ESPIAMOS.COM it offers all its services to professionals as to individuals. You can hire sweeps, recover deleted data from your hard drives or smartphones, as well as the hiring of private detectives. Contact us!

Locating hidden GPS in vehicles

Do you suspect that a hidden GPS tracker in your car is invading your privacy? At ESPIAMOS.COM, we offer you a professional and secure service to detect and remove any GPS tracking device from your vehicle. We have a team of experts and advanced technology to ensure you the peace of mind you need, don't leave your security in the hands of luck, hire our service today!

Electronic Countermeasures Techniques Seminar TSCM

This comprehensive ESPIAMOS.COM Electronic Countermeasures Course will allow you to protect your privacy and security at the highest level. You will learn how to identify and neutralize different surveillance devices, with a practical and theoretical approach. Improve your skills with advanced detection tools and be part of the security vanguard, acquire your TSCM skills with us and stay safe!

Frequency Detector Training

Become an expert in frequency detection with our Frequency Detector Use Training at ESPIAMOS.COM. Develop essential skills, understand the frequency spectrum and learn how to interpret the results of a frequency detector. Our course is designed for all levels and is kept up to date with the latest trends. In addition, we offer post-training support to answer any questions you may have. Don't wait any longer, sign up now and start your journey into the world of frequency detection.

Training Use Non-Linear Joint Detector NLJD

Expand your skills with our NLJD Non Linear Joint Detector Training at ESPIAMOS.COM. This course, tailored to all levels, will provide you with the knowledge necessary to effectively operate an NLJD detector, key in the detection of hidden electronics. Our theoretical and practical training will enable you to understand and apply these techniques with confidence. Enroll today and embark on your journey in non-linear detection.