Detectors Wireless Cameras

With the detectors spy cameras wireless you can view the images in real time of any wireless camera that you can find in your vicinity. Ideal for security and counter-espionage.

Detector of wireless cameras portable SEM 260

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- €607.43 Tax excl.
If you want to buy a detector frequencies that serve you to detect wireless cameras and microphones in your home or office as well as GPS locators and beacons hidden in your vehicle , this may be your ideal device.  

WAN-108T Multiband Frequency Detector

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- €4,789.26 Tax excl.
WAM-108T. Multiband frequency detector with direct viewing system and range up to 50 meters. It allows you to see simultaneously the activity of several hidden spy devices quickly and easily. Ideal for detecting GPS locators, spy cameras and hidden microphones using the latest technology.

S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector

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- €5,780.99 Tax excl.
ARCANE S-200 of Selcom. New detector of last generation. It can locate all types of hidden and spy cameras, whether analog or digital transmission, wireless or wired. Unique in the market!