SEM2040DX Null of the microphones spies
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SEM2040DX Null of the microphones spies

The SEM2040DX is a device of counter-intelligence that allows you to override any type of microphone, hidden or system of recording was in a room, room or car. Allows up to 4 partners.

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SEM2040DX Null of the microphones spies
SEM2040DX Null of the microphones spies

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The SM2040DX is the null portable audio more advanced that will protect against any eavesdropping device and/or recording device.


The SM2040DX generates interference of sound allowing you to mask your voice, making it impossible for any device recording and/or listening that is in place to capture the audio clearly.


The SM2040DX will protect you from:

  • Voice recorders (analog and digital)
  • Hidden microphones
  • Wireless microphones
  • Contact mics or wall
  • Microphones laser type stethoscopes
  • Microphones GSM
  • Microphones Bluetooth
  • Microphones WIFI
  • Microphones for radio


The null professional microphones SM2040DX it has 4 channels of output with headphone connection and regulation of volume-independent. These headphones allow the communication between the partners is clear by reducing to the maximum the level of noise.


It also has an output for connection of an additional speaker to generate a greater volume of white noise and increase the distance of a cancellation.


Its small size makes it fully portable. You can transport it easily to protect yourself from the recordings in any meeting or negotiation.


The SM2040DX incorporates a built-in speaker 500 mw, which generates the white noise allowing to mask the voice easily


It also incorporates two generators of vibrations to eliminate possible contact mics, laser and stethoscopes that you may have. These generators of vibrations are placed on walls, doors or windows. If someone puts a stethoscope on the outside of a door, wall or window, the vibrations of the generators will prevent that captures the conversation that occurs in the interior of the room.


Main functions:

  • Masks the conversations with your speaker 500mW
  • Protects the microphone from contact with the two generators of vibrations of 700mW.
  • Up to 4 partners, with regulation of volume-independent.
  • Generator of white noise for sound detection. The audio output is automatically generated when a speaker talks. The volume of the interference is stronger than the voice of the person so void of any listening device and/or recording.
  • Possibility of increasing the level of protection
  • Output connection 3.5 mm jack to increase the power output of the generator of white noise if necessary.



Main features:

• Protects against all the devices of listen known - All the microphones type of radio, stethoscopes, voice recorders, resonators, passive and wired microphones, etc

• Portable design - allowing it to be transported easily to place anywhere.

• Provides a higher level of protection that a generator of white noise.

• Can be used in any situation.

• The SM2040DX incorporates a detector of radio frequencies, which provides additional protection against the microphones and radio transmitters in the vicinity.

• Absolutely harmless - no reflection of microwaves or noise ultra sound.


How does it work?

The operation is very simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. The partners (maximum 4 people) have to connect the headphones to the SM2040DX and adjust to the desired volume.
  2. They were connected to the generators of vibrations and are placed in the doors and/or windows next
  3. The partners speak and listen normally through the headphones. The SM2040DX is activated by the detection of sound (of the partners), generating a white noise distorting voice through the built-in speaker at the same time sending vibrations to the generators placed at doors and/or windows leading to the cancellation of any microphone is hidden that is in place.



  • Type of noise: vibration and distortion
  • Output control (electronic volume): Speaker of 500 mw and two generators of vibrations of 700mW.
  • Range of the detector radio frequency: 70 MHz ~ 3000 MHz
  • Distance of the detector from RF: up to 3 meters
  • Power supply: 100 V ~ 240 V AC,
  • Size (without antennas): 110 W x 135 L x48 H (mm)




The package ccontains:

  • 1 x generator SM2040DX
  • 2 x generators of vibrations
  • 2 x Earphones with integrated microphone
  • 1 x network Cable
  • 1 x user Manual (in English)


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