External Battery with WIFI HD Spy Camera 【2024】
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External Battery with WIFI HD Spy Camera

Discover the versatility of our External Battery with HD WIFI Spy Camera . More than just a charger, this device offers discreet, real-time surveillance, ideal for maintaining security in any environment. Compatible with all your mobile devices.

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External Battery with WIFI HD Spy Camera

External Battery with WIFI HD Spy Camera


Why do you need an External Battery with HD WIFI Spy Camera?

In an era where security and privacy are essential, having a device that combines functionality and discreet surveillance is invaluable. Whether monitoring your home, office or any personal space, this spy camera external battery offers you peace of mind by allowing you to discreetly observe any environment, ensuring that your spaces are protected, even when you are not present.

Technical Characteristics Auxiliary Battery with Hidden Camera

  • Dual Functionality: Acts as a real power bank, allowing you to charge devices while recording discreetly.
  • WIFI connection: Remote access for real-time viewing and review of recordings from anywhere.
  • High Resolution: 1080p recording capability at 30 FPS for clear, detailed videos.
  • Low Light Vision: Equipped with a mini hidden low light camera, it needs only 0.1 LUX to capture images.
  • Versatile Recording: Continuous or motion detection recording options, adapting to your specific needs.
  • H.264 Compression: Ensures high-quality videos while taking up less storage space.

Featured Features Spy Power Bank

This device is not simply an external battery; It is an integrated security system that allows you to keep an eye on your belongings and loved ones in an imperceptible way. Its ability to record in different resolutions, along with H.264 compression, guarantees you high-quality videos without sacrificing space. Plus, the motion detection recording feature helps you optimize storage and battery life.

The Added Value of an External Battery with Spy Function

The duality of this device as a portable charger and security camera offers significant added value. Not only will you keep your devices charged, but you will also be able to monitor your spaces without raising suspicion, combining utility with discretion in a single gadget.

Trust and Guarantee with we spy

At espiamos, we not only offer you innovative and high-quality products, but we also guarantee your satisfaction and safety with a three-year warranty on all our products. Trust us to protect what matters most.

With the External Battery with HD WIFI Spy Camera, you take the security and charging of your devices to the next level, all in a compact and efficient design. Discover the peace of mind of having a discreet security guard always at your side.

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