Video recorder. Recorders digital video recorder (also called DVR) are designed specifically for research purposes. Are compatible with a wide range of spy cameras bullet and/or hidden cameras button. Can supply power to the cameras directly from the DVR. It is an extremely useful, fully portable, uses the minimum of cables.

Portable Recording Kit with Hidden Camera

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Discover the advanced portable recording kit, the perfect solution for your surveillance and security needs. This kit includes a state-of-the-art digital recorder and a high-sensitivity button camera, designed to provide you with superior quality recordings in any situation, even in low light conditions.

Portable digital recorder DVR 128Gb 700 Min

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Portable digital recorder with touch screen. Record by motion detection and manually with a 720 x 480 resolution. Up to 128 GB of memory and 700 minutes of autonomy.

Professional WiFi High Definition Video Recorder

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Discover the power of advanced surveillance with our Professional High Definition WiFi DVR Video Recorder . Equipped with cutting-edge technology, this device allows you to capture audio and video in high resolution, offering a reliable and discreet security solution. With its ability to transmit images in real time and its compatibility with high-sensitivity cameras, it is the perfect tool for professionals and home users looking for maximum quality and performance.

Spy Box with Camera for Advanced Surveillance

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The Full HD Spy Camera Box offers advanced surveillance with high definition recording at 60 FPS, motion detection, and compatibility with LawMate cameras. Ideal for discreet security, it features versatile recording modes and an external PIR sensor.

Spy Recorder in Power Supply

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Transform any camera into a surveillance system with our Spy Recorder hidden in a power supply. Discreet design, unlimited autonomy, and easy configuration for security at home or the office.