GPS locator For People

A GPS locator. The GPS locators personal are ideal to perform parental control on minors, for the remote monitoring of elderly or people with problems of Alzheimer's, hikers, etc, All of our GPS locators are connected to a tracking platform where you will be able to see in real time the position. We stock the largest variety of gps locators personal market. Just find yours!

GPS locator for children type porta photos

€149.99 -€50.00
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GPS locator for children hidden in porta photos with tracking platform free. You will know at all times where is located where is your son or daughter. Ideal for the control of minors and parental control.

Locator GPS 3G WIFI Logger Portable High Autonomy 32Gb

€199.95 -€50.00
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Triple localization system: GPS + WIFI + GSM 3G technology. It increases the speed of transmission. Accuracy more quickly. Long autonomy with its battery of 5000mAh Water-resistant. Certification IPx7 Location platform for free You can work as a LOGGER, storing data for up to 10 years in an SD memory card.