Best 【SPY WIFI MICROPHONE with Recorder】 2024
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WIFI Spy Microphone with Voice Recorder

Discover the Best Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder: The most advanced WiFi spy recorder, with remote listening, high sound quality, configurable recording, instant alerts and an impressive autonomy of up to 125 days. Ideal for all your security needs.

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WIFI Spy Microphone with Voice Recorder

WIFI Spy Microphone with Voice Recorder


Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder

The Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder is more than a tool; it is your ally in the protection and security of your spaces. In a world in constant evolution, it is increasingly important to be one step ahead and know what is happening in your environment. But why is this device essential for you? Let's find out.

Why do you need to buy a Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder?

First and foremost, imagine having the ability to listen and record sounds remotely, in real time, with instant access from anywhere. This recorder not only gives you that ability, but also alerts you when it detects specific sounds. It is, therefore, a tool that gives you peace of mind and control.

Main advantages of the Wifi Spy Recording Device

This Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder comes loaded with features that will amaze you:

  • Live listening from anywhere in the world.
  • Accurate recording and instant alerts to keep you informed.
  • Full control from a free app.
  • Battery life that exceeds expectations, and more.

How can the Microphone with Wifi and Recording function improve your security?

Beyond spying, this device is a vital security tool. It can be used in your home to monitor babysitters or caregivers, at work to ensure confidentiality standards are maintained, or even in personal life situations where you need to have a record of conversations.

Synonyms for innovation: wifi remote recorder

The future is here, and with the Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder you are equipped with advanced technology that guarantees maximum efficiency. You no longer need to rely on obsolete or complicated systems to maintain security.

Spy Microphone Technical Specifications

  • Mini Portable Pocket Sized: 10x30x60mm.
  • Functionality: Check live AUDIO at any time and receive alarm notifications.
  • Connection: Based on Wi-Fi connection (no SIM card), no monthly costs.
  • Power consumption: Low power consumption for extended standby use.
  • Bluetooth pairing: Connects in 6 seconds, easy setup with no compatibility issues.
  • Downloads: Remotely transfer audio files to cell phone from SD card or cloud storage.

Working Modes:

  1. Continuous Recording Mode: Allows user to check live audio at any time and the device records continuously (also with loop recording).
  2. Power Saving Mode A: Standby consumption of 1.6mA/h. The user can check the live audio at any time, and the device can trigger the audio alarm and record when it detects sound.
  3. Power Saving Mode B: Standby consumption of 1mA/h. User can ONLY check the live audio through the App within 1 minute of each sound activation, and the device can trigger audio alarm and record when it detects sound.

Technical Features of Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder

This device is not just a spy microphone, it is the combination of advanced technology and optimal design to offer the following technical specifications:

  • USB Port: Type-C.
  • Maximum Support: 128GB micro SD card.
  • Audio file size: 1MB/Min.
  • Audio recording range: About 5 meters.
  • Battery: 3000mA.
  • Charging current: 200mA.
  • Charging time: About 6 hours.
  • Power consumption during work: 80mA.
  • Autonomy in continuous recording mode: About 37.5 hours.
  • Powerconsumption in Power Saving Mode A: 1.6mA/h.
  • Autonomy in Energy Saving Mode A: About 78 days.
  • Consumption in Energy Saving Mode B: 1mA/h.
  • Autonomy in Energy Saving Mode B: About 125 days.

Conclusion and guarantee of

In summary, if you are looking for the best solution in security and spying, this device is for you. In addition, by purchasing it on, you benefit from a three-year warranty and the peace of mind of a free 24-hour delivery. Don't wait any longer, take the technological leap and ensure your peace of mind with the Wifi Spy Microphone with Recorder.