Hidden Microphones

Do you need to buy a microphone hidden for your office or study?

In this category you can find all the microphones spy hidden in different places everyday as an umbrella, a keychain, etc We have exclusive products that you won't find in any store spy.

Smoke Detector with microphone spy high autonomy

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Smoke Detector with microphone spy. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your office for covert form. Has sound detection and 90-day autonomy. Includes two rechargeable batteries.

Power strip spy microphone GSM

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Power strip spy with sound detection and autonomy unlimited. Fully functional. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your room or office without raising suspicion.

MICROPHONE GSM HIDDEN in wall clock 200 days of autonomy

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Wall clock with microphone spy. You'll be able to hear everything that happens in your office for covert form. Has sound detection and 200 days of autonomy.

Do you need to buy a hidden microphone?

A microphone can be hidden in daily objects such as a key ring or umbrella , but also in common elements in any building. A wall outlet, a smoke detector device, or a strip used to connect multiple electrical appliances, for example, may also conceal a sophisticated spy microphone.

The miniaturization advances allow the technology to offer very small wireless transmission systems, and therefore listening solutions easy to insert in places where no one would look for them. In ESPIAMOS we are exclusive distributors, and we offer you products that are impossible to find in any spy shop .

The best hidden microphones of 2020

These devices capture sound in one place and transmit it using radio frequency technology , which can be done in several ways. , and is ideal for undercover listening. With a very low battery consumption, it emits constantly at a radius more or less close.

Also GSM, mobile phone technology can be used. In this case, it is enough that the device is in an area with coverage, since the user will be able to listen from his own phone, regardless of the distance to which he is.

Umbrellas with microphone

Among the devices that use the UHF system we have the umbrella with microphone. It is a fully functional umbrella , from which it would be difficult to suspect that it hides a listening system. A standard AA batteries provide 650 hours of autonomy , i.e. almost one month of uninterrupted emission.

Like all UHF devices, requires a suitable receiver to be able to listen to its broadcasts. Its operation is very simple, simply connect the batteries and start working. The microphone has a range of 15 meters , and the emission can be picked up in a range of between 80 and 100 meters , depending on the obstacles between the device and the user.

Spy rule with GSM microphone

In our catalogue we have several devices that use GSM technology, one of them is a multiple socket. It is connected to the network and can be used as a normal strip and current , to plug electrical appliances through traditional connection or through two USB charging ports.

Although functionality and appearance are not suspect, a microphone with a reception range of 5 metres and unlimited autonomy is concealed in this terminal block. As it is connected directly to the network, it does not require any type of battery. To listen to what the microphone is recording, just call the phone number of a SIM card that we have previously inserted in the strip.

Spy plug with hidden microphone

If we need maximum discretion , what better than an element that is present in any room, even if it is completely empty, without furniture. A wall-mounted socket is quite common, and that is precisely the advantage of this spy device.

Es discreet and requires some skill to detect and uninstall , because to disassemble a plug you have to take precautions. Its listening range is 5 meters, it has sound detection, and to listen to what the microphone is picking up, you have to call the number contained in a SIM card that is placed inside the device. In the same way that the strip, its autonomy is unlimited when being directly connected to the electrical network.

Why buy your microphone hidden in ESPIAMOS and not in La Tienda del Espía?

We are exclusive distributors of many brands , and we have a constantly renewing catalogue with the latest products. Products, which you won't find in any spy shop .

Our ethical principles lead us to the search for good, and everything we sell is geared towards obtaining evidence to help resolve conflicts , always within the legal and judicial framework.

Not only do we offer a wide variety of options from voice recorders, but also we attend to personalized requests . Call us at phone +34 911 369 092 and tell us what you need, sure we can help.

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