acustek S.A.I.L. signal analyzer, the JJN HSA-Q1 spectrum analyzer, the NL-1420 harmonic multifrequency detector, and the new handheld nonlinear detectors. These products are just a sample of the range of high-tech equipment offered by Hispa Importaciones.

SAIL de Acustek


Hispa Importaciones Training and Seminars

Electronic Countermeasures Seminar

Hispa Importaciones combines its range of products with a seminar on electronic countermeasures reserved for FCSE. In this seminar, participants acquire essential theoretical and practical knowledge for the correct performance of electronic countermeasures. In addition, Hispa Importaciones offers customized courses for the expert use of the equipment purchased and for the shielding of spaces.


Tactical Surveillance Courses: Real Solutions for Real Scenarios

Customized Training

The knowledge of the latest technologies in covert devices and the study of the needs of operators allows Hispa Importaciones to design specific courses for all types of infiltrations. These range from the simulation of surveillance inside buildings and remote eavesdropping in vehicles, to training in individual tracking and exclusive training for police and military units.