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If you need a safe and effective solution to monitor important conversations and sounds, protecting your spaces and ensuring your safety, a Spy Audio Device is essential. At ESPIAMOS, we offer a 3-year warranty, delivery in 24 hours and the best price guaranteed.


Voice Recorder Edic mini Tiny B47

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New Russian technology recorder Edic Mini Tiny B47 with sound detection, autonomy of up to 4.5 months and recording capacity ofup to 1200 hours. The best quality at the best price

Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB 48 hours

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This novel usb spy houses in its interior a voice recorder 4GB memory with storage capacity of up to 48 hours of audio and an autonomy of over 9 hours.

Discrete Audio Recorder on Car Keychain

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Discover how our Hidden Keychain Audio Recorder becomes your best ally for discreet recordings. This device is essential for security professionals, private investigators and anyone in need of recording conversations without being detected.

Mini Spy Audio Recorder High Autonomy

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The NANO Mini Spy Audio Recorder is your perfect ally for discreet, high-quality recordings. Designed for operational and investigative purposes, this ultra-compact recorder captures every detail clearly, thanks to its advanced KNOWLES microphone and 4GB built-in memory. With its robust file encryption and a selection of compression formats, it is the ultimate device to secure your confidential data.

High Autonomy Spy Voice Recorder

Discover the new high autonomy spy voice recorder, an innovation in spy technology. Weighing only 10 grams, this ultra-compact recorder offers up to 218 hours of high-quality covert recording, and an impressive battery life of up to 194 hours in continuous recording mode. Equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and capable of picking up clear sounds up to 20 meters away, this tool is essential for discreet surveillance.

Mini Spy Recorder Long Duration 300 Hours

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The Long Term Mini Spy Recorder is the most advanced and discreet surveillance solution. Equipped with POWER SLEEP technology, it offers up to 300 hours of high-quality recording and a battery life of up to 6,000 hours in standby mode.

WIFI Spy Microphone with Voice Recorder

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Discover the Best Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder: The most advanced WiFi spy recorder, with remote listening, high sound quality, configurable recording, instant alerts and an impressive autonomy of up to 125 days. Ideal for all your security needs.

5V WIFI Spy Microphone with 512 hour recording

Discover the 5V WIFI Spy Microphone , the optimal solution in listening devices with WIFI technology. Compatible with any 5V power supply and equipped with a KNOWLES external microphone, it guarantees unsurpassed audio quality.

WIFI Real Time Spy Microphone with Recording

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WIFI Real-Time Spy Microphone: A next-generation solution for high-quality audio monitoring. Equipped with high-capacity 18650 batteries and a KNOWLES external microphone, this device is ideal for those seeking long, clear listening.

Spy Audio Devices: Advanced Technology for Sound Surveillance

In the world of security and surveillance, audio spy devices play an important role in providing a discreet and efficient way to monitor and record conversations or sounds in various environments. Whether for professional, personal, or investigation use, our selection of spy audio devices at ESPIAMOS offers advanced solutions for all your sound monitoring needs.

From USB Spy to voice recorders camouflaged in everyday objects, our range of products is designed to be undetectable, allowing you to capture high quality audio without alerting those being monitored. Perfect for important meetings, legal evidence, or simply keeping track of significant events, our devices offer peace of mind and control in your hands.

Features and Benefits of Our Audio Spy Products

Superior Audio Quality

Our spy audio devices use cutting-edge technology to ensure clear and crisp recordings. With the ability to capture sounds in a wide range of frequencies, you can count on high-fidelity recordings, even in low noise conditions.

Discreet and Functional Design

Discretion is paramount in audio surveillance. Our products are designed to go unnoticed, blending in with the environment or disguised as objects of daily use. This allows you to make recordings without raising suspicion, maintaining the integrity of your surveillance operations.

Ease of Use

We understand the importance of surveillance devices being accessible and easy to use. For this reason, our audio spy products are designed to be operated intuitively by any user, without the need for advanced technical knowledge.

How to Choose the Perfect Secret Listening Device for Your Needs

Choosing the right secret listening device is essential to ensure the success of your surveillance operations. Here we provide a guide to help you make the best decision, based on your specific requirements:

Identifies the Use Environment

Consider the environment in which you plan to use the device. Is it an indoor or outdoor space? Is there a lot of background noise? The answer to these questions will help you determine the type of device you need, such as a directional microphone for noisy environments or an environmental recording device for more controlled spaces.

Evaluate the Required Duration of the Recording

Battery life and storage capacity are critical, especially for extended surveillance operations. Make sure you choose a device that can operate for the necessary time without requiring frequent recharges or memory changes.

Consider Required Discretion

If discretion is a priority, look for camouflaged devices that blend naturally into the environment without attracting attention. Many of our spy audio devices are designed to look like everyday objects, like pens or USB chargers.

Maximizing the Potential of your Audio Spy Equipment

Once you've selected your spy audio device, following these tips will help you make the most of its potential:

Perform Preliminary Tests

Before using your device in a real operation, perform a tests in conditions similar to those you expect to find. This will allow you to adjust the settings for the best possible audio quality and familiarize yourself with how it works.

Keep Device Hidden

Ensure the device is well hidden and strategically placed to clearly capture the desired audio. Consider the angle and direction of the microphone when positioning it.

Respect Laws and Privacy

It is always important to remember to respect privacy laws and local regulations when using spy audio devices. Please use these devices responsibly to avoid privacy violations or legal disputes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audio Spy

What is the maximum distance at which spy audio devices can effectively capture sounds?

Sound capture capacity varies by device. Some advanced models can record clear conversations from several meters away, even in moderately noisy environments. It is important to review the technical specifications to understand the effective range of each device.

Is it legal to use spy audio devices to record conversations?

Laws vary depending on the country and region. In many cases, recording a conversation without the consent of at least one of the parties involved is legal, but recording without the consent of either party may be illegal. We always recommend checking and complying with local laws before using a spy audio device.

Can I record phone conversations with these devices?

Yes, some spy audio devices are specifically designed to record phone conversations discreetly. However, as with any other type of recording, it is essential to respect the privacy and consent laws applicable in your jurisdiction.

How can I ensure that recordings are clear and audible?

To ensure clear recordings, place the device in a strategic location where sounds are not obstructed. Avoid places with a lot of background noise and make sure the battery is fully charged before using it for important operation.

What should I do if the recordings have a lot of background noise?

Some spy audio devices come with noise reduction features that can improve audio quality in recordings with background noise. There are also audio editing programs that can help you clean up your recordings after capturing them.

Do spy audio devices require maintenance?

The maintenance required is generally low. We recommend keeping the device clean and in a safe place when not in use. It is also important to regularly check the battery and perform any available software or firmware updates.

How can I protect the recordings to ensure their confidentiality?

Storing recordings in a secure, password-protected location is crucial to maintaining their confidentiality. Consider using encrypted storage services and make regular backups to avoid data loss.

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