International fair of Security ESS 2017 Colombia

LawMateColombia by presents for the first time in the country for the Fair the International Security E+S+S


Feria Seguridad ESS Espiamos Colombia

  • Spy cameras,nano-gps trackers, hidden microphones ,cellular, encrypted,detectors of threats, among the novelties of this edition
  • Monitoring, security, and counterintelligence with products that seem to be straight out of a Hollywood movie
  • The International Fair of Security E+S+S held in Corferias Bogota, from 16 to 18 August


Bogotá, August 15. This Tuesday opens its doors to the International Fair of Security E+S+S 2017 to account for the first time with the presence of LawMateColombia by two years of activity in Colombia, the company presents the main developments in the sector of surveillance and espionage , among which are, even, devices are not present in their catalogs and that will show to an exclusive group of professionals.


Your online store for spy cameras and other products for the security, surveillance and espionage it is a reference to the global level, betting on a constantly updated library.



One of the benefits of this type of fairs is to be able to know the most recent technology in the exciting world of security and espionage ,such as us, " says Carlos Cortes , a security consultant of Hispa Imports Deluxe, a consortium of companies to which is belongs the brand : “For us, Colombia is a strategic market for the importance that safety has in the country and by the high qualification of the professionals of the sector ,hence, we bet on bringing the most recent technology of distributed brands that are more important at the global level ”.Products reserved to public bodies and accredited professionals



“The update of our catalogue is constant, considering the innovation as the best way to ensure the safety of our customers, ” he says. “At the level of the novel products of this 2017, we have the hidden cameras for more sophisticated ( about the size of a button) ,system of transmission of video encoded with 4G networks, encrypted communications to avoid being “chuzados”, GPS trackers hidden in a belt or detectors to find hidden microphones, are just some examples .



These cameras and GPS custom are one of the reasons for that difference other stores of security products. Account with own laboratory, which allows to research and develop the products to the customer, with the characteristics and the camouflage is sued. So, one of his devices star, the hidden camera in a water bottle that has wifi connectivity , have joined in the recent past cameras such as the camouflaged in a doll of The Minions, specially designed for the control of employed, and the surveillance of smaller ones.



It will not be the only thing that they are those who come to the booth 809A of Corferias . All the days of the fair ,will be different presentations of its new products ,paying special attention to the launch of the catalogue 2017 from the brand LawMate, the world leader in the manufacture of spy cameras and that is the exclusive distributor for Colombia . In addition to the opportunity that means to be able to see firsthand the operation of all these devices amazing technology, will provide advice to professional clients and public officials can meet in a practical way how special forces from around the world apply the solutions in their operational security.


LawMateColombia by has experienced a significant growth inthe international arena. “We've doubled our workforce in the last year ,betting on Colombia as our key strategic center in the region”, explains Mr. Cortes. “We are very proud to be able to serve the Government of the Republic and to the main security companies in the country , striving to facilitate a direct supply from the factory for a few products that ,until recently, was very difficult and expensive to find in the country .”



In his bet by the talent colombian , LawMateColomba by became a sponsor for the Dakar Rally 2016, and 2017 to give the pilot the Can-am Team Colombia, Christian Cajicá, a participant in the category Quads 4x2, security devices for your adventure.


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LawMateColombia belongs to Hispa Imports Deluxe SL, leader in the field of covert surveillance and espionage. With headquarters in different countries of Europe and Latin america, online shops and physical , has own laboratory, which develops quality devices for professionals of the sector of monitoring, and also with qualified staff for the counseling to be confidential. Complete your offer with courses own specific security professionals endorsed by renowned international experts and supported by leading brands in the industry.