GPS locator OBD without installation
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GPS locator OBD without installation

What you need to know where is located your car at all times? We need a solution fast, simple, and effective: it's The GPS locator OBD without installation is just what you need!

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GPS locator OBD without installation

GPS locator OBD without installation | Platform time : Manufacturer for life

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Main features of the GPS Locator OBD without installation:

If you have a fleet of trucks, cars, for rent, or simply a particular car that you want to watch quickly and easily, the only thing you will need is the GPS locator OBD without installation. It is a product of compact size, low profile and with a perfect design to minimize the risk of manipulation by any outside person.

The GPS locator OBD without installation is a tracker that lets you know the precise location of your car quickly and in real-time.

The GPS locator OBD without installation also includes a sophisticated system of various types of alarm in real-time. Best of all is that you don't need a complicated installation process to be able to have your locator fully active. You only have to connect it to the OBD system of your car, and you will be ready to use. More easy impossible!

It is important to note that this locator contains a platform of life provided by the manufacturer. However, if you wish, you can also connect with all of our monitoring platforms.


Why buy this GPS Locator without installation?

If you're looking for a quick and effective way to monitor your car, either for safety or to be informed of the situation of the car in real time, this tracker gps will be your best ally. This GPS device requires no installation, you just need to connect it to the OBD system of the car. I had never been so easy to track and monitor your car. You will not have to go to complicated systems to track, where you had to pierce your car or go to a repair shop to get it installed. Now you can install it yourself!


Benefits of the GPS Locator OBD

It is a device complete, innovative and easy to use. You don't need to disrupt your life with GPS trackers more complicated, and outdated.

You'll be able to track your car from your home comfortably, from the computer of your office or even from your mobile phone while you go do the shopping.

And thanks to your alarm system, this device will warn you when you:

  • Turn on the car
  • Exceed a speed limit
  • Deviates from an assigned route

And even will let you know when someone tries to manipulate the locator immediately. Is a device that is lightweight, durable and discreet, no one will notice that it is there.

Stay calm and without headaches by knowing exactly where your car at all times.


How does this GPS Locator without installation?

Your own name says it, no installation needed, so it is very easy to activate. Just connect it to the OBD of the car and ready to go. Once connected, you'll be able to have all the information you need from your car in real-time from your home, from work or even from the Bahamas if you'd like!

Look No further, the GPS locator OBD without installation is just what you need!


Data sheet
47 x 24 x 30.7 mm
Working temperature
-20ºC to +70ºC
12V / 50 mAh

OUR PLATFORM ADAPTS TO YOUR NEEDS. Personalize the options of your platform and pay only for what you really use.


  • GREAT VARIETY OF PERMANENCES. Choose the time you want to be with us by choosing from the wide range of contracts we offer you.
  • DIFFERENT FOLLOW-UP PLANS. Pay only for the resources you actually use.
  • PLATFORM FROM TELEPHONE OR TABLET. At no cost you can access the platform from a mobile or tablet to locate your GPS units.
  • WE KEEP YOUR USER DATA. Do not pay for the GPS you do not use.
  • CHANGES OF DISTANCE CONFIGURATION. Today's needs may not be tomorrow's. We change the parameters of your GPS without having to disconnect it or send it to a technical support. (GPS from our catalog with package of messages hired)
  • DISAPPEAR FROM THE CONSUMPTION OF YOUR CARD. We offer you the platform with our data plan.
  • WE OFFER 30 DAYS OF ACCESS WITH THE PURCHASE OF YOUR GPS (Depending on model) Once the service has begun, the user loses the right of withdrawal.


From our GPS PLATFORM you can get the most out of all your devices, regardless of their number, brand or model.


The platforms are designed not only for companies that need to monitor their vehicles; if not also for individuals who need to locate their assets at any time.

Control the spending of your particular vehicle or fleet of vehicles.

Assign drivers to your GPS and improve your driving thanks to accurate statistics.

Locate your asset (car, motorcycle, trailer, ...) in case of theft or loss.

Increase the safety of your loved ones (elderly, children, disabled, ...)

Locate your pet in case of loss.



Check our tracking plans at

The plans that include SIM data card have a permanence of 12 months.



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From Montse | 2018-10-01 12:25:25

buenos dias,

quisiera saber si este dispositivo LOCALIZADOR GPS OBD SIN INSTALACIÓN CON MICRÓFONO, necesita una tarjeta Sim. Gracias.


Hola Montse,

Gracias por ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Efectivamente al localizador al que hace referencia , necesitaría incorporarle una tarjeta de telefonía , con datos de Internet y saldo. Es a través de esta tarjeta SIM , por la que el GPS recoge y nos envía las posiciones de localización que podremos visualizar de tres maneras:

• A través de la plataforma gratuita del fabricante (Smartphone y PC)
• Contratando nuestra plataforma profesional (Smartphone y PC), utilizando para ello la APP Hispa GPS
• Enviando un comando por SMS al número de teléfono de la tarjeta SIM instalada en el GPS, de modo que éste le responda con un enlace donde podrá ver la ubicación actual.

Para mas información por favor no dude en contactar de nuevo con nosotros.

Reciba un cordial saludo.

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