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Do you need to buy a WIFI / IP spy camera?

If you are looking for an advanced and reliable solution for remote surveillance and ensuring the protection of your spaces, a WIFI / IP Spy Camera is essential. At ESPIAMOS, we offer a 3-year warranty, delivery in 24 hours and the best price guaranteed.


Hidden Camera Phone Samsung S20 with Streaming

Hidden Camera Phone Samsung S20. You can record discreetly while the phone is placed on the table. It can be used for both short and long distances. Ideal for professionals!

MINI SPY CAMERA Long Distance with 60mm telephoto lens

Maximize your security with the Long Distance Mini Spy Camera, designed to capture sharp details even in low light conditions. Equipped with a 60mm telephoto lens, this spy camera offers effective surveillance through glass, allowing clear recordings from long distances. P2P WiFi connectivity for real-time viewing from your mobile, it is the perfect choice to guarantee security in diverse environments.

Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera Long Range

Long Range Outdoor WIFI Surveillance Camera: With an unmatched autonomy of 3-4 months, this camera combines the accuracy of a PIR sensor for motion detection, a resolution of 2.0 Mega HD 1080P and WIFI transmission, ensuring security and clarity at all times.

Hidden Camera WIFI Charger Real Time Surveillance

Discover the innovative WIFI Hidden Camera Charger: a perfect combination of security and convenience. This device not only serves as a functional charger, but also allows you to monitor your spaces discreetly with its HD camera. Ideal for home surveillance and protection of loved ones, giving you 24/7 peace of mind.

Tuya Smart WIFI Camera with Night Vision Laser and Rotating Camera

In stock
The Tuya Smart Camera is a versatile device designed for both home security and pet interaction. With live streaming via Wi-Fi, laser function to play with your pets and compatibility with the Tuya Smart app, this camera redefines home monitoring.

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in a Registration Box

4G LTE Spy Security Camera Hidden in Log Box. Equipped with 4G LTE connectivity, this camera records in high definition, detects movements and notifies you in real time. Camouflaged design and high battery life. Perfect choice for long term surveillance.

Hidden Spy Camera 4G LTE Smoke Detector

The 4G LTE Smoke Detector Hidden Spy Camera combines discretion with advanced technology for effective monitoring. Equipped with PIR sensor and motion alerts, it guarantees high quality recordings and 4G LTE/WiFi connectivity.

In an increasingly connected world, the wifi spy camera has become an essential tool for security and surveillance. Whether it's to monitor your home, your office or even to ensure your personal safety, this device allows you to have total control from anywhere and at any time. Below, we will explore in depth everything you need to know.

Wifi Spy Camera Uses

Home WIFI Spy Cameras are an excellent tool for maintaining a secure environment. They can be discreetly placed in different areas of the house, allowing you to monitor any suspicious activity in real time. It is possible to record in the absence of the owners and have the evidence in case of an incident. It can also be very useful for monitoring children, pets, or even service personnel.

WIFI Spy Camera at Work

In the work context, WIFI Spy Cameras play a fundamental role. They are mainly used to monitor compliance, prevent theft or to ensure the safety of employees. Their presence can even increase productivity, as employees tend to perform better when they know they are being monitored.

Spy WIFI Camera for personal security

The Spy WIFI Camera is also used for personal security. For example, it can be used to record interactions in potentially dangerous situations. It is also useful in cases where harassment or extortion is suspected, as it provides a way to collect tangible evidence. Thanks to its WIFI connection, you can have a record of what is going on in your immediate environment, even if you are not physically present.

Features of Our Wifi Spy Cameras

Video Quality

One of the most important features of our Wifi spy cameras is the high video quality. Our cameras feature HD and Full HD technology, which guarantees you a clear and sharp video resolution. This is essential to be able to identify faces and objects accurately. In addition, most of our models include a night vision function, allowing you to record clear images even in low light conditions.

Wireless Connection

Another outstanding feature of our Wifi spy cameras is the wireless connection capability. Through this connection, you can view in real time what the camera is recording, from anywhere, you just need an internet connection. This allows you to have full and constant control of the situation you are monitoring.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial aspect when choosing a Wifi spy camera. Our models have long battery life, allowing continuous recording for several hours. Some models have the option of being plugged into a mains power supply for continuous monitoring without worrying about battery life.

How to Set Up a Wifi Spy Camera

Installing a WIFI Spy Camera

Installing a wifi spy camera is a simple process. In most cases, you will only need to connect the camera to a power source and place it in the desired location. Some models may require more complex installation, so we recommend that you carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Application Setup

Once the camera is installed, the next step is to configure the application that will allow real-time monitoring. This app can usually be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Here, you will need to enter your camera details and connect to the same Wi-Fi network. Some apps also allow you to set up motion notifications, scheduled recordings, among other functions.

Real time monitoring spy camera with WIFI P2P

With the application already configured, you will be able to access real-time monitoring. This is one of the great advantages of Wifi spy cameras, as they allow you to view the images captured by the camera from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have an Internet connection. In addition, most of the apps allow you to store the recordings in the cloud or directly on your device.

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Using Wifi Hidden Cameras

Knowing the Laws

Before installing a Wifi spy camera, it is vital that you familiarise yourself with local laws regarding video surveillance. In some places, it may be illegal to record video or audio without the consent of the people involved. In addition, in many cases, the use of spy cameras is regulated by specific laws that must be respected to avoid legal problems.

Respect for privacy

Respect for privacy is a fundamental ethical principle when using a Wifi hidden camera. While it may be tempting to use these cameras to spy on others, it is important to remember that privacy is a fundamental right that must be respected. Always obtain people's consent before recording them, unless it is a situation that justifies recording without their knowledge.

Responsible Use

Finally, the use of a Wifi spy camera should always be responsible. Avoid using these cameras for illegal or immoral purposes. Instead, use them to improve your home security, to monitor your children, or for any other legitimate and ethical purpose. Remember, the power of surveillance technology must be handled responsibly.

Maintenance of a P2P WIFI Spy Camera

Battery Care p2p spy camera

One of the most important features of a wifi p2p spy camera is its battery. To keep it in good condition, make sure you don't overcharge it and keep it at the right temperature. Also remember that, like any battery, your spy camera's battery has a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced over time.

Cleaning the wifi free spy camera lens

Cleaning the lens is a crucial step in maintaining the quality of your camera's images. Use a soft, clean cloth to remove dust and fingerprints from the lens. Avoid using harsh or abrasive cleaning products that may damage the lens.

Safe storage wifi spy camera

Finally, to prolong the life of your spy camera, make sure you store it correctly. Keep your camera in a cool, dry and dust-free place when you're not using it. This will prevent damage caused by heat, humidity and other environmental factors.

How to Choose the Best Wifi Spy Camera for Your Needs

Identify your needs

Before buying a wifi spy camera, it is essential that you identify your needs. Do you need a camera for internal or external use? Does the camera need to be discreet or visible? What image and sound quality do you need? These are just some of the questions you need to answer to determine which camera is best for you.

Compare different models

There are many wifi spy cameras available on the market, each with their own features and specifications. Comparing different models will allow you to find the camera that best suits your needs. Look at image quality, battery life, ease of installation and use, and the quality of the wifi connection, among other aspects.

Expert Advice

If you are in doubt or unsure which wifi spy camera to choose, don't hesitate to seek expert advice. Security experts can provide valuable information and recommendations based on your specific situation and needs. In addition, they can help you understand how to set up and use the camera effectively.

Do you need to buy a Wifi Spy Camera?

If you are looking for an effective and discreet security solution, a wifi spy camera is the ideal choice. In our shop you will find a wide range of wifi spy cameras, perfect for all your surveillance needs. 

But why should you buy from us?

Exclusive brands in wifi spy cameras

We only work with the most recognised and reliable brands in the spy camera sector. This strategic choice allows us to guarantee our customers high quality, durable and effective products. In addition, these exclusive brands often incorporate the latest technologies in their devices, such as wifi connection, allowing for superior functionality and an unbeatable user experience.

We also work with the best brands in the industry to ensure our customers receive the highest quality, durable and effective products.

More than 12 years in the spy camera industry

We have been operating in the spy camera industry for more than 12 years, and during this time we have acquired a vast experience and in-depth knowledge of these devices. This experience allows us to advise you in the best possible way to find the wifi spy camera that best suits your needs. Our team of professionals is always ready to answer all your questions and guide you through the purchase process.

The best prices on the market for wifi spy cameras

We know that price is a decisive factor when making any purchase. That is why we strive to offer the best prices on the market on all our wifi spy cameras. Furthermore, we firmly believe that security and surveillance should not be a luxury, but something accessible to everyone. That's why you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your money when you shop with us.

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