Cameras for cars

Do you need to buy a camera for a car?

Do you want to record everything that happens on the road? In look out we have a wide variety of spy cameras. Does your neighbor you stripe the car? Then use our spy camera to car

The camera car has a small microphone hidden in the inside which also serve as a voice recorder. We have mini spy cameras for car that record in high definition 4K, Full HD or even WIFI that transmit the image in real time to a mobile phone.

The car camera is a device that is economic and easy to use. Come to our stores and you will be surprised at the amount of cameras to the car that we have for you.

CAMERA TO DRIVE 512Gb 1080p 170 ° G-Sensor

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CAMERA FOR CAR S5. Engrave with a resolution of 1080p everything that happens in front of your car. Viewing angle of 170º. It has motion detection and G-Sensor. Memory up to 512Gb.


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The CAMARA ESPY for DAMAGES Z82. It allows to detect the movement through the glass. Pose a specific camera for motion detection and another for recording. It lets you record in environments with very little light such as garages or car parks.

Z86 1080P 256Gb Zetta Mini Spy Camera Z86 1080P 256Gb

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MINI SPY CAMERA Z86. It allows to detect movement through the glass. It has a specific camera for motion detection and another for recording. You can record in environments with very low light such as garages or parking lots.

Z6 WIFI 1080P 512Gb 512Gb WIFI SPY CAMERA with PIR Sensor

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The Z6 IP SPY CAMERA. Detects movement through its PIR sensor. Allows you to view the image in real time from anywhere in the world. Records in HD 720p. Angle of 145º. Memory up to 512Gb.

PV-RC400FHD Camera versatile Full HD 60FPS

€299.99 -€30.00
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PV-RC400FHD. New spy camera High definition waterproof IPx67, with a viewing angle of 170º it allows you to choose between HD and FULL HD (720p and 1080p) and adjust the frames per second (60 or 30).

PV-CG20 spy Camera hidden in a cigarette lighter adapter

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Spy camera in-car charger PV-CG20 from LawMate. Record videos in Full HD with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30 FPS. Excellent quality. Memory micro SD up to 128Gb and autonomy unlimited connected to the vehicle. 3 modes of operation. Very easy to use. Connect and record

Here you can buy your car camera. Keep in mind that car cameras , which allow us to record what is happening, are becoming a really demanded product . And is that having a car camera allows us to record in video, in an automated way, everything that is happening in the places we are passing through with our car.

The best car camera in 2020

The best car camera we can find in 2020, is undoubtedly the car camera SEM-600 , which has a G-Sensor system, to get the most out of our recordings. But not only that, but its recording resolution is Full HD, so we can get high quality videos, and thanks to its angle vision of 170 º , nothing will escape our recordings. We will be able to appreciate with extreme clarity and sharpness everything that is happening in front of our vehicle, undoubtedly the best camera for the car 2020.

Cheap car camera

If what we are looking for is to save on the purchase of our next car camera, then the option is the SEM8000-L. A camera that for a very reduced price offers us some really impeccable features. Their videos are recorded in 1080p resolution, so we're talking about a Full HD camera, which also has motion detection. This is a camera that is not only cheap, but also perfect for implementing a road surveillance system.

Car Surveillance Camera

On certain occasions, it is likely that what we need, to ensure our security, is a car surveillance camera. In this case the PV-PH10, is a spy camera that is hidden in a car mobile adapter. This camera allows us to record in Full HD format, so we will get clear recordings with every detail about what is happening. It has the capacity to rotate 360º so we can adjust it in a very easy way. It has night vision and motion detection so it will become the perfect surveillance camera for car.

Why buy your car camera here?

If you are thinking about buying a car camera , you are in the right place. We have multiple possibilities to cover all needs. Whether you're looking for a surveillance camera, the best car camera on the market, or a cheap car camera, we have the perfect product for you. We can offer you products that you won't find in any spy shop

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