32Gb WIFI Multi Adapter with WIFI Recording System 【2023】 WE SPY
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Socket SALYUT WIFI MEMS 32Gb WIFI Voice Recorder

SALYUT Spy Spy Radio with WIFI Voice Recording System and 32Gb of internal memory. You can listen to the recordings without distance limit. No SIM card needed. Unlimited autonomy. Sound detection. Made in EU!

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Socket SALYUT WIFI MEMS 32Gb WIFI Voice Recorder

Socket SALYUT WIFI MEMS 32Gb WIFI Voice Recorder


Do you need to record discreetly in your office, office or hotel room?

Introducing the Secureee SALYUT 1200 WIFI voice recorder hidden in a power strip . With this device you can listen and make recordings completely anonymously. No SIM card is needed to transmit data, it works with WIFI! The pairing is very easy through the bluetooth connection and the mobile application.

Main characteristics of the Salyut WIFI power strip 1200:

  • WIFI connection.
  • Super HQ sound quality.
  • Works as a voice recorder and microphone with ambient listening.
  • Internal memory 32Gb.
  • Sound detection.
  • Possibility to format the micro SD card remotely.
  • You can share access to the device with friends and family.
  • MEMS type microphone.
  • Autonomy: Unlimited connected to the mains.

How does the multiple spy extension work? WIFI Salyut from Secureee?

The pairing of the Slayut power strip to the router is done through the WIFI connection and a specific APP installed on your cell phone. Once paired you can listen live, download the recordings on your cell phone (the recordings are also stored in the internal memory of the Salyut 1200) as well as format the micro SD card remotely, among other options.

It can also be configured to be activated by sound detection. With this mode activated, the APP will alert you with a notification when it detects any sound.

Can I listen without distance limit?

Yes, you just need to pair the spy recorder with the router following the instructions in the manual.

What is the difference between this WIFI spy microphone and other hidden microphones?

Most spy voice recorders do not transmit data via WIFI. This way, you get greater anonymity in case of interception by not needing a SIM card.

In addition, this device is manufactured in the European Union (Croatia) by the Secureee brand. The quality of its components is unmatched by Asian versions. With this voice recorder you will be able to capture sounds with excellent quality. If you really want to buy a quality spy device, this is your recorder.

Where to buy Secureee's hidden voice recorder in power strip with environmental listening?

ESPIAMOS is the EXCLUSIVE distributor of the Secureee brand in Spain and Colombia. You will buy your device directly from the factory, without intermediaries.

We offer a 2 year warranty and official technical support. If the product does not convince you, you will have 14 days to return it. Come to any of our physical stores to try it. You will be surprised by the amount of spy products we have for you.

Technical specifications of the Salyut multiple WIFI adapter with recording:

  • Autonomy: Unlimited (Connected to the mains).
  • Connectivity: 2,4Ghz wifi network (5G wifi network not supported).
  • Internal Memory: Micro SD card of 32Gb
  • Recording: WaV format, 128 kbps, memory consumption 1 Mb/minute, 512 hours/32 Gb.
  • Downloading via Wifi speed:
    1 min recording / 5 sec downloading
    -5 min recording / 25 sec downloading
    -10 min recording / 1 min downloading
  • Manufactured in EU.

Note: the image shown does not correspond to the product.

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