Best Portable Digital Recorder DVR 【2024】
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Portable digital recorder DVR 128Gb 700 Min

Portable digital recorder with touch screen. Record by motion detection and manually with a 720 x 480 resolution. Up to 128 GB of memory and 700 minutes of autonomy.

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Portable digital recorder DVR 128Gb 700 Min

Portable digital recorder DVR 128Gb 700 Min


Discover the Portable Digital Recorder: Your Ally in Security and Surveillance

Are you looking for a discreet and effective solution for your security and surveillance needs? The portable digital recorder is your best ally, offering high-quality recording in a compact and easy-to-handle device. Perfect for professionals and home use, this device adapts to various situations, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Why Buy a Portable Digital Recorder?

Purchasing a portable digital recorder is not only an investment in security, but also in cutting-edge technology. Its ability to record discreetly in different contexts makes it an indispensable tool for personal surveillance, evidence collection and space monitoring. Portability and ease of use allow for unparalleled adaptability to your specific needs.

Highlighted Technical Features Portable DVR Recorder for Cameras

  • Touch Screen : Intuitive and easy to use, it allows full control over recording.
  • Camera Compatibility : Accepts analog and digital cameras, expanding the possibilities of use.
  • Various Recording Modes : Includes motion detection and continuous recording, adapting to any situation.
  • High Resolution : Capture videos in 720 x 480p, ensuring clarity and detail.
  • Large Storage Capacity : Supports microSD cards up to 128 GB.
  • Advanced Protection : It has password protection and touch screen lock.

Highlighted Features of the Portable DVR

This portable digital recorder stands out for its easy-to-use touch screen, compatibility with a wide range of cameras, and a resolution that guarantees clear and detailed videos. Its compact and lightweight design makes it ideal to take with you anywhere, ensuring you are always prepared to capture important moments or ensure your safety.

How to Use your Portable Digital Recorder DVR

Using the portable digital recorder is extremely simple. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly set up motion detection recording, adjust recording sensitivity and time, and turn cyclic recording on or off. Plus, password protection ensures that only you can access your recordings.

High Autonomy for Long Recordings

The built-in battery offers up to 300 minutes of recording, and with an additional battery, you can reach up to 700 minutes. This allows you to perform long recordings without worrying about battery life.

Broad Camera Compatibility

The recorder is compatible with 2.5 and 3.5mm cameras, including RCA adapters to connect analog or digital cameras. This versatility allows you to choose the camera that best suits your needs, maximizing the effectiveness of your surveillance system.

Protect your Recordings with Password

The security of your recordings is paramount. Therefore, this device offers password protection, ensuring that only authorized people can access the files. This feature is essential to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Choose Quality and Reliability

Compared to other portable recorders, this model stands out for its superior quality, cutting-edge components, and proven reliability. Manufactured to the highest standards, it offers you exceptional performance and durability.

Where to Purchase your Portable Digital Recorder

This exclusive product is available through official distributors, offering quality assurance and technical support. By buying directly from the factory, you get the best price without intermediaries, ensuring a safe and satisfactory purchase.

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