Microphones Spy Professional

Microphones spy professional at the best price. We offer a wide range of microphones spy from the best brands , from contact mics or wall up to microphones GSM to hide in clothing, mobile phones and even USB cables! All microphones spy wireless are GSM, or Radio frequency which allows a long reach. All of our microphones feature a 2 year warranty.

Device to listen through walls

This spy device has been created to be able to listen through walls and doors. It is highly sensitive. The microphones of wall contact or pick up the sound of the doors, walls or walls thanks to its probe which manages to amplify the sound to hear clearly.

GSM module with microphone Knowles extended V+

Module GSM spy with microphone extended type Knowles with sound detection. Up to 200 days in standby mode. Ideal to hide in any place

Stethoscope spy MW-25, Sun Mecatronics

New stethoscope spy MW-25 japanese Sun Mecatronics with recording system. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind in an office or study. It has 70 hours of battery life.

Microphone contact MW-55 Sun Mecatronics

New microphone contact japanese recording system integrated. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass. It has 11 hours of autonomy.

Microphone wall SEM 900R Sun Mechatronics

SEM 999R. New microphone wall professional of the Tent to look out. It has 50 hours of autonomy, 4 filters, audio, output for connecting to a portable recorder, and audio limiter.

Micro spy car VP+

Micro spy car with microphone extended type Knowles of 50 cm, and detection of sound. Listen live everything that happens within your car.

Power strip spy microphone GSM

Power strip spy with sound detection and autonomy unlimited. Fully functional. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your room or office without raising suspicion.

Microphone contact FL-1000 with burning Sun Mechatronics

Microphone spy FL 1000 Sun Mechatronics. New microphone contact with a recording system built-in, audio limiter, and 4 different filters. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass.

Microphone hidden GSM car with a light sensor and vibration

Microphone hidden GSM Extended PLUS with light sensor and vibration. Not only you will be able to listen live, but you will also know when there are light or have been moved.

Do you need to buy a professional spy microphone?

If you need buy a professional spy microphone it means that you are looking for a good quality product, which is why we have prepared a list with the best models of professional spy microphones available on the market.

The best spy microphones of 2019

Microphone GSM spy hidden in strip

It has an intelligent system of sound detection and an unlimited autonomy . The quality of this microphone is very good and it is quite simple to use. Allows you to hear sounds up to 5 meters away.

microfono espía gsm oculto en regleta

Contact Spy Microphone

This spy microphone is made with Japanese technology and integrates a recording system , so not only can you hear what happens, but you can record to have it as proof. It has an internal memory of 2 GB.

With him you can hear perfectly what is happening on the other side of the door or even the wall and has a autonomy of 34 hours . It also has a headphone output connection.

microfono espía de contacto

Spy car microphone

If you want to hear what happens in a car, then the extended microphone Knowles is what you need. This microphone has sound detection and will allow you to hear everything that is happening inside the car, without any distance limit,

The sound quality is very clear. The microphone has a voice activation system and a 200-day autonomy in standby mode.

car spy microphone

Spy micro plug

This is a microphone that is hidden in a socket and can be integrated into any room as naturally and unnoticed as possible. The plug is fully functional , so you will never raise the slightest suspicion.

The microphone has a quality that allows you to hear everything from 5 meters away. It has sound detection technology and an unlimited autonomy , so it is always ready to start transmitting what is happening in the room in which it is installed.

plug-in spy microphone

Mini GSM spy microphone

A environmental microphone manufactured in Europe with which you can listen to everything that happens within a radius of 7 meters in real time, being one of the microphones most used by professionals . It is an extended microphone Knowles of excellent quality with 7 adjustable sound levels.

The main features include password protection, adjustable light sensor, incoming number filter and distance setting. We should also not forget that it has an autonomy of 7 days in standby mode. All these features are in one easy-to-use device.

mini microphone spy gsm

Where to Buy a Spy Microphone?

We hope that the previous list has helped you to find a professional spy microphone that fits your needs and meets your requirements.

Today there are many online stores that offer spy products , but if you really want buy a spy microphone of good quality, we recommend doing so in quality stores and recognized that have the support of thousands of satisfied customers.

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