Video recorders

Video recorder. Recorders digital video recorder (also called DVR) are designed specifically for research purposes. Are compatible with a wide range of spy cameras bullet and/or hidden cameras button. Can supply power to the cameras directly from the DVR. It is an extremely useful, fully portable, uses the minimum of cables.

Kit DVR PV50U + Camera spy button low luminosity CM-BU18

€288.90 -€73.95
Kit LawMate composed by the recorder portable PV50U + the camera button CM-BU18

Recorder portable WIFI IP PV-500L4i of LawMate

New Recorder portable WIFI IP of PV-500L4i of LawMate. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone and from any place. Compatible with all mini spy cameras CMOS and CCD LawMate. Ideal for covert surveillance

DVR Professional Touch WIFI 1080p PV-500 Neo Pro LawMate

PV-500 Neo Pro LawMate. Now with free enhanced of the camera. Allows you to record audio and video continuous or motion detection 1080p / 720p at 30FPS or 60 FPS and see the images in real time from an APP for Android or IOS. Compatible with the camera's low-light BU-18HD Neo and BU-18 HD Neo Cone. Autonomy of approximately 160 min. Memory up to 128Gb.

Kit PV 500 ECO2 + spy Camera button type CM-BU18 of LawMate

€449.99 -€50.00
Portable digital recorder PV-500 ECO2 with touch screen. Recorded by motion detection and manually with a resolution of 720 x 480. Up to 128 GB of memory and 700 minutes runtime + spy Camera button type CM-BU18.

Kit DVR PV-1000 EVO3 WIFI 1000Gb + camera button CMD-BU20 LXU

Promotion pre-launch. New Kit composed by the DVR PV1000 EVO3 WIFI 1000Gb and the camera button digital CMD BU20 LXU