Bluetooth Speaker with WIFI Spy Camera 【2024】
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Spy Camera on Bluetooth Speaker with WIFI

Discover the latest technology in surveillance with our Bluetooth Speaker with Spy Camera. This device not only offers the functionality of a high-quality portable speaker, but also incorporates a mini spy camera with WIFI, allowing you to monitor any space in real time from your mobile. Ideal for home security, office or any environment requiring discreet surveillance.

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Spy Camera on Bluetooth Speaker with WIFI

Spy Camera on Bluetooth Speaker with WIFI


Why Buy a Bluetooth Speaker with Spy Camera?

In a world where security and discretion are paramount, our Bluetooth Speaker with Hidden Camera offers you the perfect solution. Designed to blend effortlessly into any environment, this dual-purpose device allows you to maintain constant surveillance of your space without giving up the functionality of a high-quality speaker.

Featured Features of the Hidden Camera Speaker

  • Dual Functionality: Works as a true Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy superior sound quality while hiding a high-resolution camera.
  • Real-Time Surveillance: Access real-time images from anywhere through your smartphone, thanks to its advanced WIFI connection.
  • Adjustable Video Resolutions: Capture videos in Full HD 1080p at 30 FPS, HD 720p at 30 FPS or WVGA at 30 FPS, depending on your needs.

Technical Features of the Bluetooth Spy Speaker

  • Variety of Resolutions: From Full HD to WVGA, adapting to different recording needs.
  • Low Light Sensitivity: Capable of recording with just 0.1 lux of lighting.
  • Versatile Recording Modes: Includes motion detection recording, continuous or manual, for efficient surveillance.
  • Memory Expansion: Support for micro SD cards up to 128GB, allowing for extensive video storage.
  • Extended Autonomy: Up to 180 minutes of recording with internal battery, with the possibility of connecting to the electrical network for continued use.

How is it used?

Its operation is intuitive: turn on the speaker, download the mobile application for Android or iOS, and connect to the device's WIFI network. This will allow you to view in real time, configure remote recording, and access recorded files directly from your phone.

Hidden Camera Speaker Applications

This device is ideal for discreetly monitoring any environment. From meeting rooms to the home, it provides a surveillance solution without interruptions or suspicions. The ability to view images in real time and from anywhere in the world adds an additional layer of security and flexibility.

Opt for our Bluetooth Speaker with Hidden Camera to combine high-quality entertainment with advanced surveillance. This device represents the ideal fusion between modern technology and security needs, offering you peace of mind and convenience in a single package.

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