【SPY CAMERA for car with motion sensor】2024
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Car spy camera with motion sensor

Car Spy Camera with motion sensor through the glass. It has a specific hidden camera for motion detection and another one for recording. You can record in environments with very low light such as garages or parking lots.

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Car spy camera with motion sensor

Car spy camera with motion sensor


Why do you need to buy a motion sensor car spy camera?

Imagine if you could have a silent watchdog that alerts you and records any suspicious movements around your car. A motion sensor car spy camera is just such a solution. While you are at the office, at home or enjoying an evening out, this camera works for you, ensuring that your vehicle is protected and any incidents are recorded.

What are the differences between a traditional Spy Camera and a Car Spy Camera with motion detection?

The Car Spy Camera with motion sensor is distinguished by its ability to activate only when necessary. Unlike traditional cameras that record constantly, this camera optimizes its performance and battery by recording only when it detects activity, so it only captures what is really relevant. In addition, its discretion makes it undetectable to any malicious person approaching your car.

How would I benefit from a motion sensor surveillance camera in my vehicle?

The answer is simple. This camera gives you peace of mind. In addition to being an excellent deterrent tool against vandalism, it allows you to have concrete evidence in case of a claim or accident, facilitating the claim for damages or the complaint to the authorities. Having a car spy camera with motion sensor is like having an impartial witness who watches over you and your vehicle at all times.

What extra security does the Car Spy Camera offer?

Think of all the times when a vehicle is parked in a public place. The chances of someone approaching with bad intentions are always a concern. But, by having a Car Spy Camera with motion sensor, you will not only detect who is approaching your vehicle, but you will have a record of their actions, which gives you invaluable evidence. It is an investment in peace of mind and security that every driver should consider.

Key Features of the Car Spy Camera with Motion Sensor.:

  • 2 Built-in cameras: 1 wide angle 1 motion detection.
  • High Definition / 1080p.
  • 120º viewing angle.
  • Low light camera.
  • 256Gb memory (not included).
  • Records by motion detection through the glass.
  • Cyclic recording.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life in continuous mode / 1 month in motion detection mode.
  • It can be connected to a Power Bank or car cigarette lighter socket.
  • It is configured via software.
  • Compact and lightweight design / easy to hide.

Warranty and shipping: ESPIAMOS' commitment to your needs.

We understand that the safety of your vehicle is paramount. That's why, when you purchase your Car Spy Camera with motion sensor from us, we offer a three-year warranty. In addition, so that you can start enjoying the peace of mind that this device offers, we make sure that your purchase arrives to you within 24 hours and free of charge. Because at ESPIAMOS, you and your security are our priority.