S-200 ARCANE Selcom Spy and Hidden Camera Detector 【2024】
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S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector

ARCANE S-200 of Selcom. New detector of last generation. It can locate all types of hidden and spy cameras, whether analog or digital transmission, wireless or wired. Unique in the market!

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S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector

S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector


Would you like to buy the Selcom ARCANE S-200 spy camera detector?

ESPIAMOS, exclusive distributor of SELCOM, presents the latest generation hidden camera detector S-200. With this device you will be able to detect all types of hidden and spy cameras within 25 meters, whether they are analogue, digital or wired. Don't let them spy on you!



How does the Selcom ARCANE S-200 hidden camera detector work?

The ARCANE NEW S-200 hidden video camera detector is designed for remote detection and location of hidden video cameras that are installed outdoors, indoors and hidden in objects. ARCANE can detect analog and digital spy cameras regardless of concealment and video transmission methods. The device detects wired and wireless hidden cameras, as well as cameras that store data on an internal memory card, giving ARCANE an advantage over other camera detectors, such as optical or NLJD detectors. ARCANE does not require the operator to thoroughly and slowly search all installations; ARCANE takes seconds to know if there are cameras that can then be easily located.
The S-200 ARCANE detector is distinguished by its simple operation. At the same time it is a unique "pocket-sized" high-precision electronic measuring device consisting of a high-speed electromagnetic interference receiver (EMF receiver), a signal spectrum analyzer and a microcomputer for data processing.
The principle of operation of the S-200 ARCANE is based on the detection and analysis of specific parts of the electromagnetic spectrum to find stray emissions that are unique to the electronic circuits of video cameras. Detecting electromagnetic noise signals similar to video camera emissions, the S-200 ARCANE detector examines and analyzes them for all spectral components, comparing them with the "images" of the signals stored in the device's memory, as well as the presence of lowercase pulses or frames in them, using a specially developed Row Detect Tech (RDT) technology.
The detection range of the video cameras depends on the electromagnetic environment in the search area, as well as the characteristics of the source (signal strength, degree of shielding, etc.) and can reach up to 25 meters.


In the manuals section, you can download the instructions in English or Spanish for the Arcane S-200 detector. In the videos tab you can see how to search and detect several hidden cameras with the ARCANE S-200.



Main features of the Selcom ARCANE S-200 Spy Camera Detector:

  • Detection mode of digital video recorders that record on SD memory cards.
  • USB video camera search and detection mode;
  • Information about signals from digital sources using Ethernet protocol.
  • Device control via BLUETOOTH channel. New generation of the famous NR-900EM.
  • Detects cameras at 25 meters
  • There are no similar products.
  • Updated design and perfect ergonomic parameters.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Full LCD display.
  • High quality and reliable modules and components.



The number of "images" of signals in the device memory. 16
Analog cameras detected CCIR, CVBS (PAL, NTSC)
Digital cameras detected AHD, CVI, TVI, PVI, IP
Detection time (average) 2 s
Analysis time (average) 5 s
Continuous operating time Not less than 2 hours
External Omni-directional Antenna cylinder
Touch screen type color, 74 mm
Power Supply Battery (internal) Li-Pol accumulator
Power supply and charging 5V / 2А USB type C
Charging time No more than 3 hours
Data transmission protocol via Bluetooth BLE 5.0
Physical dimensions 85 х 140 х 30 ммм
Weight (with antenna) No more than 400 g


Why buy Selcom ARCANE S200 detector here?

We are the official and exclusive distributors Selcom brand in Spain and Portugal. As we are the official distributors we can always offer you the best price and a 2 year official warranty. If the product does not convince you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to our physical store to test it. You will be surprised what this detector can do.



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