The Best Power Bank with Spy Camera 【2024】
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Hidden Camera in WIFI External Battery

Discover how the WIFI External Hidden Battery Camera revolutionizes personal and professional surveillance, offering high definition recording in a discreet and efficient way. Ideal for those seeking security and evidence without attracting attention.

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Hidden Camera in WIFI External Battery

Hidden Camera in WIFI External Battery


Why do you need a Hidden Camera in an External Battery?

In a world where security and privacy are paramount, having a tool that allows you to record discreetly can make all the difference. Whether it's to protect your business, secure your home or even as a personal precaution, this spy camera not only captures high quality video but also serves as a functional external battery, giving you dual purpose without compromising on design or discretion.

Key Features of the Power Bank Hidden Camera

  • WIFI Connection: View in real time from anywhere via your mobile device.
  • Versatile Recording Modes: Choose between continuous, manual or motion detection recording.
  • High Definition Full HD: Capture video in 1080p, ensuring clarity in every recording.
  • Wide View: With a 70-degree viewing angle, never miss a detail.
  • Exceptional Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of continuous recording with WIFI off.
  • Guaranteed Discretion: Designed to go unnoticed, recording undetected.

External Battery with Spy Camera Highlights

This Hidden Camera in External Battery is not only an advanced security device; it is an indispensable companion for those who value caution and preparedness. With its high-definition recording capability, long battery life and discreet design, this camera fits perfectly into any situation, providing peace of mind and protection without interruption.

How Does It Enhance Your Security Experience?

Ease of use and versatility make this Hidden Camera on External Battery a superior choice for personal and professional security. Its ability to connect to WIFI and stream live to your mobile device allows you to monitor in real time, while its function as a real external battery ensures it is always ready to use.

Hidden Camera Battery Usage Scenarios

Ideal for a variety of situations, from monitoring your home or office, to recording important meetings or serving as a personal security tool when you're on the move. Its smart design ensures that it integrates seamlessly into your daily life, offering surveillance without compromising aesthetics or functionality.

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum Illumination Required: 3.3 lux for clear recordings even in low light conditions.
  • Viewing Angle: 70°, for wide coverage.
  • Resolution: 1920x1080p, ensuring the clarity of each video.
  • Frame Rate: Up to 30fps, for smooth recordings.
  • Memory Capacity: 32Gb built-in, for storing hours of video.
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours with WIFI off for extended use.
  • Additional Functionality: Acts as a real external battery, charging your mobile devices.


Purchasing this External Battery Hidden Camera from guarantees you not only a high quality product, with a three-year warranty, but also the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected by a discreet and efficient surveillance tool. At, your security is our priority, and this camera is a testament to our commitment to innovation and the trust of our customers.