Spy camera in mains charger WIFI 1080p Wide Angle
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Spy camera in mains charger WIFI 1080p Wide Angle

New wall charger WIFI camera DVR. Includes SONY sensor Starlight that provides a distance of up to 8 metres night vision. Recorded in high definition.



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Spy camera in mains charger WIFI 1080p Wide Angle
Spy camera in mains charger WIFI 1080p Wide Angle

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Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be robbed in your own home or office, where you thought you were safe?


Sometimes unpleasant people closest to us, those in whom we have reposed our confidence tend to deceive us and it is not easy to be able to try it without the right equipment.


We want you to regain the feeling of security, trust and protection. With the hidden camera in a wall charger WIFI you will be able to achieve it finally.



Who can buy this charger spy WIFI?

We all need a charger for our mobile phone. This is the secret of the success of the spy camera! be hidden in a device of necessary use, becomes the solution to the burglaries, thefts, damages , etc


Thanks to the WIFI function, you can immediately see the images, and say goodbye to the uncertainty of waiting to see what you see the lens of the camera while you're not.


Unlike other hidden cameras that can not record in locations with poor lighting, the Camera hidden in wall charger, WIFI will allow you to make recordings in dark places. Any situation that happens with the lights off will be captured by the lens of this device.



Main features of the wall Charger, WIFI hidden Camera:



  • Excellent sharpness with a video resolution of 1920 x 1080p
  • You can save 40% of mobile data, with a compression of H. 264
  • Includes SONY sensor Starlight for a range of up to 8 metres in places with poor lighting.
  • The internal battery gives you up to 2 hours of energy in case of a sudden cut in the supply of electricity.
  • Input AC 110V-220V, Output: 5V 1A.
  • Record by motion detection.
  • Function of WIFI / P2P / IP
  • Supports TF card maximum 64G
  • It is compatible with operating system IOS and Android



The new wall charger WIFI spy camera may look like a phone charger USB socket but in reality it is a spy camera hidden invisible. You can record audio and take photographs of excellent quality, allows you to expand the memory capacity up to 64GB.



Do you want to know how it works this wall charger WIFI spy camera?


The modern design of this wall charger WIFI with a hidden camera goes unnoticed in any place, its operation is very simple, in the front part is located the lens of his camera hidden, invisible to the naked eye. In the lateral part are arranged buttons that allow you to turn on and turn off the spy camera and the audio, as well as start or stop recording.


With the WIFI function, you'll be able to visualize in real time the images captured with the lens. You only have to download and install on your mobile phone the application from the App store or Google Play. Now you can take pictures, zoom in or reduce the screen, turn on or turn off the audio, play the video, configure the password, the storage, activate the alarm, among others.


Motion Detection function


You can configure the activity detection, record it on video and send it to your phone (you need to insert the SD card in the camera). This configuration can be done in the APP according to your different needs. It has an autonomy of 24 hours in standby with motion detection.


Looking for right now, this wall charger WIFI with a hidden camera in our stores look out Madrid and Alicante. Don't hesitate, visit us!



Data sheet
Video Resolution Maximum
1920 x 1080
Angle of view
Motion detection recording
Autonomy Of Approximately
60 minutes approx.
Image Sensor
SONY Starlight 8 m
Rechargeable Battery
Memory up to
64 Gb
Output voltage
5V, 1A
Input power
AC 110V-220V