PV CHG30i Spy Charger for all kinds of phones 【2024】
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Phone Charger with WIFI IP Spy Camera 256Gb

Low light WIFI spy camera hidden in a fully functional battery charger compatible with all types of phones Record discreetly while charging your phone!

€349.99 Tax included

€289.25 Tax excluded

Phone Charger with WIFI IP Spy Camera 256Gb

Phone Charger with WIFI IP Spy Camera 256Gb


Need to record images for use in court proceedings?

LawMate spy cameras are used by professionals around the world to covertly record images for use in court proceedings. LawMate is the leading brand in the industry providing the highest possible image quality. If you need evidence for legal proceedings, use LawMate.

This new version incorporates 3 new heads so you can charge any mobile phone, while recording discreetly. The included interchangeable heads are for phones with a charging connection:

  • Micro USB
  • USB-C
  • iPhone

How does the Smartphone Spy Charger work?

The operation is very simple following the instruction manual that we give, exclusively, in Spanish. You only have to turn on the portable recorder, download the application for Android or iPhone and connect to the WIFI network of the device. Now you will be able to see the images in real time point to point P2P.

Example of use for real time surveillance with no distance limit:

We synchronize the spy charger with our home router or a portable one following the instruction manual. In this way, the client or co-worker will be able to view the images in real time on his cell phone no matter where he is. No distance limit!

Main Features of the Spy Camera Phone Charger

      • Works like a real charger.
      • You can record discreetly while charging your phone.
      • IP function. Transmits the image in real time to an Android or IOS cell phone.
      • No distance limit. Easily connects to the router.
      • Record automatically, manually or by motion detection in MOV format.
      • Several resolutions to choose from: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480.
      • Different FPS speeds: up to 60 fps (25 fps / 30 fps / 60 fps).
      • Fast recording key: Only takes 3 seconds to start when the phone is turned off.
      • Password protection.
      • Shoot pictures in JPG format.
      • Memory up to 512Gb.
      • Unlimited autonomy.

How to set up the Charging Station with Spy Camera?

The configuration is done easily through your cell phone via WIFI. From here you will be able to:

      • Download the recorded files to your cell phone.
      • Activate / Deactivate the date and time stamping on the recordings.
      • Set the time
      • Activate / Deactivate the built-in microphone
      • Enable / Disable WIFI network visibility
      • Change password
      • Format the microSD card
      • View occupied / free space
      • Update firmware
      • Load default settings

In motion detection mode you can adjust:

      • Sensitivity of detection: High / Medium / Low
      • Recording time: 1 min / 3 min / 5 min
      • Enable / Disable cyclical recording

Why buy the ESPIA WIFI Charger here??

As the official distributor of LawMate brand, all products are delivered directly from the factory. You can buy the camouflage spy camera without intermediaries, at the best price. In addition, you will have a real 3-year warranty and the official technical support of the LawMate brand.

Technical specifications of the ESPIA Multi-Camera Charger:

      • Minimum illumination: 0.1 lux
      • Viewing angle: 78°.
      • File format: MOV, JPG
      • Video recording mode: Auto / Manual / Motion detection
      • Recording capacity: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x480
      • Frame Rate: Up to 30fps
      • Photo capacity: 5M (2592 * 1944)
      • Memory type: Built-in memory: 64G module
      • Data Interface: Mini USB 2.0
      • Disguised mode: Stand-By, LCD-O ff
      • Date / time table: YYYYY / MM / DD, HH: MM: SS
      • Power input: DC5V
      • Dimension: 75x78x72mm

Package contains.

    • 1 x Spy charger
    • 3 x Interchangeable heads
    • 1 x USB cable
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