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If you are looking for a safe and effective solution to record conversations discreetly and protect your spaces, a Spy Voice Recorder is the perfect tool. At ESPIAMOS, we offer a 3-year warranty, delivery in 24 hours and the best price guaranteed.


Voice Recorder Edic mini Tiny B47

In stock
New Russian technology recorder Edic Mini Tiny B47 with sound detection, autonomy of up to 4.5 months and recording capacity ofup to 1200 hours. The best quality at the best price

Voice recorder hidden in USB 4GB 48 hours

In stock
This novel usb spy houses in its interior a voice recorder 4GB memory with storage capacity of up to 48 hours of audio and an autonomy of over 9 hours.

Discrete Audio Recorder on Car Keychain

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Discover how our Hidden Keychain Audio Recorder becomes your best ally for discreet recordings. This device is essential for security professionals, private investigators and anyone in need of recording conversations without being detected.

Mini Spy Audio Recorder High Autonomy

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The NANO Mini Spy Audio Recorder is your perfect ally for discreet, high-quality recordings. Designed for operational and investigative purposes, this ultra-compact recorder captures every detail clearly, thanks to its advanced KNOWLES microphone and 4GB built-in memory. With its robust file encryption and a selection of compression formats, it is the ultimate device to secure your confidential data.

High Autonomy Spy Voice Recorder

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Discover the new high autonomy spy voice recorder, an innovation in spy technology. Weighing only 10 grams, this ultra-compact recorder offers up to 218 hours of high-quality covert recording, and an impressive battery life of up to 194 hours in continuous recording mode. Equipped with a highly sensitive microphone and capable of picking up clear sounds up to 20 meters away, this tool is essential for discreet surveillance.

Mini Spy Recorder Long Duration 300 Hours

The Long Term Mini Spy Recorder is the most advanced and discreet surveillance solution. Equipped with POWER SLEEP technology, it offers up to 300 hours of high-quality recording and a battery life of up to 6,000 hours in standby mode.

WIFI Spy Microphone with Voice Recorder

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Discover the Best Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder: The most advanced WiFi spy recorder, with remote listening, high sound quality, configurable recording, instant alerts and an impressive autonomy of up to 125 days. Ideal for all your security needs.

5V WIFI Spy Microphone with 512 hour recording

In stock
Discover the 5V WIFI Spy Microphone , the optimal solution in listening devices with WIFI technology. Compatible with any 5V power supply and equipped with a KNOWLES external microphone, it guarantees unsurpassed audio quality.

WIFI Real Time Spy Microphone with Recording

In stock
WIFI Real-Time Spy Microphone: A next-generation solution for high-quality audio monitoring. Equipped with high-capacity 18650 batteries and a KNOWLES external microphone, this device is ideal for those seeking long, clear listening.

At Espiamos, we offer a wide range of high quality spy voice recorders. These devices are ideal for discreetly recording conversations, whether for your personal security, for investigations or for documenting important meetings. Here is some detailed information about these spying tools.

Why do you need a Spy Voice Recorder?

For your personal security

Spy voice recorders are an excellent tool to ensure your personal safety. In situations where you might feel threatened or unsafe, a recorder can be an effective means of documenting any events or conversations that might be of interest at a later date. This recording could be used as evidence if necessary.

For investigations

Investigations, whether personal or professional, often require the collection of accurate information. A spy voice recorder allows you to capture conversations discreetly, which can be invaluable when you need to verify facts or remember specific details. From interviews to secret meetings, spy voice recorders can be an invaluable aid in any investigation process.

For documenting meetings

Work meetings are often full of valuable information. Using a spy voice recorder allows you to focus on the conversation in real time and review the details later. This is especially useful in long meetings or meetings with a lot of technical information where taking notes can be difficult. On the other hand, the recordings also provide an accurate record of what was said and by whom, eliminating any confusion about agreements or decisions made.

Features of our Hidden Voice Recorders

Sound Quality

Our spy voice recorders are designed to provide the highest quality sound. They feature noise reduction technology to ensure that recordings are clear and audible. No matter the environment, these recorders capture sound accurately, ensuring you don't miss a single detail.

Battery autonomy

Battery life is a key aspect when selecting a spy voice recorder. Our devices are equipped with long battery life, allowing you to record for hours without worrying about recharging. In addition, some models feature charge-while-recording functionality, ensuring you don't run out of battery at the most crucial moments.

Storage Capacity

With our range of spy voice recorders, you won't have to worry about running out of space. We offer devices with large storage capacities, allowing you to store many hours of recordings. In addition, many of our models feature memory expansion via SD cards, which means you can increase the storage capacity to suit your needs.

How to Use a Spy Sound Recorder

Initial Steps

Using a spy sound recorder doesn't have to be complicated. The first thing you need to do is to fully charge the battery. Once the recorder is charged, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with its functions and settings. Test the buttons, review the recording options and make sure you understand how the device works. This way, you will be ready to start recording when needed without any technical problems.

During recording

During recording, it is important to remember several things. Firstly, the location of the recorder can affect the sound quality. It is always best to place the recorder as close to the sound source as possible. Secondly, make sure that the spy voice recorder is in the correct recording mode. Some models offer different recording modes, such as continuous recording or voice-activated recording. Choose the mode that best suits your needs.

Playback & Storage

Once you have made the recording, you can play the audio directly from the recorder or transfer the files to your computer for storage and analysis. Some recorders come with proprietary software that can make it easier to organise and search for recordings. Be sure to keep important recordings in a safe place, either on the recorder, on your computer or in the cloud. Remember also that it is important to keep your spy sound recorder in good condition by cleaning it regularly and avoiding exposing it to extremes of temperature or humidity.

Ethical Use of Spy Audio Recorders

Knowing the law

Before you start using a spy audio recorder, it is vital that you are aware of local and national laws regarding the use of these devices. Legislation varies depending on location and may include restrictions on when and where spy voice recorders can be used. For example, it may be illegal to record private conversations without the consent of all parties involved. Knowledge of these laws will help you avoid any legal issues and allow you to use your device in an ethical and responsible manner.

Respect for privacy

While spy audio recorders can be a useful tool, it is important to use them in a way that respects the privacy of others. You should not use these devices to invade other people's privacy or to record conversations that you have no right to listen in on. It is also essential to be transparent with those who might be recorded when it is appropriate and lawful to do so.

Responsible use

Responsible use of a spy audio recorder involves more than just complying with the law and respecting privacy. It also means using the device in a way that does not cause harm or unnecessary distress to others. In addition, it is important to use the device safely, ensuring that it is in good working order and that the recorded information is properly protected and stored. Responsible use also involves carefully considering the reasons why you are using the recorder and whether those uses are in line with your ethical and moral principles.

Maintenance and Care of Spy Voice Recorders


Maintaining your spy voice recorder involves regular cleaning. Like any other electronic device, dust and dirt build-up can affect its performance. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe the surface of your recorder, and avoid using liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners, which could damage internal components.

Battery Charging

Battery life is a crucial factor for a spy voice recorder. Be sure to charge the battery according to the manufacturer's instructions to maintain its lifespan and optimal performance. Avoid overcharging and do not leave the recorder connected to mains power once the battery is fully charged.


To prolong the life of your spy voice recorder, it is crucial that you store it properly when not in use. Keep your recorder in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Also, if you do not plan to use the recorder for an extended period of time, consider removing the battery to avoid possible damage from battery leakage.

Selecting the Best Spy Voice Recorder for your needs

Identify your needs

Before buying a spy voice recorder, it is essential that you identify what your specific needs are. Do you need to record long conversations or just short clips? Are you going to use the recorder in environments with a lot of background noise or in quiet places? By understanding your needs, you'll be able to choose the recorder that best suits your circumstances.

Product comparison

It is crucial to compare different spy voice recorders before making your choice. Consider aspects such as sound quality, battery life, storage capacity, and of course, price. At Espiamos we make it easy for you to do this by providing detailed descriptions and technical specifications for each of our products.

Customised consultancy

At Espiamos, we not only provide you with the best selection of spy voice recorders, but we also offer personalised advice to help you choose the recorder that best suits your needs. With over 12 years of experience in the industry, we are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in choosing the right product for you.

Do you need to buy a spy voice recorder?

At Espiamos we work with exclusive brands and have been in the security and surveillance sector for more than 12 years. We guarantee the best quality and the best prices on the market for spy voice recorders. Our team of experts will help you select the perfect voice recorder for your needs - buy with confidence and security at Espiamos!

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