GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy 【2024】
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GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy

GPS locator with case magnetic removable. You'll be able to use it as a beacon, GPS, or as a Tracker GPS personal. He has 25 days of autonomy in stand-by mode and up to 100 hours in continuous mode. I will set up for free!

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GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy

GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy


Would you like to purchase a GPS locator that will serve as a beacon and GPS as Tracker GPS personal?


This GPS locator can be used both for the workplace and family. It has a cover magnetic detachable that will help you to use it as a beacon, GPS, or as a Tracker GPS personal based on your needs.

Cubierta imatada Baliza GPS



How does this GPS Locator Magnetic?

The tracker GPS need a SIM card so that it can send the locations to the tracking platform. In look out we offer a tracking platform free, official and of by life. You'll be able to see the routes from any PC or mobile phone with the free in-APP available for IOS and Android

This beacon GPS magnetic requires no professional installation. It has a 6000 mAh battery with autonomy of up to 25 days in standby mode and up to 100 hours in the continuous mode, transmitting the position every 10 seconds .





What is the difference between this GPS locator magnet and other beacons?

This lapa GPS has several features that make it special:

  1. Multi-purpose: you Can use it both as Tracker staff as beacon GPS.
  2. Alert handling with light sensor: will tell You if it is dismounted or if it opens.
  3. Triple localization system. By GPS, LBS, WIFI.
  4. Alarm sound detection: notifies You if it detects a sound greater than 50 db.




GPS locator Magnet with built-in microphone that records sound environmental

This beacon GPS has a microphone hidden integrated. You'll be able to record the ambient sound in your mobile phone with just the push of a button on your Smartphone. It is ideal for parental control! You'll always know not only where are your sons, but what is being said around you.

Example: Imagine that you are using the device as a tracker, GPS personal (without the housing is magnetic) and give it to your daughter to carry it in the bag. You suspect that you may be in trouble because it has been delayed in his return home. Now, you could simply open your Smartphone to free APP to see the location of your GPS and select the time that deses recording (15, 30, or 60 seconds). The ambient sound will be recorded on your phone.


Another example might be placing the GPS on the inside of the car. In case of theft, not only will you know where you are located, but also everything that is said in the interior of the same.




 Why buy this Lapa GPS or GPS Locator Magnetic?

There are very few GPS locators multi-purpose. This GPS is the one that will serve you for the professional field as a family. You'll be able to put it within the bag, the backpack of your child or in the low of your car and always using the same Tracker GPS.


Localizador GPS polivalente


In look out, you will be given a manual of instructions in Spanish so that you can configure the lapa GPS or if you prefer, we we do. You can go to our retail store to try it out and tests needed. You'll be amazed!



Main features of the GPS Locator Magnetic

  • Autonomy up to 25 days.
  • Working autonomy: 100 hours by sending position every 10 seconds
  • Rechargeable battery 6000mAh
  • Magnet high-power
  • The tracking is in real time from any PC, Android or IOS
  • No installation needed
  • The license includes is for life
  • Size: 85x58x29mm
  • Weight: 161gr. / 230 grams with the cover



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