Cameras spy with resolution VGA 640x480

Spy camera camouflage 12mp MMS

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Spy camera of 12MP with night vision, motion detection and 6 months of autonomy. Send lasfotografías in real-time via MMS directly to your mobile or by email. It works both day and night.

Cable spy to iPhone with hidden camera

Recorded in multiple resolutions including Full HD 1920 x 1080p
Autonomy unlimited
Memory 16Gb internal (expandable up to 128Gb)
Record by motion detection or continuous
Cyclic recording
Camouflage Perfect in type cable iPhone
Very easy to use. Connect and record

Portable Mini Spy Camera with flexible lens 512GB

The mini spy camera is distinguished by its versatility, flexible 15 cm lens, multiple activation systems and HD recording, making it the ideal choice for security in various environments.

Weather Station with Integrated HD Spy Camera

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Transform your environment with the Spy Weather Station that goes beyond measuring time. Equipped with a hidden HD spy camera, it guarantees discreet and effective surveillance without raising suspicion.

WiFi Spy Keychain with Full HD Recording

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The Full HD WIFI Spy Keychain at 60 FPS redefines discreet security, allowing you to record and transmit in real time from anywhere. With support for up to 128GB, this compact device is ideal for covert monitoring, ensuring clear and detailed recordings in any situation.