Spy cameras D1 480p

All the spy cameras of this category recorded in D1 format with a resolution of 720 x 480. Are hidden cameras with a resolution higher than the standard.

HD Spy Button Camera

Discover the HD Spy Button Camera, designed to offer high-definition covert recording with absolute discretion.

Hidden camera in spy tie 550TVL

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Hidden Camera in High Resolution Spy Tie: Powered by LawMate, this tie integrates a hidden micro camera with a 550 TVL CCD lens, capable of operating effectively with only 0.2 LUX of illumination. Designed for maximum discretion, it also features a high-gain AGC microphone, ensuring clear and accurate audio recordings in any covert situation.
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Spy Camera on iPhone Charger

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Hidden camera in iPhone or iPad charger . It is a DVR that incorporates a hidden camera with motion detection inside the charging base of an iPhone or iPad . Compatible with iPhone 5, 5C and 6.

High Definition Low Light Spy Button Camera

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Introducing the most advanced spy button camera on the market, designed for discreet and effective surveillance. With its 2MP CMOS lens and ability to record in low light conditions, this camera is the ultimate device for sharp, clear recordings in any situation.

Spy Cap with Full HD Micro Hidden Camera

Discover the latest innovation in surveillance technology with our Spy Cap. Equipped with a high-resolution Full HD hidden micro camera, this cap is the perfect solution for discreet recordings and covert operations. Designed to go unnoticed, it guarantees maximum discretion and effectiveness in any situation.

Spy Tie with Full HD Hidden Camera

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Discover the spy tie with Full HD hidden camera , the perfect solution for discreet recordings in any situation. Equipped with cutting-edge technology to capture high-quality video even in low light conditions.