Alarm Clock Spy

Do you need to buy an alarm clock spy camera hidden?

We offer a wide range of mini hidden alarm clocks spy that can hide in any place like an office, bedroom, living room, etc, Some of our alarm clocks spy have motion detection and memory of up to 32 Gb. The alarm clock spy is the best resource to detect infidelities and break-ins in the home. Only in the shop ESPIAMOS.COM you will find the largest variety of alarm clocks spy.

Power Bank SPY WIFI IP 5000mAh 512GB

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Power Bank Spy with real-time surveillance. You'll be able to see the image in real-time from anywhere in the world. It works as real Power Bank of 5000mAh. Up to 512Gb of internal memory

Alarm clock with Spy Camera WIFI IP IR 256Gb

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Alarm clock with Spy Camera and surveillance in real-time. Function WIFI / IP and night vision. Memory up to 256Gb. Totally discreet.

Weather station with Hidden Camera Live Image in Full HD 256Gb and Night Vision

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Weather station with Hidden Camera WIFI, IP and night vision. Memory up to 256Gb. You'll be able to see the live image from anywhere in the world. Works as a Weather Station for real.

Alarm Clock with CAMERA SPY IP HD 256Gb

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Alarm clock with spy camera. You'll be able to see the live image from any mobile phone, without limit of distance. It has night vision. It will record both day and night. Memory of up to 256Gb.

PV-FM20HDWI spy Camera WIFI table clock 1080p with IR

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Alarm clock spy WIFI PV-FM20HDWI. New spy camera WIFI hidden in a desk clock of a low-light environment with autonomy and unlimited night vision. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone. Recorded in several different resolutions including 1080p at 30 FPS. H. 264. Recorded in continuous mode or motion detection.

Spy camera in Clock radio Wake up to GO to PIR

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SEM-713 HD. Spy camera professional, High Definition hidden in a radio alarm clock fully functional. Ideal for monitoring of offices and bedrooms. Has 13 built-in infrared leds are not visible to the night vision. Toutonomía unlimited connected to the electric power network.

What is a spy alarm clock?

A spy alarm is the typical alarm clock with a camouflaged camera. With these alarm clocks you will have the basic functions of seeing the time and setting an alarm but the best thing is that you will be able to use it as a surveillance spy camera.

Some of these alarm clocks can be used to configure the camera to display the recording on a computer or mobile phone. Most of them work perfectly for night recordings thanks to their infrared leds. You can use them at home, in the office or to give away.

Why buy a watch with a camera?

Spy cameras have to be well camouflaged and these clocks are very common in most homes, so they are an ideal solution for recording without anyone noticing. When someone enters your room and sees the spy alarm clock they will not suspect that there is a hidden camera inside that allows you to record audio and video in HD.

Some of our models are more classic than others. Some have motion detectors and others can be controlled remotely. There are alternatives for all tastes and needs. You just have to choose the one that suits the circumstances in which you want to record.

The best spy alarm clocks

Spy Camera Alarm Clock

Next desktop alarm clock with spy camera records in Full HD and takes pictures with amazing resolution. It even has a very wide viewing angle of 140 degrees. Like any other alarm clock, it plugs into the power supply and that gives it unlimited autonomy. Of course, has limited capacity but supports memory cards up to 128 Gb, which gives to record many hours of video.

You have a remote control to activate or deactivate the recording function. And it also has a recording that is activated by movement. It is ideal for recording in low-light spaces.

Spy Radio

This radio spy wake-up call has a very modern look as it displays not only the time but also the date, temperature and humidity of the environment. It works 100% like a real alarm clock radio, because you can even listen to the radio! It's ideal for recording without the people around you knowing anything.

The top camera can be rotated remotely from your mobile phone or PC at a 330-degree angle. This gives it a tremendous usefulness and places it between one of the best spy cameras with radio alarm clock format .

Where to buy a hidden camera alarm clock?

If you want to have a spy surveillance camera camouflaged inside an alarm clock you have many models to choose from. Our staff has tested many different models and has selected the best on the market to make them available to you.

You can navigate between the categories of our website or use the advanced search engine. There are many different models including cameras with motion sensors, night recording and Full HD quality.

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