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Spy Microphone with Listening from the mobile

The Spy Microphone with Mobile Listening: DIY VERSION is a cutting-edge GSM audio device designed for spying and covert listening. Its do-it-yourself version allows you to connect it to any power source, guaranteeing unlimited life and complete customization.

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Spy Microphone with Listening from the mobile

Spy Microphone with Listening from the mobile


The Spy Microphone with Listening from your mobile phone stands as an essential tool in the world of technology and security. In an environment where it is vital to have advanced tools that guarantee protection and constant monitoring, this revolutionary DIY device will transform the way you do surveillance and espionage.

Main Features of the Spy Microphone with listening from the mobile

This device, beyond its listening capabilities, comes loaded with advanced features that give it a competitive advantage in the market. With a sleep mode to save battery life, a 3D MEMS microphone for clear communication, and the ability to locate via LBS stations, this spy microphone gives you everything you need and more.

Why do you need to buy a Spy Microphone with Listening from your mobile?

Security is a priority, and in these times, information is more valuable than ever. Whether you want to monitor a particular space or just make sure everything is in order when you're not around, this device is the perfect solution. In addition, its DIY mode allows you complete customization, adapting to any power source and guaranteeing unlimited life.

Advantages of using a Spy Microphone with listening from the phone

Opting for a device like this not only gives you the ability to listen, but also to be alerted in specific situations. Whether it's sound in a room or the device detects motion, you'll always be one step ahead. In addition, its compact design and the possibility of using a NANO SIM card make it versatile and easy to install anywhere.

Connection and Control from your Mobile

The feature that really stands out about this Spy Microphone is the ability to listen in real time from your mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can have instant access to what is happening in the monitored location, giving you the peace of mind and control you need.

Technical Specifications of the Spy Microphone with listening from the phone

  • Administrator Number Programming: Only you can access the device, preventing access even if they know the SIM number inside the device.
  • Microphone: 3D MEMS for clear, high-quality communication.
  • SIM: Use the NANO SIM card, the smallest of any operator.
  • Made in the EU, guaranteeing quality and durability.
  • SLEEP MODE: optimized to consume minimal battery, it can last up to 24 hours on standby.
  • DEEP SLEEP MODE: allows the device to turn itself off and on at a defined schedule, lasting up to 6 months in this mode.
  • 3D MEMS Microphone: A low noise microphone designed specifically for GSM communication.
  • LBS location: ability to locate using LBS stations.
  • SOUND ALARM: It will alert you if it detects sound in the room.
  • VIBRATORY ALARM: will alert you if it detects movement or vibration.

Guarantee and Confidence in your Purchase

In addition to all these advanced features and benefits, when purchasing from us, you benefit from a three-year warranty that espiamos offers. This demonstrates confidence in the quality and durability of our products. Because your safety and satisfaction are our top priority.