Recorder portable WIFI IP PV-500L4i of LawMate
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Recorder portable WIFI IP PV-500L4i of LawMate

New Recorder portable WIFI IP of PV-500L4i of LawMate. Allows you to view the image in real time from any mobile phone and from any place. Compatible with all mini spy cameras CMOS and CCD LawMate. Ideal for covert surveillance


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Recorder portable WIFI IP PV-500L4i of LawMate
Recorder portable WIFI IP PV-500L4i of LawMate

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Main features of the Portable Recorder PV-500L4i:

  • Real-time monitoring: you Can see the images in real-time, access to the recorded files and make settings remotely from any Android Smartphone / IOS and from anywhere in the world
  • Compatible with the remote control PI-RF50
  • Compatible with all cameras with CMOS and CCD LawMate BU-18 BU-19, NT-19, HB-20, etc.)
  • Date and Time stamp
  • Compression H. 264 which increases the quality
  • Recorded in continuous mode or motion detection
  • Resolution of 720 x 576
  • Videos and photos
  • Depending on write: yes
  • Autonomy of 4 hours approx



Introducing the series "i", the latest generation of recorders hidden from the brand LawMate. This generation of "i" differs from its predecessor "w" which allows you to link with a router to convert the camera in IP getting that you can view the image in real-time from anywhere in the world, without limit of distance. This functionality is ideal for team work or for those professionals who want to transmit images in real time to your client. It can be viewed in any Tablet or SmartPhone, whether Android or IOS.




How does the portable recorder PV-500L4i?


The operation is very simple following the instruction manual that we give you, exclusively, in Spanish. We have only to turn on the recorder to laptop, connect the mini spy camera (not included), download the application for Android or iPhone, and connect to the WIFI network . Now we can see the images in real-time.



Example of use for the surveillance / monitoring in real time:


We connect a camera button (not included) to the device, for example, the BU-19 low luminosity. We synchronize the portable recorder with our router to laptop (not included) according to the manual of instructions in Spanish. Now, the customer or partner work will be able to visualize the images in real time on your mobile phone regardless of where you are. It is ideal for team work.


The PV-500L4i belongs to the last DVR portable professional use of the brand LawMate. The size of this device, similar to a package of tobacco, can be easily hide in any place. The height is less than 2 cm Allows you to transmit the image in real time to a mobile phone, whether Android or IOS.


This device makes recordings with a resolution of 720 x 576 at 30 FPS.


All videos are stored on a card micro SD of up to 128Gb.



All the configurations / re-configurations, and file downloads are done via WIFI through a SmartPhone already that this DVR has no display. From here you will be able to:

  • Download the recorded files in your mobile phone
  • Connect the disposito to the router
  • Enable / Disable date and time stamp on the recordings
  • Set the time
  • Enable / Disable the microphone built-in
  • Enable / Disable the visilibildad of the WIFI network
  • To change the password
  • Format the micro SD card
  • See the space used / free
  • To update the firmware
  • Load the default configuration




In mode a detection of movement can be adjusted:

  • The sensitivity of the detection: High / Medium / Low
  • Time of recording: 1 min / 3 min / 5 min
  • Activate / Deactivate the recording cyclically




Here you'll be able to download the apps:




Link To Google Play:
Link App Store:



The PV-500L4i is compatible with the remote control PI-RF50. You'll be able to turn on the device, start and stop recordings at a distance of up to 10 meters




High Autonomy


The PV-500L4i incorporates a battery of 2200mAh which allows you to up to 180 minutes of recording. With the battery model BA-4400 (not included) you'll be able to reach up to 360 minutes of recording. The battery is removed quickly and easily in less than 2 seconds




High-Definition cameras


The PV-500L4i allows you to connect High-Definition cameras and low-light as the mini spy camera button type BU-19 from LawMate with a resolution of 700TVL without the need of external batteries. It is also compatible with the rest of spy cameras CMOS and CCD LawMate. Includes an adapter to connect any type of camera.




The package contains:


  • DVR portable PV-500L4i (does not include camera button)
  • Battery 2200mAh (BA-2200)
  • USB Cable
  • Charger 5V
  • Instruction Manual


Data sheet
Frames Video Maximum
Records Video and Audio Together
Video Resolution Maximum
720 x 480 PAL / 720 x 576 NTSC
Video Format
Format Photography
Motion detection recording
Autonomy Unlimited
Yes, Connected to the electrical grid
100 gr
84 x 53 x 52 mm
Approximate charging time
4 hours
Recording 450 - 500 mAh (WIFI OFF) /510 - 560 mAh (WIFI ON)
DC 3.7 V
Rechargeable Battery
DC 3.7 V 2200 mAh (compatible with BA-4400 mA)
Memory up to
128 Gb
Date and time stamp
PC interface USB 2.0
Video input
NTSC / PAL Auto-detection
Battery life in record mode continuous
180 minutes with CMOS cameras WIFI OFF
Date and time format
Image in real-time


Click on a thumbnail to load the video

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