Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people
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Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people

GPS locator portable WIFI ideal for tracking people and assets. GPS locator versatile battery that can work up to 6 days.

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Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people
Locator Portable GPS 2G WIFI for people

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GPS locator portable WIFI SV3 is a GPS tracker miniature designed for tracking personnel and assets. With alerts like border crossings of fences, geographical, low battery alert change SIM card and many other features With battery Li-polymer 900mAh, it can work up to 6 days.


Main features of the GPS Locator WIFI for People


  • GPS positioning + LBS: Allows the location to be identified accurately and quickly
  • Water-resistant: Grade: IP65 water-proof. The water resistant design ensures stable operation in harsh environments.
  • Two-way conversation: Equipped with microphone and speaker that allows you to have two-way communication. You'll be able to talk and listen at the same time
  • Environmental listening : With this function you can activate silently to the microphone to hear everything that is said around the GPS locator
  • Drop alarm: The device will send an alarm if it detects a fall
  • Call SOS: Button size of thumb that allows for an urgent call during an emergency

Note: this GPS locator incorporates a battery saver, so that it does not mark position from 23:00h to 08:00h of the following day.

Data sheet
32 + 32 M
69.0 x 41.0 x 16.0 mm
Working temperature
-20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃
900mAh / 3.8 V
Working time
6 days (positioning, Wifi, location data uploaded in 10-minute intervals)
GPS Chips
Yes , high sensitivity
Accuracy of location
Default value
TTFF (open sky)
Average hot start ≤1seg / Average cold start ≤32seg
GSM frequency
900 / 1800MHz
Reception sensitivity
Class II RBER2% (- 106dBm)
Sixty six
1xSOS, 1xPower On / Off
Tracking sensitivity
- 165dBm
GPS frequency
L1, 1575.42 MHz
state of the LED
Maximum output GSM
GSM850/900MHz(33dBm±3dBm) GSM1800/1900MHz(30dBm±3dBm)
Frequency Error maximum
± 0.1 ppm
Acquisition sensitivity
- 148dBm
Range voice monitor
≤ 5 metres
Waiting time
3-4 days
Antenna GSM / GPS
GSM antenna built-in quad band, antenna, ceramic GPS
5VDC / 1A
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