Spy camera in Clock radio Wake up to GO to PIR【2024】 ESPIAMOS
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Spy camera in Clock radio Wake up to GO to PIR

SEM-713 HD. Spy camera professional, High Definition hidden in a radio alarm clock fully functional. Ideal for monitoring of offices and bedrooms. Has 13 built-in infrared leds are not visible to the night vision. Toutonomía unlimited connected to the electric power network.

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Spy camera in Clock radio Wake up to GO to PIR

Spy camera in Clock radio Wake up to GO to PIR



With the spy camera in radio SEM-713 allows you to record and store the videos on your own PC or on the memory card of the device. All of them in high definition with a resolution of 1280 x 720. Ideal for monitoring offices, offices and bedrooms.



This device works as a real radio with clock function - alarm - alarm.



You can configure the camera to record always by motion detection or record at a preset time with the motion detection being triggered.


EXAMPLE OF USE: If we put it in our house, we can set it up to record on the hours of the babysitting and is activated when motion is detected, for example, from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 13:00.


Another highlight of the camera SEM-713 is the long-standing autonomy. To be connected directly to the mains, you can get unlimited autonomy.


The videos are stored in SD card of up to 64Gb. To be videos in High Definition (HD 1280 x 720p) take up a lot of memory capacity (20-minutes are equivalent to 1 Gb). We recommend that you use cards of high capacity.



Main Features:

  • Fully functional Radio / Alarm / Clock
  • Has system of internal recording.
  • Recorded in the total absence of light (includes 13 IR leds not visible)
  • Ideal for covert surveillance of offices, bedrooms and offices.
  • High-Definition video at 30 FPS with a resolution of 1280 x 720p
  • It has motion detection adjustable
  • Take photos



The paquete contains:

  • 1x alarm Clock with radio SEM-713
  • 1x User Manual



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