USEM-100M Receiver 3-channel UHF microphones【2024】 ESPIAMOS
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USEM-100M Receiver 3-channel UHF microphones

USEM-100M basic receiver microphone UHF with 3 channels and output to connect a recorder. It has a small and compact size. High quality for professional use.

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USEM-100M Receiver 3-channel UHF microphones

USEM-100M Receiver 3-channel UHF microphones



The USEM-100M is a wireless receiver basic high quality ideal for use with microphones spy (not included) transmitting by radio frequency UHF. It has 3 output channels that are different for use with different microphones UHF. It also has a connection type 2.5 mm Jack so you can plug in a portable recorder on hand (not included). Not only you will hear at a distance if you don't also record all conversations of the microphone, UHF.

The USEM-100M has a compact design and has been built with high quality materials.

The USEM-100M has an internal battery type LR61 with the that offers 30 hours of battery life.



  • Receiver 3-channel, compact and of high quality.
  • Possibility of connecting a handheld recorder portable
  • Up to 30 hours of autonomy
  • Excellent relation quality-price