Delta X 100/4
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System sweeps portable Delta X 100/4

Delta X 100/4. We present the best equipment to perform sweeps of a portable with a high effectiveness. Locate all types of devices such as wireless cameras, gps locators, microphones spy, phone hidden, etc, Ideal for functions of sousveillance.


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System sweeps portable Delta X 100/4
System sweeps portable Delta X 100/4

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The system for sweeps, Delta X 100 /4 detected signals in real time and provides results which are highly reliable. The system hardware incorporates a powerful spectrum analyzer that provides a super fast speed of measurements with extreme sensitivity. The antenna switch and the converter's low-frequency extend the functionality of the system



Main features of the DELTA X 100/4

  • Update rate of 100 MHz per second
  • Frequency range 40 kHz - 4400 MHz
  • The time of existence of the detected signal: 45 seconds
  • Detects digital signals that work short bursts after accumulating data (GPS locators)
  • Can detect and locate the transmitter simultaneously
  • Detects quickly and reliably all kinds of listening devices RF, including analog, digital, work steadily or in bursts, sending audio or video, with or without encryption
  • Find surveillance devices hidden used digital standards GSM, 3G, 4G / LTE, Bluetooth, Wifi, DECT, etc
  • Detects transmission of illegal information in AC, phone, Ethernet, alarm, and other cables, as well as in the range of infrared
  • You can work in detection mode snapshot, mode protection, detecting and locating GPS locators
  • Has a sensitivity 20-50 times higher in comparison with the detectors of RF conventional
  • You can monitor the RF environment 24 hours a day with data logging
  • Able to detect devices intrusion undercover with the function of accumulation and transmitters hidden within the spectra of other signals
  • Supports the storage of an unlimited amount of signals. The full information is stored in the registry and can be checked during the scan or later. Multiple logs are supported
  • Demodulation of the audio on FM, AM, USB, LSB, CW (BW adjustable 3 ... 240 kHz)
  • Powered from the USB of the laptop




Detailed features of the Detector Professional DELTA X 100/4:


System laptop. Using a laptop computer

  • The high capacity of the hard disk of the laptop computer allows the complete recording of data during the detection. You can store data 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • The wide screen makes it easy to parse
  •  Compatible with computers with touch screen
  •  The use manual of the antenna is ideal for locating the transmitter in places of difficult access


Management of the bands mobile and wireless GSM, CDMA, 3G, 4G / LTE, DECT, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc

  • Signs, mobile / wireless is detected with the use of thresholds individual and are displayed separately from the other signals
  • The activities within each band is stored as a signal with a certain level of danger to avoid records excessive in the table of Signs, and to locate the sources with frequency hopping
  • Performed sweeps of additional bands of "burst cut" to increase the likelihood of interception of signals such as GSM, 3G, 4G, DECT, Wifi, Bluetooth, etc
  • The mobile signals and wireless are detected simultaneously with analog transmissions
  • The external interference of mobile phones and neighbors routers Wifi can be rejected with the help of the thresholds
  • The data files supplied to allow the operator to adjust the system to band mobile / wireless employed in the country of use


Table stand 'Signals known'

  •  The operator can easily distinguish between the signals safe and unsafe
  •  The frequencies of TV used in the country of use can be imported quickly from data files supplied


Advanced method of signal recognition

  • The signals are recognized automatically crawls of the spectrum and are inserted or updated in the table of signals.
  •  To the analog and digital signals captured are assigned a level of risk corresponding


Unique algorithm to measure the danger level of the signal

  • Uses a combination of a trace reference, and the thresholds for individual bands, mobile / wireless
  •  It takes into consideration both the strength of the signal as the bandwidth
  •  Works for both analogue and digital signals, including transmissions with frequency changing
  •  It is used during the procedure of location, and provides more reliable results in comparison with the traditional method of "signal strength"


Demands low for the level of knowledge of the operator

  • The system can be prepared for detection with the aid of the procedure 'Update mask' in a few minutes
  • Is not required the manual delivery of the traces of the spectrum
  • Everything is done automatically after the start of the detection
  • The operator is warned by the audio alarm when it detects a dangerous sign


Data logging

  • All traces of spectrum and alarms are registered during the detection
  • The situation at any given time can be reviewed and studied
  • The registry 24 hours a day provides the detection of listening devices controlled remotely working periodically.


Monitoring the activity of the signal

  • The complete history of each signal separately or all the signals simultaneously is shown in the chart on the alarms
  • The events at any time can be reviewed by simply clicking on the chart
  • The operator can view the duration of the activity and such in order to distinguish between interference and the real danger


The graphics of Waterfall and Persistence

  • You can display the current measurements and earlier in any given moment
  • The displayed time range (density) can be selected in the range of 2 minutes to 6 hours


Mode Detector GPS Locators

  • The monitoring of mobile bands can detect the signals of the GPS trackers hidden inside





Functions of the software Delta X

  • Visual representation rica: Spectrogram / persistence, cascade, graphics alarms
  • The table of signals known allows the system to reject signals of TV, FM and other signals that are "user-friendly", while maintaining a high sensitivity to unknown signals.
  • The Detector allows the operator to perform the location of a listening device with notification both visually and auditory
  • The alarm threshold decreases the false alarm rate
  • The Hold function Max Danger selects and displays strong signals to your location as you move the system during the detection
  • The procedure Update Mask allows the operator to quickly adjust the system to the RF environment local to reject certain signals
  • Sorting and filtering are supported in the table Signs
  • The Report function allows the operator to export all the information obtained on the desired signals
  • It is easy to localize in any language





Modes of Work of the Scanning System DELTA X

  •      Stop / View log: Review of the results of detection stored in the registry. The table of signals, the spectrogram, the waterfall and the graph of alarms provide complete information about the detected signals and alarm events
  • · Sweep RF : detection mode main. Provides the maximum reaction time and the highest sensitivity. The operator can move the system or its antenna during the detection to locate the source
  • · Guard 24/7: The rejection of transmissions are short, and the use of two antennas reduces the false alarms in this mode. Suitable for the detection of 24 hours with no false alarms unwanted.
  • · Detector of GPS Locators: Detection of GPS trackers fitted in vehicles that transmit the coordinates via mobile networks.
  • · Probe LF (Phones stuck): Testing of cables for AC, Ethernet, phone, alarm, and infrared to detect the presence of signals from unwanted interference.
  • · Analyzer wide range : manual Mode for the preliminary study of the RF environment
  • · Signal analyzer: Analysis, demodulation, and physical location of detected signals
  • · Settings: Includes configuration and general information about the mobile networks and the wireless bands existing in the area, as well as the table of signals known



Equipment Included

  • High voltage probe
  • Probe low voltage
  • Adapter modular in-line
  • Probe infrared / VLF
  • Extension Cable
  • Tripod
  • Directional antenna
  • Omnidirectional antenna
  • Delta X software
  • Built-in spectrum analyzer



Does not include PC


ATTENTION: This equipment is not sold over the internet. If you want to buy DELTA X 100 /4 you can do it in our shop to look out of Madrid located at C/ Duque de Sesto 13 or in the shop to look out of Alicante sita in the Avenida Juan Sanchís Candela no. 28.



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