Sleeve inhibitory blocking of signals
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Sleeve inhibitory blocking of signals

Cover inhibiting wireless signals. Blocks the wireless signals of mobile phones, GPS locators, locators, GSM, etc, Ideal for the security personnel.

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Sleeve inhibitory blocking of signals
Sleeve inhibitory blocking of signals

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Currently, there are many devices and software that allow you to enable to distance the microphone from your mobile phone even if it is off. These phones are typically used in industrial espionage, parental control or monitoring of people.



A mobile phone on top of a table in an office can pose a real threat to the negotiations between companies. The activation of the microphone can be performed remotely without the phone vibrates, lights up and without leaving any trace in the call log (available on the section of phones spies)



If you want to make sure that your phone or GPS locator does not transmit any signal as you only have to insert it in the sleeve to block the signal. In just a few seconds your mobile phone will be “no coverage” and you'll make sure that nobody active your phone at a distance.



This sleeve is constructed with a small mesh special fiber that allows you to block all the radiation and frequencies.


Its size allows you to enter all types of Smartphones such as the Iphone, Blackberry, etc


This case is inhibitory to constitute a basic tool for the protection of the phone spy and GPS locators