Surveillance Cameras Outside

Do you need to buy a surveillance camera for the exterior?

In look out we have a wide variety of spy cameras on the market.

Cameras autonomous or surveillance cameras outside are commonly used for the surveillance of cottages or second homes. Due to their great autonomy and camouflage are ideal for placing in trees or in dark places. All the surveillance cameras outside have night vision and record to a microSD card up to 128 Gb.

We have cameras desentendidas that record in high definition 4K, Full HD or even spy cameras WIFI to transmit the image in real time to a mobile phone or PC.

The camera camouflaged a portable device, inexpensive and easy-to-use used both by professionals and by individuals. Come to our stores and you will be surprised at the amount of spy cameras camouflaged that we have for you.

Black camera 12MP HD 720p 940nm with motion detection

Tax included
- €165.28 Tax excl.
Black camera of high definition with led invisible, night vision, 6 months of autonomy and motion detection. Makes HD videos at 720p and photos of 12MP. Ideal for covert surveillance

Spy camera camouflage 12mp MMS

Tax included
- €247.89 Tax excl.
Spy camera of 12MP with night vision, motion detection and 6 months of autonomy. Send lasfotografías in real-time via MMS directly to your mobile or by email. It works both day and night.

Do you need to buy an autonomous surveillance camera?

A autonomous surveillance camera can be very practical when you want to record without having to be aware of what is going on. Imagine you want to record the outside of your cottage but only when movement is detected. In cases like this, autonomous outdoor surveillance cameras are convenient because they have great autonomy and camouflage very well.

With these cameras you can program photos and videos of a fixed duration that are activated when motion is detected. Therefore, as long as there is no movement it will remain at rest and the battery will last longer. The recordings will remain stored on an internal SD card that you can download when you go to check the camera, even weeks later!

The best outdoor surveillance cameras in 2020

The surveillance sector is advancing rapidly and cameras are being updated frequently. That's why we've analyzed the best outdoor surveillance cameras in 2020. We show you the 3 best and, in addition, you will find them in our online store.

We like to first test all the cameras we sell online and compare them to each other to see the advantages of each. In this case we have analyzed 3 of the best sellers and what are their strengths, so that you only have to choose the one that best suits your circumstances.

Autonomous surveillance camera 6 months

The first to analyse was this motion detection camera which is characterised by having an autonomy of up to 6 months when at rest. It has 3 motion sensors in different directions, with 120-degree viewing angle and 24 infrared LEDs for high quality night recordings.

Although you can connect it to the power with its 6V feeder, the best thing is that you can use 8 batteries to place the camera in any corner inside or outside the house. In addition, you can program to record only during certain hours , for example, at night.

Wireless outdoor surveillance camera

This excellent camouflage camera outperforms the previous one in recording quality and autonomy. It can last up to 10 months on standby and can record in Full HD. Just remember that if you decide to record in high quality, the videos will take up more space.

Can record in total darkness at a distance of 30 meters , something unusual in most cameras of this type.

The small rear screen allows you to configure the camera options without having to connect it to a computer. Includes a 32 GB memory card, but can be expanded up to 128.

External Surveillance Camera

The third spy camera we analyzed has similar characteristics to the previous ones. It detects movement to take photos and videos and its autonomy can reach 6 months. You can use an SD card to store the recordings and display them on its rear TFT screen.

But what makes this camera the most powerful on the market is that it incorporates the same technology as mobile phones. This way you will be able to program the sending of the images by means of messages MMS at any time and in an instantaneous way. This is a great advantage because in addition to recording you will know when there are movements in each moment.

Where to buy your outdoor surveillance camera?

If you need a sturdy surveillance camera to work outdoors you have a range of interesting options in our web spy. Each one has its advantages and we have analyzed the 3 best but there are others that may be better suited to your needs. Maybe you're looking for the cheapest one or the one with the most autonomy. In any case we are sure that you will find your ideal camera in our web.

This section contains the best outdoor recordings.

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