Microphones Spy Professional

Microphones spy professional at the best price. We offer a wide range of microphones spy from the best brands , from contact mics or wall up to microphones GSM to hide in clothing, mobile phones and even USB cables! All microphones spy wireless are GSM, or Radio frequency which allows a long reach. All of our microphones feature a 2 year warranty.

Microphone spy GSM hidden in Pen functional

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New microphone spy GSM hidden in pen fully functional. You'll be able to listen to conversations with a radius of up to 7 meters. Ideal for covert surveillance.

Mini microphone spy UHF long distance SEM45CB

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Mini micrófono spy UHF professional use of super tiny size. It has a range of 100 metres. Works at 3V. Very easy to hide.


€249.95 -€50.00
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Mini MICROPHONE SPY GSM smallest of the series LongLife. Up to 3 days in sleep mode and 80 minutes in continuous mode. Has sound detection. Very easy to hide. Just measured 3 cm

SEMK-40 Microphone of a wireless connection

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The SEMK-40 is the only micrófono of contact that transmits wirelessly. Only with this function. Ideal for covert surveillance. Spans up to 40 cm of wall.

Microphone hidden GSM Long life 10+

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Microphone hidden GSM long battery life with microphone extended type Knowles. Up to 12 days in standby mode and 6 hours in continuous mode. Has sound detection.

Micro spy GSM 20+ high autonomy

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Microphone hidden GSM long battery life with microphone extended type Knowles. Up to 20 days in standby mode and 12 hours in continuous mode. Has sound detection.

Cube 12V GSM Spy Microphone for DIY Customization 5-48V

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GSM spy microphone for DIY customizations with extended MEMS type microphone and sound detection, compatible with power supplies between 5 and 48V. You will be able to listen live with no distance limit. Ideal for use in vehicles or

Mini MICROPHONE SPY GSM long-range Vario PRO K

€399.95 -€100.00
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Module GSM spy with microphone extended from 50cm type Knowles and detection of sound. Up to 200 days in standby mode, autonomy unlimited connected to the power. Ideal to hide in any place.

Stethoscope spy MW-25, Sun Mecatronics

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New stethoscope spy MW-25 japanese Sun Mecatronics with recording system. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind in an office or study. It has 70 hours of battery life.

The Cube GSM Microphone 8 days autonomy with LBS Localization

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The Cube - GSM SPY MICROPHONE with LBS location system. It has an autonomy of 8 days and an integrated Mems type microphone.

Microphone spy knowless autonomy 20 days K+

€499.99 -€150.04
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- €289.21 Tax excl.
Microphone spy knowles long autonomy with microphone extended. Until 20días in sleep mode and 12 hours in continuous mode. Has sound detection.

Buran 500 Spy Recorder with GSM Microphone and GPS

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GSM SPY MICROPHONE Buran 500 with recording system and GPS location . It has an autonomy of more than 3 months and an integrated Mems type microphone. Multipurpose device for use in multiple environments. Includes coded USB cable to prevent playback of recordings in case of interception. Ideal for professionals!

FL-330 Microphone professional contact Sun Mechatronics

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The FL-330 is a microphone contact for professional use. It has a tube wall of double-sided specially designed to hear all kinds of sounds. Does not have needle. You can listen through walls of 40 cm

Buran 1200 Spy Spy Recorder with GSM Microphone and GPS System

€499.95 -€100.00
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- €330.54 Tax excl.
In stock
GSM SPY MICROPHONE Buran 1200 with recording system and GPS location . It has an autonomy of up to 6 months and an integrated Mems type microphone. Multipurpose device for use in multiple environments. Includes encrypted USB cable to prevent playback of recordings in case of interception. Ideal for professionals!

Micro spy car VARIO PRO Car+

€499.95 -€75.00
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- €351.20 Tax excl.
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Micro spy car with microphone extended type Knowles of 50 cm, and detection of sound. Listen live everything that happens within your car.

Voice recorder and Microphone GSM URP GSM K+

€524.95 -€100.00
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Stronic URP GSM K + is a new product and most recent of our facilities. We are pleased to announce a combination between the listening device and recording . The listener used is based on the popular series PRO K + Vario and the recording module is based on the series of voice recorders URP . This device records locally in a memory of 8 gb while at the same time you can activate the callback function so you can listen at the same time what is happening in the monitored area.

Power strip spy microphone GSM

€599.95 -€175.00
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Power strip spy with sound detection and autonomy unlimited. Fully functional. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your room or office without raising suspicion.

MICROPHONE GSM HIDDEN in wall clock 200 days of autonomy

€499.95 -€50.00
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- €371.86 Tax excl.
Wall clock with microphone spy. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your office for covert form. Has sound detection and 200 days of autonomy.

Microphone contact MW-55 Sun Mecatronics

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- €371.89 Tax excl.
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New microphone contact japanese recording system integrated. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass. It has 11 hours of autonomy.

Microphone contact to walls of concrete EQ-10 Sun Mechatronics

€549.99 -€50.00
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- €413.21 Tax excl.
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Microphone contact for concrete walls EQ-10 Sun-Mechatronics. This equalizer contact allows to eliminate the noise and enhance the target sound. Has audio limiter and system of recording external.

Microphone contact FL-1000 with burning Sun Mechatronics

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- €578.50 Tax excl.
Microphone spy FL 1000 Sun Mechatronics. New microphone contact with a recording system built-in, audio limiter, and 4 different filters. You'll be able to hear everything that is said behind a door, wall or glass.

Microphone-spy 3G high autonomy

€1,299.99 -€500.00
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- €661.15 Tax excl.
Microphone-spy 3G / 2G with 150 days of battery life and sound detection. It has 2 microphones and high quality. Reach up to 12 meters. Made in Europe.

Spy Microphone Uses


The spy bug is one of the spy devices that we might consider classic. They are used very often by both professional spies and private detectives, but thanks to the simplification of technology and more affordable prices, now anyone can have such a device and use it if needed.


There are many situations where we can use these microphones, but the most common is when we need to know what is being said about a certain topic and we cannot record the conversation.


At this point, we must be clear that we cannot record a conversation if we are not part of it, since this would be a violation of the right to privacy of those who are talking.


Therefore, if we are not going to be part of that conversation that interests us, we should not record it. But we can resort to a spy mike. Its uses may be more or less ethical, but at Espiamos we always defend a legal and ethical use for our devices.


Let's look at some examples of uses that would be justified.


Case 1. We have an employee in our business and we believe that he has something to do with the wave of robberies that we are experiencing lately. If we install a spy bug in the break room and catch him talking on the phone with his accomplices, we can resolve our doubt as to whether or not he was really involved.


Case 2. We have left our elderly father in a nursing home to be cared for, but we suspect that the care he is receiving is not adequate. However, we cannot install a spy camera in his room because we cannot find a good angle for recording, so in this case we use a hidden microphone. By listening to what happens when the staff of the centre is attending to our father in his room, we can know whether he is being treated correctly or not.


Case 3. We are passionate about nature and animals or we even work in a profession related to these subjects and we have to study the animals inside or outside their natural habitat. In this case we can use a directional or long-range spy microphone that captures the sounds emitted by the fauna as clearly as possible.


Errors when using spy microphones


Many times the person who is being spied on ends up finding out, not because he has discovered the spy apparatus, but because of the spy's own attitude. To use a microphone of this type, it is not only necessary to know how to operate it on a technical level, but also to be able to hide it.


Among the most frequent mistakes are telling the spied person things he has not said in our presence. If this happens once, nothing usually happens, but if it happens several times, it is normal that the suspicion is born.


Another common mistake is to tell another person in the same environment that a microphone has been installed. Often the worst way to keep a secret is to tell someone else, so it is best to act discreetly and not share this information with anyone. And if you have to, do it with as few people as possible.


On the other hand, when installing the microphone, you have to act with your head. If you change too many things in the place where you want to capture the conversation, it's very likely that someone will notice that something strange is happening.


The best thing to do in these cases is to act with caution and restraint. Also, stop spying as soon as you have the information you need.


Characteristics of spy microphones


They are very small devices that can be hidden in almost any place, some even come completely camouflaged in devices as common and current use as a power strip.


The main function of these devices is that we can hear what is happening in a place where we are not. Depending on the model chosen, it is possible to record directly the sound that is being picked up by the microphone, so we do not have to be attentive to hear what is happening live.


Another aspect in their favour is that they are very simple to use. Spy products are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of technology and at the same time easy to use. This allows for the highest quality audio to be captured without having to do complicated microphone assembly work.


Spy Microphone Audio Quality


When buying a device of this type there are many things to consider, as we will see later, but without a doubt one of the most important is the quality of the audio captured and the range of action of the same.


There is no point in investing in this device and looking for a good location for it if in the end you can't understand anything that the spied people say because the sound reaches you too distorted or from too far away.


The first thing to check is the radius of action. Think about what you want to record and where the conversation is likely to take place, so that you know where in the room to place the microphone.


Sometimes putting it too close to people is a mistake, because they might discover it. Or it may even be that being too close causes the sound to be more distorted.


If you have to place it slightly away from the area where you know the conversation will take place, make sure it has enough power to pick up the sound well. You will need to do some tests to do this.


The quality of the audio depends a lot on the device you have chosen, but also on the location. We've seen before that if you place it too close to the speakers, the sound may be distorted, but this can also happen if you hide it near a device that makes noise or emits waves, such as a printer.


So make sure you choose a microphone that picks up sound in quality, but also try to install it properly to get the best possible result.


Buying a spy microphone


When choosing a device of this type, there are several issues to consider. One of the fundamental ones we have just seen, the sound quality, but there are other issues to pay attention to.


Battery life


Most of these devices do not work connected to the network, but have a self-contained battery, either rechargeable or a battery. Well, it is essential to know the autonomy of the device to know if it is the most suitable for the purpose we are going to use it.


It is of little use to us to install a microphone if when the time comes to capture that conversation we wanted to listen to it has run out of battery.


To avoid problems of this type there are intelligent devices that normally remain on standby and only activate when they detect a sound or noise.


Built-in recording system


A spy microphone with recording capability is somewhat more expensive, but can be very useful, especially if used for security purposes. It should be assessed whether it is really necessary to be able to record conservation, because if not, a normal, ordinary hidden microphone without other functionalities will suffice.




Unless you are a private detective used to using spy gadgets, it is normal that the first time you face a spy bug you do so with some respect and fear of not knowing how to use it.


However, most devices on the market today are simple and intuitive to use. If you don't want to make your life too complicated, it's best to opt for models that are not wired. You even have devices that come hidden in regular products, so you won't have to do anything to start spying.


However, it is highly recommended that you do some tests before starting to use this type of device. This will help you to check if the device works properly and if you know how to use it well.




We cannot forget another factor that has a lot to do with the decision to buy any product, the price.


The most expensive is not always the best, what we recommend is that you value the use you are going to give the microphone, this will help you determine which characteristics are essential in it and which are not, which in turn will help you be clearer about what you need and be able to make a good assessment of prices within microphones that are of the same range.


Now that we are clearer about the factors that we should consider when buying a device of this type, it is time to find out about the most common types of spy microphones.


The WiFi Spy Microphone


WiFi technology has revolutionized the world of spy devices, thanks to it we can have remote access to the devices and control from our mobile what they are capturing.


The hidden microphone with WiFi allows us to link the sound capture device with our mobile phone, so when the conversation we want to capture takes place all we have to do is listen through our phone. This is also very practical so as not to arouse suspicion, since nobody will find it strange to see us with the phone stuck to our ear.


Wireless Spy Microphone


It is one of the most requested models because it does not require any kind of installation. They are simple devices that are limited by their own battery life, this is something that must be taken into account.


Even so, they can give good results if you do not want to make a continuous recording for a long time. For example, if you only want to record what is going to happen during a meeting.


GSM Spy Microphone


Its operation is very similar to that of any mobile phone. The peculiarity of these devices is that they work with a SIM card that allows to make a remote connection between the microphone and the phone we are going to use to listen to the conversation. This also facilitates recording.


It is one of the most used models by spies and private detectives, because of the great sound quality it has and for having a battery life that is usually quite big.


If you're wondering about the difference between a spy microphone with WiFi and one with GSM, let's take a look at it below.


The WiFi microphone is connected to an Internet network that can be more or less stable. This means that if the network is down we will no longer have access to the sounds the device is picking up. Also, this system is much easier to hack.


In the case of the GSM microphone, we are looking at a much more stable telephone connection, independent of the area in which the recording is being made. The power could go out and the microphone would still be doing its job. On the other hand, intercepting these microphones is more complex and not easy to hack.


Homemade Spy Microphone


There are people for whom a spy microphone is too complex or who are simply looking for something simpler, in these cases you can opt for a somewhat more home-made solution.


A very simple option is to use two mobiles. One of them is left working by making a call from WhatsApp (which is free) to the mobile we are going to have at hand. If someone is having a conversation in the room where the phone is making the call, we will listen to what he says, and we can even record it from our mobile.


This is a very very homemade solution that does not always give good results. First of all because many times the microphone of the phone does not have enough power to pick up the sound if those who are talking are not near it. On the other hand, the phone may not go unnoticed and is more likely to be discovered.


Therefore, it is a solution that is only recommended for very concrete and specific situations. Or even if you suddenly need to listen in on a specific conversation, to discover a crime for example, and you have nothing else to spy on and record the conversation. If it's for more regular and professional use, you may want to consider investing in a medium quality spy microphone.


Car microphone


Many times important conversations take place in vehicles, so it is not a bad idea to install a microphone in the car if we want to spy on a specific person. We have several options here.


If we are looking for something more professional and more long-term we can install a wired microphone in the vehicle. This device allows you to listen to what happens in the car no matter how far away you are from it, with a fairly clear sound quality and a range that can be up to several days on standby.


On the contrary, if what we are looking for is something much simpler, and we simply want to capture a conversation that we know is going to take place more or less on a certain date, we can use a spy microphone camouflaged in a USB charger for the car's cigarette lighter. It's such a common device that we don't usually pay attention to it, but we always run the risk that if someone removes it from the socket it will run out of power and we won't be able to know what is being talked about in the car anymore.


Wall Spy Microphone


Wall microphones are even used in recording studios because of the high quality of the audio they are able to pick up, which is why they are also so popular in the world of espionage.


What is done in these cases is to place the microphone close to the wall, so that the wall operates as an amplifier of the sound through the vibrations. Here the sound travels through the wall and not through the air, which eliminates ambient noise.


These are very small devices that can be easily hidden with a painting or a cuddly toy, nobody will suspect that behind these objects there is a spy device.


In addition to all these models we have seen, there are also others such as laser technology spy microphones, telephone and long-range. The choice of one model or another depends on the purpose we are looking for.


Choosing a good spy microphone is not always easy, so in Spy we are at your disposal to help you in everything you need and get your choice is always the most accurate. Contact us and we will solve any doubt you may have about these spy devices.




Do you need to buy a professional spy microphone?

If you need to buy a professional spy microphone it means that you are looking for a good quality product, which is why we have prepared a list with the best models of professional spy microphones available in the market.



All selected microphones are of excellent quality, but depending on where you want to place the microphone, one will be better suited to your needs and you will be more satisfied with your purchase.




Where to buy the 2020 Spy Microphone?

We hope the above list has helped you find a professional spy microphone that fits your needs and meets your requirements.


Today there are many online stores that offer spy products, but if you really want to buy a good quality spy bug, we recommend you to do it in quality and recognized stores that are supported by thousands of satisfied customers.

Spy, has exclusive distribution of major brands in the industry, including StealthTronic, a world leader in the manufacture of GSM spy microphones. Come to our stores and we will show you a wide range of products that you will not find in any spy shop.


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