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Watch espy. Here we have selected the best watches spies existing in the market. We offer a very wide range for all kind of styles and needs. All of the watches espy incorporate a mini hidden camera and a microphone. You can make videos, record conversations, make pictures, use it as a USB memory, as a webcam (depending on model) and, of course, tell the time. Some of our models feature the latest technology by incorporating a high-definition camera getting of this way, that their videos and pictures have the best resolution possible between all the watches spy available in the market

LawMate PV-PB30W WIFI Power Bank 10 hours

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The PV-PB30W is the new LawMate WIFI spy camera with 10 hours of autonomy hidden in a real power bank. You can watch the live image on your cell phone while recording in Full HD!

LawMate PV-WT20W WIFI Spy Wristwatch

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The PV-WT20W is the new WIFI spy watch from LawMate. Now you can see the live image on your cell phone. Ideal for professionals!

Do you need to buy a spy watch?

If you want to spy and record video at the same time there are many options but one of the most subtle is to wear a spy watch. Why? Because very few people will suspect that you have a high-resolution camera built into a watch, and even less if it looks like a good watch to the naked eye.

Wearing a spy watch allows you to record in any direction since you can orient it with a simple gesture or hand gesture. If the scene you want to record moves, just change your hand or arm position and voilà, you'll be recording again without any problems.


The best hidden camera spy watches from 2020

Are you looking for the best spy-camera watch of the year 2020? Technology is advancing rapidly and so is the spy industry. If you want to record without arousing suspicion, you need a clock that meets certain requirements.

A good spy clock is characterized by the resolution of the camera. Make sure it can record in HD or Full HD at least. That way you can see the details when editing or viewing the video, even if you've recorded it from a distance.

There are other very important features and we've taken them into account when looking for the best camera watches for 2020. Here they are.


2k spy watch

The 2k spy watch has some unique features. The one that stands out the most is the movement detection, ideal to make recordings only when the target is moving. This avoids the need to watch and trigger the recording manually.

It records with a maximum 2k resolution and can be easily configured. Of course, it also has a built-in spy microphone for complete recording. Of course, the sound is best kept no more than 5 meters away to maintain quality.

This clock also allows you to take pictures and can be used as a webcam to broadcast the recording over the Internet.


WIFI spy camera clock

The wifi spy clock is ideal for watching live recording from a mobile phone over a wifi connection - and in full HD 1080p resolution! It also has the option of night recording, which makes it one of the best spy watches in our store. This watch is worth every euro of its price.

It has a 32GB memory and a 70 minutes autonomy. You should take this into account if you want to record for a long time. Although you can also use its motion detection function to avoid recording unnecessary moments.


Digital Spy Watch

If you want to go even more unnoticed you can opt for this digital spy watch. This looks a lot like the new smartwatches so you won't look like an old-fashioned spy and will be much better at hiding.

This watch provides very good recording quality. And you will be able to record almost without worrying about storage because it allows you to use SD cards up to 128 GB. It doesn't have a motion detection function but thanks to its storage capacity and the ease of starting recording, you won't have to worry.

Its digital display will show the time and also tell you whether it's recording or not (which other analogue clocks can't do).


Until a few years ago, when we thought of spy devices, we thought of a complicated device to use and install that could only be handled by experts. But today we know that there are spy gadgets that are very simple to use and that can also go as unnoticed as a spy watch.


Of the many options we have to capture image or audio without others knowing, this is perhaps one of the best, being virtually undetectable to other people.


A spy watch is a device that, at first glance, is just a clock that tells us what time it is. However, it hides a big secret inside it, since it is capable of capturing audio and image.


Depending on the technology used, the device is capable of sending the images directly to our mobile phone or computer, or we will have to connect it with a cable to the computer to see what it has recorded.


In any case, it is one of the most useful ways to capture images and conversations without having to worry about being discovered.



Characteristics of spy watches

Then we'll see that there are several models of this device. It can be a wristwatch (male or female version), but also a wall clock or even an alarm clock.

What they all have in common is that externally they do not differ at all from a normal clock. Anyone could look at them closely and not be able to appreciate that there is something wrong with them.

They are fully functional, i.e. they set the time perfectly, which contributes to their perfect cover.

They look and work like a normal watch, but inside the spy watches there is a built-in micro camera with a resolution that varies depending on the model chosen, but is usually between 720 and 1080p. The more advanced models not only capture the image, but are capable of compressing it to further improve image quality.

In most cases the spy watch also incorporates a microphone that captures the sound and records it. 

As for the battery, they usually have two power sources. The watch part works with a battery, like any other device of this type, while the microcamera is usually powered by another battery that has to be recharged.

Another common point of all these devices is that nobody realizes what they really are. It is normal that when you start recording, an LED flashes for a few seconds, but then it turns off and the clock does not show any sign of doing anything unusual.

This LED is not a problem nowadays, since smartwatches are something totally common and if someone detects something strange you can always say that it is a smart watch.


Ideal situations to have a spy watch 

There are many different situations in which we can make use of such a device. 

Imagine you are going to a conference that you are very interested in and you don't want to spend the whole evening taking notes. If you wear a spy watch on your wrist, you can keep track of everything that is said at the event and then go over it at home quietly. This will allow you to enjoy the lecture and give the speaker all the attention they deserve, instead of spending the whole talk with your head down taking notes.  The same applies if you have to go to an important class that you don't want to miss out on, or have a meeting that you can't miss out on.

Now imagine that you have an abusive boss or a partner who bullies you. Demonstrating this kind of situation is very difficult, since bullying usually occurs when there are no other witnesses than the bully and the victim. If you wear a spy watch on your wrist, you can record everything that happens and have evidence that allows you to report it.

In the case of wall devices, they can be very useful to improve security. If you install them in your home, you can be aware if someone enters without your permission, or if your children are behaving properly while you are away.

These devices are often used to obtain evidence of possible crime or misbehavior by household employees, such as cleaning staff or caregivers of young children or the elderly. In this case, the use of a spy camera is controversial, since the person being recorded thinks that your home is their workplace and that they should be warned about the recording.

However, if a spy recording is the only way to find out if a crime is being committed, it is quite possible that it will be accepted as evidence. In fact, the European Court of Human Rights recently ruled in favour of a famous supermarket chain for using a hidden camera without warning its employees to find out who was responsible for the robberies that were taking place. 

There are more mundane issues for which a home-installed spy clock, whether in its wall version or its alarm clock version, can also be very useful. As you may have guessed, it is a matter of finding out whether or not there is an infidelity on the part of the couple, finding out if they are taking someone home to have meetings with that person. 

The use of a spy watch can be more or less legitimate, although you know that from Espiamos we always defend the use of our devices in a legal way and with a legitimate purpose. But beyond that, it is important to take into account that the recording made may violate the privacy of the people recorded, so in any case we must refrain from making a public broadcast of the video or audio.

If the scenes captured reflect the commission of a crime, what must be done is to immediately report it to the police and present the images as evidence. However, in these cases it is advisable to make a backup copy of the video in case the original is lost or damaged.


The spy watch

There are people, such as private detectives, who because of their profession are used to using spy devices in a completely natural way. For these professionals the use of a gadget of this type is something totally normal, but for the rest it is something new that can be a little scary, especially if we think about being discovered. 

If installing a spy camera in a fixed point can already give us some vertigo if it is something we have never done before, using a mobile device comes to scare us much more. But these are really unfounded fears. With the devices that there are today people without any knowledge or experience with spy devices can get very good results and get the recording they wanted without being discovered.

One of the best alternatives is the wristwatch. Its use is as simple as putting it on your wrist as if it were a normal watch, pressing the button that turns on the camera and waiting to capture the desired image, you do not have to worry about anything else. 

The good thing is that we can find watches that fit all kinds of styles. If you always wear sporty watches and one day you show up with a more elegant watch, this may attract the attention of others. That doesn't mean they will suspect anything or discover the camera, but they may pay more attention to your wrist than they should. 

Luckily, there are spy watches for all styles, so you can wear one that really goes unnoticed. There are classic models and more modern ones, with leather or metal straps.

One of the latest additions to the market are spy watches for women. With a size much more suitable for a female wrist and a less masculine style.


The spy watch with a hidden camera 

When choosing your spy device you will not only see that there are different models, but also that they offer you different features. Although there are devices that only capture audio, the truth is that nowadays most spy watches also have a built-in microcamera that captures images of what's going on around them. 

The camera is completely hidden and not easily perceptible. You can wear the watch on your wrist or leave it on the table, it will not arouse anyone's suspicion. 

As we mentioned before, some models have a small flashing LED light, but this is not important today, as it can be confused with a smartwatch. If someone finds this strange and asks you, simply tell them it's a warning that your smart watch is low on battery. And if you don't want to have to worry about this, just choose a device with invisible LEDs.


Spy watch with motion detector 

We have explained before that in most cases a watch of this type has two batteries, one that powers the watch and another that allows the camera to operate. The latter usually has a fairly short life, since it is a very small battery. 

To avoid this problem, there are already clocks that have a camera that only activates the recording when it detects a movement, or when it detects a noise. This means you don't have to wait for the button to start recording, and the clock may even record independently while you're away.

For example, if you want to detect if any of your employees are accessing your private documents, put the clock in the drawer where you keep them. If the drawer is opened, the device will detect the movement and start recording so that you have an image of the person in charge.


Spy watch for home and office

It's not a matter of becoming security paranoid, but it is true that there are always security risks both at home and at the office. 

If you don't want to resort to a surveillance camera so that you don't end up feeling overly watched, using a spy camera on a watch may be the solution. In this case the best thing to do is to go to the wall clock, hang it up and you can capture images of everything that happens in your home or office when you're not there. 

As in the case of wristwatches, it is a fully functional device that gives the time normally, so nobody will find it strange. And there are models for every style and every taste, so you won't have any trouble finding one that fits your décor perfectly.


IP Wall Spy Clock

A spy watch for hanging is handy, but it has a downside: you have to constantly unhook it to access the videos it has captured, and this can end up tiring you out.

Luckily, there is a solution, which is IP wall spy clocks. These are devices that connect to the Internet and are capable of streaming the images they are capturing, so that you can watch them live from your mobile. However, you can also configure the device to upload the images to a cloud storage system so that you always have a backup of the images and can access them from anywhere.



Cheap spy watch 

Spy products have become much more democratic in recent years. Not only because they are now much easier to handle, but also because their price is more affordable for the average pocket.

Finding a cheap spy watch is no longer an impossible task, but remember not to have price as the only factor of choice when making your buying decision.

Today you can get a device of this type for a price that can start at about 80 euros, but keep in mind that the more features you need, the more technology the device will have and therefore the higher its price will be.

For a cheap price you can find a spy wristwatch with a simple design, with camera and voice recording and a medium resolution. If you want a high resolution recording, that can be connected to the Internet, that has a motion detector or is capable of capturing clear images in low light conditions, then you will have to make a somewhat larger investment.


When making your decision, take into account:

Features: We just saw it, the more features the higher the price. Therefore, think carefully about how you are going to use the device and evaluate what you need and what features you really don't need.

Operation: although most of the devices of this type are easy to use, if you have never used one make sure you choose a watch that is as simple to use as possible.

Image quality: perhaps the most important aspect to consider in these cases. If you want to capture a video, it's essential that it's as sharp and as good-looking as possible, so never overlook the issue of image quality.

There are many things to consider before choosing a spy watch. If you need advice on how to make the best decision, we at Spy are here to help. 



Why buy your hidden camera watch here?

As you can see, watches are a very good alternative to make covert recordings in high quality. You have many models to choose from, depending on your needs. There are elegant or modern, analog or digital, you choose the style!

In our spy web we have some that make night recordings and even those that can also be used as webcam. If you need motion or voice detection, there are some models that have that feature built in as standard.

We have shown you the best ones, but if you still have doubts, contact us and we will help you choose.


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