Overrides Mic Spy

The generators of white noise are used to override any microphone hidden in a room. The microphones spies are very easy to hide. With these devices you will ensure that anyone to record your conversations.

Generator of white noise audible SEM-300i

The SEM-300i is a noise generator that serves to protect you from the hidden microphones that may be in a particular place. Ideal for ensuring the confidentiality of the conversations in a negotiation.

Null of tape recorders and microphones spies

€1,076.90 -€76.95
The SEM-2300 is a generator of white noise designed to protect against the listening-devices that cannot be discovered by common methods such as stethoscopes, electronics, contact mics, surveillance of laser and microwave that use the reflection of the windows, microphones in walls or other buildings and any microphone that works with the system of vibration

SEM2040DX Null of the microphones spies

€1,190.00 -€190.01
The SEM2040DX is a device of counter-intelligence that allows you to override any type of microphone, hidden or system of recording was in a room, room or car. Allows up to 4 partners.

Insulator tape Recorders and Microphones

This Isolator Frequency for tape Recorders and Microphones ensures the privacy of their conversations and protects you from all kinds of hidden microphones, voice recorders (analog and digital) , phones, spies,... Acquire the maximum security for your private meetings.

Null of tape recorders and microphones - Infratornado

Would you like to talk with total freedom knowing that nobody can record a conversation? With the audiojammer Infratornado you'll be able to do so. Includes 60 microphones, ultrasonic (not audible to the human being. You will protect the 99% of voice recorders and microphones on the market. IT EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT OF TO LOOK OUT!