Detectors Spy Cameras

The detectors spy cameras have been manufactured to quickly locate any type of camera spy that is hidden (either wireless or not) through your viewfinder infrared. We have detectors that you will not find in any store spy.

RD-30 Detector spy cameras and hidden microphones

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Detector frequencies RD30 from LawMate. Now with detection mode wired. You'll be able to easily spot GPS locators, spy cameras and hidden microphones.

Detector hidden Cameras Professional DVideo

€199.95 -€50.00
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Characteristics of the Main detector spy cameras Manufactured in Russia with the best technology Detect spy cameras regardless of whether they are on or off. It has 5 working modes Up to 2 hours of autonomy Detection distance: up to 20 meters

Detector cameras spy professional WEGA-i

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With this professional device you'll be able to locate all type of lenses and mini spy cameras hidden in everyday objects such as ties, printers, keys, light, watches, etc., even if they are turned off.

Detector Hidden Cameras professional HUBBLE 2.0

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Detector hidden cameras portable HUBBLE 2.0 with Russian technology. Searches for and locates video cameras hidden, even those that have the type of “lens " pinhole”. The focus range is from 1 meter to infinity. Battery with a duration of 20 hours. Excellent relation quality-price.

Detector Hidden Cameras professional 2-color HUBBLE 2.2

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The detector hidden cameras portable HUBBLE 2.2 of Russian technology locates hidden cameras regardless if the camera is turned on or not. The device is made in the form of a monocular. It has a 3-fold increase that allows you to examine in detail the elements smaller and more difficult to locate.

Vizzir Detector hidden Cameras professional

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The detector spy cameras VIZZIR of Russian technology locates hidden cameras camouflaged in interiors with a detection range of up to 70 meters. Focus range from 50 cm

GRLED Detector, hidden lenses RGB Tricolor

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The Detector, hidden lenses GRLED of Russian technology is designed to find and display the location of surveillance systems hidden laptop (HTSS). Battery life of at least 10 hours. Allows you to examine in detail the elements smaller and more difficult of the interior.

VORON Detector micro spy cameras

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The detector spy cameras VORON is designed for quick detection of mini spy cameras, including those that have lenses of “pin-hole”. The detection distance can be from 1 up to 50 meters. The battery provides a long operating time.

S-200 ARCANE Hidden Camera Detector

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ARCANE S-200 of Selcom. New detector of last generation. It can locate all types of hidden and spy cameras, whether analog or digital transmission, wireless or wired. Unique in the market!

ANLAS Detector hidden cameras with direct visualization

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The detector spy cameras professional ANLAS locate any hidden camera, including those hidden inside of everyday objects, such as boxes, pens, magazines, etc Allows you to detect surveillance systems electroóptica through different types of glass and mirror.

SPLAS-2P Detector lens spy long-range

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The SPLAS-2P is a device designed for the searching and viewing of surveillance systems electro-optical. Operates in different lighting conditions, in the open air, under a shed or in buildings.