Microphones Spy Wireless

The hidden microphones in this category are microphones spy wireless modified internally so that they can operate at different frequencies alcanzdo distances up to 100 meters.


The hidden microphones and radio frequency have been manufactured using the latest technological advances, ensuring the quality of the product. Ideal for professionals who develop work in the undercover surveillance

SEMB-700 Microphone spy UHF hidden in keychain

SEMB-700. Mini micrófono spy professional hidden in a keychain. Ideal for covert surveillance. Camouflage perfect. It has a range of up to 60 meters and an autonomy of 19 hours. Totally discreet.

SEMK-40 Microphone of a wireless connection

The SEMK-40 is the only micrófono of contact that transmits wirelessly. Only with this function. Ideal for covert surveillance. Spans up to 40 cm of wall.

Micro spy UHF 220V long distance autonomy with unlimited

Micro spy UHF autonomy with unlimited. Works at 220V. Connects directly to the mains. Very easy to hide. Ideal for covert surveillance.

Microphone spy UHF hidden in umbrella

New microphone professional spy UHF hidden in an umbrella with a range of up to 650 hours in transmission mode. Fully camouflaged. Ideal for covert surveillance.