GPS locator For People

A GPS locator. The GPS locators personal are ideal to perform parental control on minors, for the remote monitoring of elderly or people with problems of Alzheimer's, hikers, etc, All of our GPS locators are connected to a tracking platform where you will be able to see in real time the position. We stock the largest variety of gps locators personal market. Just find yours!

GH4000 Localizador GPS portatil con sensor caida y boton SOS

€105.95 -€55.96
Tax included
- €41.31 Tax excl.
Nuevo localizador GPS GH4000 de Teltonika con sensor de caída.  Funciona como un teléfono móvil. Podrá hablar en tiempo real en caso de emergencia. Incorpora botón SOS,  sensor de caída, Geo Fence, bloqueo de botón encendido.

Mini GPS Locator for kids 2G laptop

€149.99 -€50.00
Tax included
- €82.64 Tax excl.
The mini GPS locator for kids allows you to view the location in real-time from PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Resistant to extreme environmental conditions. Ideal for control of children, elderly people and people with special abilities.

Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people

€185.00 -€55.01
Tax included
- €107.43 Tax excl.
GPS locator portable WIFI ideal for tracking people and assets. GPS locator versatile battery that can work up to 6 days.

Locator GPS Personal 4G Portable SV310

€299.95 -€150.00
Tax included
- €123.93 Tax excl.
First GPS locator 4G with touch screen for easy configuration and with a panic button. Ideal for tracking people.

GPS locator Magnet 25 days autonomy

Tax included
- €165.25 Tax excl.
GPS locator with case magnetic removable. You'll be able to use it as a beacon, GPS, or as a Tracker GPS personal. He has 25 days of autonomy in stand-by mode and up to 100 hours in continuous mode. I will set up for free!