WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor【2024】- 188 days autonomy
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WIFI Hidden Camera on PIR Sensor: High Definition, 88h Memory, 180 days Autonomy and Live Transmission

The WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor. You can see and hear everything that happens in your warehouse or office discreetly. It has WIFI and autonomy of up to 180 days. It works as a real PIR sensor.

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WIFI Hidden Camera on PIR Sensor: High Definition, 88h Memory, 180 days Autonomy and Live Transmission

WIFI Hidden Camera on PIR Sensor: High Definition, 88h Memory, 180 days Autonomy and Live Transmission


Discover the WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor

The WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor is not just a sensor, it is your ideal security companion. In a world where security and privacy are essential, this camera is a discreet and effective solution. Having a watchful eye on your home, office or warehouse has never been easier.

Main features of the WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor

  • WIFI connection for real-time viewing
  • Superior autonomy: up to 180 days of standby time
  • Motion detection thanks to PIR sensor
  • Microphone range up to 5 meters
  • Storage capacity of 88 hours of recordings
  • Hassle-free installation

Why do you need to buy a WIFI Hidden Camera with PIR Sensor?

Security and peace of mind are two words we all value. But how do you ensure those feelings when you are not at home or at your workplace? The answer is the use of a WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor. This camera provides you with the security you need, recording only when it is essential and avoiding false alarms. In addition, with the ability to see in real time what is happening, you will feel present, even if you are thousands of miles away.

The importance of a PIR sensor camera

The distinction between a regular sensor and a PIR Sensor is vital. By detecting human heat, you avoid unnecessary recordings and maximize the efficiency of the device. Instead of filling your memory with worthless recordings, you will have relevant and accurate clips. In short, more autonomy, fewer false alarms and more security.

WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor: The best technology in your hands

Made in Europe, this spy camera is different from others because of its quality and state-of-the-art technology. It's not just a camera, it's an investment in peace of mind and confidence. And with the backing of ESPIAMOS, you have warranty and support in your language.

The smart choice in wifi hidden cameras

Making informed decisions is essential when it comes to security. That's why, by choosing the WIFI Hidden Camera in PIR Sensor, you're choosing a high quality device, with proven technology and the confidence of a leading brand in the industry. Don't settle for less.

And remember, when you purchase products with ESPIAMOS, you have a three-year warranty, a guarantee that speaks of our confidence in the quality of what we offer.

Can I see the image in real time from my phone anywhere?

Yes, you only have to download the free application for Android or iPhone and connect to the WIFI network of the device following the instruction manual in English. Now you will be able to see the images and listen live wherever you are. The recorded videos will be stored in the cell phone and/or in the internal memory of the spy camera.

What is the difference between a PIR sensor and a motion detector without PIR?

PIR sensors are much more accurate than normal motion detectors. A PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor actually detects the heat of a person. Imagine you have a window open and an object such as a piece of paper moves (no heat) or a door closes and the vibration is transmitted to a motion detector without PIR. It would start recording automatically creating many false negatives.

On the other hand, with a PIR sensor it would only record when it actually detects the presence of a person. In this way, you would get a greater autonomy because the spy camera would only come into operation when it is really needed.

How much autonomy does the WIFI Hidden Camera with PIR Sensorhave ?

Along with the image quality, the autonomy is another strong point of this device. The UltraLife PIR sensor has an internal battery of 5500mAh that will provide up to 180 days of use in PIR mode or 19 days if it detects movements for 1 hour a day. Very few spy cameras get so much autonomy!

What is the difference between this PIR SENSOR WITH SPY CAMERA and other spy sensors?

This device, manufactured in Europe, uses the latest technology on the market. The quality of its components is unmatched by Chinese versions. With this spy PIR SENSOR you will be able to hear loud and strong as if you were in the same place and see the images in true High Definition.

If you really need to buy a spy camera to provide evidence in a judicial process we recommend this device.

Technical specifications of the WIFI hidden camera:

Working modes

- Motion detection by PIR sensor

-Live viewing via cell phone

-Recording in an infinite loop

Camera 1.3Mpix CMOS sensor

-70° viewing angle

-3.6mm lens

-Light sensitivity 1 Lux

Recording resolution 1280x720px

-AVI video format

-Adjustable recording length 10-60

-Date and time recordings

-Ability to playback and export records remotely -Average 360 MB / 1 h recording

- average 360 MB / 1 h recording

Microphone -Sensitivity up to 3 - 5 meters

-3.7V 5400mAh Li-Pol

-Up to 180 days in PIR mode

-Approximately 20 hours of continuous recording

-For 1 hour per day for approximately 19 days


-1-2mA consumption - PIR mode

-250mA - Recording

-350mA - online transmission

Power supply - DC 5V 1A
External memory

-Micro SD up to 32GB

-up to 88 hours recording time

Dimensions 107 x 58 x 45 mm

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