CM-BU18 Hidden Button Camera 480 Lines
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Spy Button Camera CM BU-18 LawMate

LawMate CM-BU18 Spy Button Camera. Low luminance mini button camera with 480 TVL CMOS lens.


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Spy Button Camera CM BU-18 LawMate
Spy Button Camera CM BU-18 LawMate

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Spy Button Camera CM BU-18: Your discreet guardian for clear evidence

The CM BU-18 Spy Button Camera is not just a device, but a security solution that guarantees discretion and high quality results. In an era where protecting your interests and collecting evidence in a clear way becomes essential, this tool stands out as your best ally.

Why is it essential to have a Spy Button Camera Spy Button Camera for Shirt?

Reliability and certainty are essential when it comes to security. Whether you are a professional investigator or someone looking for personal protection, this discreet and powerful camera will allow you to capture key moments with precision. Its design and, above all, its versatility guarantee adaptability in various situations, always providing optimal results.

Unique details of our spy shirt button

Beyond its high resolution, the CM BU-18 spy shirt button comes equipped with 4 interchangeable lenses and a high gain microphone, ensuring not only high quality images but also high quality audio. Its compatibility with the PV1000 DVR makes it easy to use, eliminating the need for extra batteries. And its high sensitivity allows you to operate even in low light conditions, ensuring you don't miss any details.

How does the Hidden Shirt Spy Camera compare to others?

Unlike many cameras on the market, the CM BU-18 Shirt Spy Button Camera stands out for its exceptional low-light capability and accurate color representation. Its miniature design ensures discretion, while its multiple accessories offer versatility for every situation.

Highlights of the professional CM BU18 spy button

  • Miniature design for maximum discretion
  • High resolution of 480 TV lines
  • Superior sensitivity of 0.3 Lux F2.0, perfect for low light environments
  • Interchangeable accessories to suit any situation
  • Built-in high gain microphone

Warranty and trust with

When you purchase the CM BU-18 Hidden Shirt Camera with us, you benefit from a three-year warranty. At, we not only offer you products, but also peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Data sheet
Video Resolution Maximum
480 TVL
Angle of view
Minimum illumination
0.3 Lux
20 gr
21 x 21 x 11 mm (lens included)
220 mAh
Video system
A. G. C.
+18dB MAX
Video output
1.0 V p-p composite at 75 ohm
4.3 mm
Electronic shutter
1/50 - 1/100000
Audio output
2 Vp-p (MAX) 10 KHz ohms Impedance
Storage temperature
PAL (H) 752 x 582

Who are LawMate International?

Experts in recording, wireless transceiver systems and solutions. LawMate International is a professional manufacturer and service provider for audio and video surveillance systems, including portable DVRs, covert cameras, transmitters and receivers. With over 25 years of history, LawMate has developed from a small enterprise into a global business. LawMate can expertly provide integrated recording, wireless transceiver systems and solutions.

Why choose LawMate products?

There are basically three grades of various products like this in the market place today. The first grade of products is basically very low end. They really belong on toy shelves but are often sold as professional spy gear preying on those who do not understand the difference. The second grade of products is known as consumer grade products. These products are often masked as professional grade equipment, but are basically not suitable for continued long term and intensive surveillance use. The third grade is referred to as Law Enforcement grade equipment. Therein lies the complete concept of LawMate brand products. To bring a rugged professional grade product into the market place and produce products for the true surveillance and security professional, with strict quality and marketing control.