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5V WIFI Spy Microphone with 512 hour recording

Discover the 5V WIFI Spy Microphone , the optimal solution in listening devices with WIFI technology. Compatible with any 5V power supply and equipped with a KNOWLES external microphone, it guarantees unsurpassed audio quality.

WIFI Real Time Spy Microphone with Recording

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WIFI Real-Time Spy Microphone: A next-generation solution for high-quality audio monitoring. Equipped with high-capacity 18650 batteries and a KNOWLES external microphone, this device is ideal for those seeking long, clear listening.

WIFI Remote Spy Recorder with Live Listening

Revolutionary device that integrates a WIFI remote Spy Recorder in a functional 5V/2A travel adapter. Monitor and record audio in real time while charging your devices. Security and functionality, all in one.

USEM-100M Receiver 3-channel UHF microphones

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USEM-100M basic receiver microphone UHF with 3 channels and output to connect a recorder. It has a small and compact size. High quality for professional use.

SEMK-40 Microphone of a wireless connection

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The SEMK-40 is the only micrófono of contact that transmits wirelessly. Only with this function. Ideal for covert surveillance. Spans up to 40 cm of wall.