Spy cameras for Garages

Cameras, hidden cameras, spy to place in private garages. Are computers cameras with long autonomies that require little lighting.

Recorder portable multifunctional Full HD 1080p

€99.00 -€49.01
Tax included
Recorder portable with built-in clock, and 15 leds. Recorded in Full HD with its 5MP camera for motion detection. Works with 3 batteries type AA.

Spy watch Digital Full HD 1080p recording to 128GB

€149.95 -€49.96
Tax included
Spy watch digital FULL HD (1920 x 1080p) with function voice recorder. Stores up to 15 hours of recordings. 60 minutes of autonomy. Ideal for covert surveillance

Mini spy camera button for Full HD 1080p vision night

€155.00 -30%
Tax included
New spy camera button type with IR. Now with 6 infrared leds are not visible to record in total darkness and with a Full HD resolution. Ideal for hidden surveillance in a vehicle or for monitoring staff. It has 1,2 meters of cable to connect it to the cigarette lighter socket or mains. Autonomy unlimited.

MC-27 HD Mini camera spy HD 720p long autonomy

€210.84 -15%
Tax included
Micro camera spy button HD with motion detection that allows up to 27 hours of continuous recording and flexible lens of 9cm approx. It is Ideal for surveillance of long-term

Recorder spy in power supply PV-AC12 from LawMate

€220.00 -€40.01
Tax included
Novelty of the store spy. This transformer allows you to convert any spy camera 12V without recording in a camera system with recording professional autonomy with unlimited. Ideal for CCTV cameras or surveillance of shops.

PV SK10 spy Camera in wall switch

€211.75 -€31.76
Tax included
New hidden camera in switch HD model PV-SK10 from LawMate. Ideal for covert recordings. Memory up to 32GB. Motion detection. 5 days in standby mode.

Micro spy camera-wide angle, Full HD 60 fps 170 º

€248.05 -25%
Tax included
Mini camera spy MC-45FHD with 170 ° angle of vision. Record by motion detection or continuously in Full HD 1920 x 1080p at 30 FPS or HD 1280 x 720p at 60 FPS. Autonomy of 9 hours

Mini spy camera Full HD with lens fexible 22 cm

Tax included
Mini spy camera FULL HD (1920 x 1080p) with flexible lens of 22-cm length. Module spy miniaturized. Ideal for placing in any place. It works with a remote control.

Spy camera WIFI HD 720p IR with night vision smoke detector

Tax included
Smoke Detector spy. Spy camera WIFI HD 5MP with night vision hidden in a smoke detector. You'll be able to see the images in real time from your mobile phone or PC. Ideal for surveillance in the home.

Digital camera GO SM1103 HispaView

Tax included
Digital camera SM1103 with IR Led compatible with the system HispaView. Ideal for surveillance in the home and in the office. You'll be able to see the images in real time from your iPhone or Android. Very easy to set up. Impossible their interception.

Black camera 12MP HD 720p 940nm with motion detection

Tax included
Black camera of high definition with led invisible, night vision, 6 months of autonomy and motion detection. Makes HD videos at 720p and photos of 12MP. Ideal for covert surveillance

Mini spy camera in switch with motion detector PV10

€205.70 -€5.71
Tax included
New hidden camera in switch HD - model PV-10 of LawMate. Ideal for covert recordings. Memory up to 32GB. Motion detection. 5 days in standby mode.


€249.99 -€50.00
Tax included
The CAMARA ESPY for DAMAGES Z82. It allows to detect the movement through the glass. Pose a specific camera for motion detection and another for recording. It lets you record in environments with very little light such as garages or car parks.

Mini camara espia Full HD 1080p 60 fps h.264 9 horas de autonomia

€264.99 -15%
Tax included
Mini camara espia MC-45FHD. Graba por detección movimiento o de forma continua en Full HD 1920 x 1080p a 30 FPS o en HD 1280 x 720p a 60 FPS. Incluye conjunto de botones. Autonomía de 9 horas

Spy camera camouflage 12mp MMS

Tax included
Spy camera of 12MP with night vision, motion detection and 6 months of autonomy. Send lasfotografías in real-time via MMS directly to your mobile or by email. It works both day and night.

Mini spy camera GSM 3G with video call

Tax included
Camera spy button 3G. Allows you to view images in real time from your phone with just a video call. Excellent resolution. Without the limit of distance.

Spy camera Full HD 60 FPS in the outer switch

Tax included
Camera spy Full HD hidden in the outer switch with PIR sensor that allows you to record by sensing motion, or manually. Recorded at 60FPS and with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1080. Has autonomy unlimited. Ideal for monitoring outdoor.  

Spy camera custom headrests for car

Tax included
Did you scratch the car at night? Headrest spy car. It has a hidden camera very low light and a PIR detector that records when it detects heat.