If you're seeking a reliable and effective solution for ensuring your privacy and security, a Lens Detector is an indispensable tool.

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Professional Hidden Camera Detector

With this professional device you can locate all types of lenses and mini spy cameras, hidden in everyday objects such as ties, printers, light switches, watches, etc. even if they are turned off.

Professional Hidden Camera Detector Optik-2

Discover the Optik-2 the hidden camera detector that combines advanced technology and ergonomic design. Its optical detection allows you to locate covert devices, even those with special filters. Durable, practical and safe for the eyes, Optik-2 becomes your best ally to protect your privacy anywhere.

Spy Lenses and Devices Detector

In stock
Discover the power of detection technology with our advanced hidden camera and microphone finder. Ideal to protect your privacy in any environment.

VORON Detector micro spy cameras

The detector spy cameras VORON is designed for quick detection of mini spy cameras, including those that have lenses of “pin-hole”. The detection distance can be from 1 up to 50 meters. The battery provides a long operating time.

SPLAS-2P Detector lens spy long-range

The SPLAS-2P is a device designed for the searching and viewing of surveillance systems electro-optical. Operates in different lighting conditions, in the open air, under a shed or in buildings.

ANLAS Detector hidden cameras with direct visualization

The detector spy cameras professional ANLAS locate any hidden camera, including those hidden inside of everyday objects, such as boxes, pens, magazines, etc Allows you to detect surveillance systems electroóptica through different types of glass and mirror.

GRLED Detector, hidden lenses RGB Tricolor

The Detector, hidden lenses GRLED of Russian technology is designed to find and display the location of surveillance systems hidden laptop (HTSS). Battery life of at least 10 hours. Allows you to examine in detail the elements smaller and more difficult of the interior.

Vizzir Detector hidden Cameras professional

The detector spy cameras VIZZIR of Russian technology locates hidden cameras camouflaged in interiors with a detection range of up to 70 meters. Focus range from 50 cm

Detector Hidden Cameras professional 2-color HUBBLE 2.2

The detector hidden cameras portable HUBBLE 2.2 of Russian technology locates hidden cameras regardless if the camera is turned on or not. The device is made in the form of a monocular. It has a 3-fold increase that allows you to examine in detail the elements smaller and more difficult to locate.

Detector Hidden Cameras professional HUBBLE 2.0

Detector hidden cameras portable HUBBLE 2.0 with Russian technology. Searches for and locates video cameras hidden, even those that have the type of “lens " pinhole”. The focus range is from 1 meter to infinity. Battery with a duration of 20 hours. Excellent relation quality-price.

A spy camera detector is an indispensable tool to ensure that your privacy is never compromised. In this product range, we offer you solutions to identify any hidden cameras that might be invading your personal space.

Effective detection of spy cameras and lenses

How does a camera detector work?

A spy camera detector operates using a variety of technologies to discover hidden cameras. Some spy camera detectors work by looking for light reflections. These detectors use a series of high-intensity LED lights that, when viewed through the detector's viewfinder, reveal reflections in the lenses of hidden cameras. On the other hand, some camera detectors work by detecting the radio frequency signals that wireless cameras emit. These detectors are useful for finding cameras that are transmitting images in real time.

Proper use of a lens detector

To properly use a spy camera detector, you must first familiarise yourself with the device's instructions. Once you understand how your detector works, you can start looking for hidden cameras in your environment. This may involve looking through the viewfinder while pointing the LED lights in different directions, or it may require you to slowly pass the detector around rooms looking for radio frequency signals. It is always important to move slowly and examine each area from multiple angles.

Types of spy camera detectors and lenses

There are several types of spy camera detectors on the market. RF detectors, or radio frequency detectors, are capable of identifying cameras that transmit wireless signals. Lens detectors, on the other hand, work by looking for the reflection of hidden camera lenses. Some detectors are combined and use both technologies for more comprehensive detection. In addition, there are detectors that are designed to look for specific cameras, such as infrared cameras or IP cameras. The choice of detector depends on your specific needs and the type of cameras you think you might find.

Hidden Camera Detector application scenarios

Home Lens Detector

Spy camera detectors are very useful tools for home use. They help you make sure that your privacy is protected. You can use these devices to scan your personal spaces and make sure that there are no hidden cameras in places like bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms. Privacy in the home is of the utmost importance, and camera detectors allow you to maintain that privacy.

Use of lens detectors in the workplace

In the workplace, spy camera detectors can be equally important. They can be used to ensure that private spaces, such as bathrooms or individual offices, are not being inappropriately monitored. Both employers and employees can use these devices to ensure that an appropriate level of privacy is maintained in the workplace.

Hidden camera detectors for hotels and lodging

When travelling, having a hidden camera detector can provide valuable peace of mind. In hotels and other temporary accommodation, these devices can be used to check the room and ensure there are no hidden cameras. This is especially relevant in today's world, where more and more travellers are reporting finding hidden cameras in their accommodation. A spy camera detector allows you to protect yourself in these cases.

Aspects to consider when buying a spy camera detector

Sensitivity of the detector

The sensitivity of a spy camera detector is essential to its effectiveness. A highly sensitive detector can identify even the most discreet or high-tech cameras. Less sensitive detectors may miss cameras that are very well hidden or use advanced technologies to minimise detection. When purchasing a detector, it is important to research and understand its sensitivity level to ensure that it is suitable for your needs.

Detector Versatility

Versatility of a camera detector is another crucial feature. A good detector should be able to identify a variety of camera types, including wired, wireless and hidden cameras. It should also be able to detect cameras in a variety of configurations and situations. Versatility increases the detector's usefulness and ensures that you are prepared for any situation.

Lens Detector price

Last but not least, you should consider the price of the spy camera detector. Make sure that the price of the detector is in line with its performance and features. More expensive detectors tend to offer greater sensitivity and versatility, but you don't always need to spend a lot to get an effective detector. Do your research and compare prices and features to find the detector that offers the best value for money.

Hidden Camera Detector Maintenance & Care

Battery Lifetime

A crucial aspect of a spy camera detector's performance is its battery life. To keep your detector working properly and at peak performance, it is important to charge it regularly and replace the battery if necessary. Detectors with long battery life provide greater convenience and efficiency, allowing you to use the device for longer without having to worry about recharging.

Lens Detector Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your detector, such as cleaning, can ensure that your detector works properly for longer. Dust and dirt can affect the sensitivity of the detector, so it is important to keep it clean. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning to avoid damage to the device.

Camcorder Detector Storage

Storing your detector in a safe and clean place can help prolong its life. Detectors should be stored where they are not exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity or direct sunlight, as these conditions can damage the device. Proper care and storage can help you get the most out of your spy camera detector.

Legality and ethics of spy camera detectors

Legality of camera detectors

It is crucial to understand local and national laws regarding spy camera detection. In many places, the use of a spy camera detector is completely legal. However, there may be restrictions on where and how these devices can be used. It is always advisable to inform yourself about the relevant laws before purchasing and using a detector.

Camera Detection Ethics

While spy camera detectors are an excellent tool for protecting privacy, they must also be used ethically and responsibly. Using a detector to invade someone else's privacy or for illicit purposes is unethical and probably against the law. The primary purpose of these devices should always be the protection of personal privacy and security.

Respect for the privacy of others

The use of camera detectors should not infringe on the privacy of others. You should respect the privacy of others as much as you expect your own privacy to be respected. Using a detector to expose or invade someone else's privacy is neither appropriate nor ethical. Remember, the purpose of these devices is for protection and security, not invasion of privacy.

Do you need training on how to use a spy lens or spy camera detector?

At Espiamos, we pride ourselves on not only providing the best security and counter-espionage devices, but also the training necessary for their correct use. We are specialists in the sector with many years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals. We offer TSCM (Techniques for Security of the Environment) courses and personalised training on how to use lens detectors to locate camouflaged cameras. We want you to feel confident and empowered to use the devices we provide.

Do you need to buy a hidden camera detector?

If you need to buy a lens detector, you're in the right place. At Espiamos, we work with exclusive brands and have been in the security and counterespionage sector for more than 12 years. We offer the best prices on the market and are committed to providing you with the best quality and service. Our reputation speaks for itself and our customers rely on us for all their security needs. We invite you to experience the Spying difference for yourself.

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