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Do you need to buy a microphone for wall or contact?

The microphones of the wall or of contact are devices that amplify the audio signal allowing you to listen with full clarity even without being in the room. Its operation is very simple. You should only paste to the wall, door, wall, or pipe the probe and this will pick up all the vibrations conviertiendolas in audible signals. The operation of the microphones on the wall or contact you based on the of a stethoscope. The sound that occurs inside a room when talking, generates vibrations on the walls or structures of the room. Capturing and amplifying these vibrations on the other side of the wall, it is possible to re-convert those vibrations to sound understandable.

SEMK-40 Microphone of a wireless connection

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The SEMK-40 is the only micrófono of contact that transmits wirelessly. Only with this function. Ideal for covert surveillance. Spans up to 40 cm of wall.

Stethoscope spy MW-25, Sun Mecatronics

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New stethoscope spy MW-25 japanese Sun Mecatronics with recording system. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind in an office or study. It has 70 hours of battery life.

FL-330 Microphone professional contact Sun Mechatronics

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The FL-330 is a microphone contact for professional use. It has a tube wall of double-sided specially designed to hear all kinds of sounds. Does not have needle. You can listen through walls of 40 cm

Microphone contact MW-55 Sun Mecatronics

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New microphone contact japanese recording system integrated. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass. It has 11 hours of autonomy.

Microphone contact to walls of concrete EQ-10 Sun Mechatronics

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Microphone contact for concrete walls EQ-10 Sun-Mechatronics. This equalizer contact allows to eliminate the noise and enhance the target sound. Has audio limiter and system of recording external.

Microphone contact FL-1000 with burning Sun Mechatronics

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Microphone spy FL 1000 Sun Mechatronics. New microphone contact with a recording system built-in, audio limiter, and 4 different filters. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass.

Do you need to buy a spy microphone to listen through the walls?

If you've ever heard the expression, if the walls were talking... and you've been curious about what they might say, now you can get out of any doubt thanks to our professional spy microphones . Our spy microphones have been designed with the best materials and the best technology to be able to listen through the walls and not miss a single detail of the conversation that takes place in the other room, in a completely discreet way.

The best spy microphones for walls and doors in 2020

The contact microphone MW-55 manufactured by Sun Mecatronics is one of the best spy microphones with which you can listen through walls and doors. This microphone has Japanese technology and an integrated recording system , which allows you to listen up to 34 hours.

To use the microphone, simply place it on a wall and press the record button. This system allows to record conversations in high quality in its storage of 2 gigas.

Spy wall microphone with recording

When it is a wall, a little more power is needed and for this, the Contact microphone EQ-10 from Sun Mechatronics is ideal.

This Japanese technology microphone has an equalizer divided into 5 bands of different frequencies and with a range of ± 10 db.

In addition, it has an output connection for headphones and a very large autonomy, reaching 75 hours, being also a microphone very easy to use.

Spy stethoscope. 2020 Best Wall Spy Microphone

The spy stethoscope FL-1000 with recording manufactured by Sun Mechatronics, is possibly the best wall spy microphone you will find in the market during this 2020.

This is a Japanese technology device that has its own recording system and an autonomy of 15 hours. In order to store everything heard, has an internal memory of 2gb, with which you can record hours of conversation.

In addition, it has a needleless probe of one meter and four different filters. One of the main advantages of this spy stethoscope is its ease of use.

Where to Buy a Wall Spy Microphone?

In our store you can find the best spy microphones for market walls . If what you are looking for is a device that can help you in such a delicate situation in which you can clarify something and find out what is said through the walls, you will need a spy microphone quality.

In Spy shops you will find products not available in any spy shop or spy shop . We are the exclusive distributors of the brand Sun Mechatronics with Japanese technology. Come to our stores and we will show you the best spy microphones for walls and doors in the market.

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